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The 10 Best Addons for WoW to Make Your Life Easier

Best Addons for WoW
By | May 31st, 2018 | Categories: World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft and addons go hand in hand. No matter how much the game and its UI have improved over the last 10+ years, certain extra goodies can definitely make your life easier and that’s why we’ve created the ultimate list of the Best Addons for WoW.

By utilizing our top picks, you’ll be able to make the most of your time on Azeroth (or Argus etc.) as you won’t have to spend hours and hours on end doing the same thing over and over again – e.g. vendoring all the junk in your backpacks.

So, get comfortable and read on.

10. Titan Panel

The Titan Panel is a truly legendary addon that’s been around for decades – I remember using it on Warrior back in the fascinating vanilla days. It lets you add two additional bars, one at the top of the screen and one at the bottom, although you can select to use only one of them.

This addon is super helpful as it provides you with lots of awesome features, such as:

  • A completely integrated plugin system
  • Various options and menus that are super easy to operate
  • Lots of built-in plugins

9. AskMrRobot

AskMrRobot is designed to help you choose gear wisely, or simply do the hard work for you. It gives you awesome in-game optimization options like a neat combat logging functionality in addition to a shopping list that you can take advantage of.

Function-wise, there are quite a few goodies including:

  • Live, loot ranking system for you and your teammates
  • The ‘Best in Bags’ feature that works for all kinds of specs

8. BigWigs

BigWigs is a quite handy addon for those nerve-wrecking boss fights. It can help you in lots of situations and with heaps of awesome and useful features, dungeon runs will become a breeze.

Whether you’re leaning more towards the hardcore side of WoW and you prefer to keep things casual, this addon will be there for you when you need it. There are literally boatloads of features, such as:

  • Scripts for individual encounters
  • Boss modules with various alerts, timers, sounds etc. through mini-addons

7. Details

Details are the go-to damage meter addon for anyone interested in… well, details related to damage, healing or else. Not only are you getting relevant info about how much damage you’re churning out, but there’s countless of super-detailed and geeky data that you may find useful.

In a nutshell, these are the key aspects of Details:

  • It wouldn’t slow down your frame rate
  • Details can read all kinds of combat log info
  • Supports key binding and native multi-window

6. MoveAnything

As the name suggests, MoveAnything literally lets you move and customize the original WoW UI as much as you like. You can also opt for frame-specific modifications and you can do so thanks to the MoveAnything Frame Editor.

The entire functionality of this beauty is opened by simply typing “/move” and then you’re granted access to things like:

  • An extensive list of Blizzard frames
  • Alternative bars
  • MA-specific key bindings etc.

5. World Quests List

That’s a more unique world quest tracker addon. It includes general info about world quests in the zone that you’re currently in, plus things like marking factions that offer bounty quests on your map and various reward filters.

Still, the truly awesome and distinctive features of World Quests List are:

  • The barrel-helper tool
  • The detailed map of Argus
  • The enigma quest helper

4. Gatherer

This one is a must-have for miners, herbalists and anyone with a gathering profession. It keeps track of the exact locations of nodes, herbs etc. that you’ve previously gathered and adds them to your map.

Apart from showing you the nearest gathering locations on your minimap, Gatherer also lets you:

  • See the gathering locations of your guildies

3. Auctioneer

Auctioneer is a superb addon for anyone that likes using the Auction House. It gives you a pretty accurate estimation of how much something will sell for on the AH, by scanning the AH every 3 to 7 days.

On top of that, Auctioneer brings other goodies such as:

  • Searching for the cheapest reagents that you might need for certain recipes
  • It keeps a record of your past items sold on the AH, enabling you to sell various stacks with a single click

2. BuyEmAll

If you have boatloads of items, consumables and what, spread across your bags, finding particular things can get rather tricky. Thankfully though, Bagnon replaces the standard bag layout, combining all of your bags into one single bag.

And while that’s more than a good enough reason to get your hands on this addon, you can also:

  • Enable the color-scheme to help you identify item quality easier
  • Check any of your character’s items, without logging in with them
  • Use the clever item-search function

1. Scraph

Arguably one of the most useful addons and a real lifesaver – trust me. Scrap lets you sell all of your junk with one simple click on the distinctive ‘Scrap’ button. By using this addon you essentially wave goodbye to the grueling process of manually selling each grey item or consumable.

But what’s even better is that there’s added functionality, such as:

  • You can add/remove items from the Scrap’s junk list
  • You can enable auto repair for your gear

Wrapping It Up

Thanks to the brilliant addons listed above, you’ll be able to have much more fun while playing World of Warcraft and above all, you won’t waste your time doing redundant things like manually selling the junk in your bags.

However, something that can truly improve your gameplay and make the game more fun is without a shadow of a doubt – are awesome and authentic WoW marketplace. That’s where you can get your hands on affordable gold from trusted sellers, in a quick and 100% secure manner.

What’s your favorite WoW addon btw? Let us know in the comment section below!

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