What are the Best Professions in Legion for WoW?

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When it comes to choosing a profession in Legion, it depends a lot on the server where you play or the things you are willing to do to make more gold: endlessly farm or experience the ups and downs of the market? How much money are you going to invest or how much time are you expecting to spend? Below I’m going to briefly explain what you can do with each and every profession. Let’s dive into this Best Professions in Legion article!

What are the profession types in Legion?

There are three types of professions:

  1. Gathering
  2. Crafting
  3. Secondary

and they basically define what you do with them. They are pretty self-explanatory with the names. You can only have two main professions at a time, but you can take all four secondary professions if you want.

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Gathering Professions

With these, you can gather the materials you need for the crafting professions. The gathering professions require the player to be running (or flying) around and they are always time-consuming and boring (even though for me they are relaxing).

  1. Skinning: to get leather, scales, and hides. Works well with Leatherworking.
  2. Mining: to mine ores, goes well with Jewelcrafting, Engineering and Blacksmithing.
  3. Herbalism: to gather herbs, goes well with Alchemy and Inscription.

Crafting Professions

These are the ones that craft items or amor that can be used by the players. Stuff like mounts, pets, potions, etc. The most relevant items per profession (in Legion) are:

  • Tailoring: Cloth armor, cloaks, Lightweave Breeches (ilvl 885 leggings), bags and Celumbra, the Night’s Dichotomy (legendary item). They can also make an ElekkPlushie and many flying carpets, used only by tailors.
  • Leatherworking: Mail armor, leather amor, Shoulders ilvl 885 (both mail and leather), toys, Stonehide Leather Barding, Drums of the Mountain, some bags and the legendaries: The Sentinel’s Eternal Refuge (leather feet) and Vigilance Perch (leather hands). The Great Northern Elderhorn can be crafted and used by leatherworkers with 800 skill level and the DustmaneDirewolf with 700 skill level (mounts).
  • Blacksmithing: Plate armor, Steelbound Harness (mount), Demonsteel Stirrups, four relics (holy, fire, iron and blood), the Empyrial Breastplate (lvl 855 chest) and the Steelbound Devourer, a fel core hound mount. They can also craft Rethu’s Incessant Courage, the plate legendary.
  • Alchemy: Astral Alchemist Stone (trinket ilvl 885), Astral Healing Potion, Tears of the Naaru and Lightblood Elixir. They can make a variety of useful potions like the Potion of Prolonged Power and attribute-enhancing combat potions. They can also transmute crafting reagents into other items like Cloth to Skins and the most important: Meat to Pet and Blood of Sargeras. With Alchemy you can also craft Vial of the Sands, which summons the Sandstone Drake, a two-seat mount!
  • Jewelcrafting: Ilvl 885 crowns for every type of armor and four epic gems that enhance mastery, haste, critical strike and versatility among many other gems. They can also craft toys and pets like JewelCraft (a toy you can use to play Bejeweled) and the jewel panthers.
  • Engineering: engineers can make two relics (storm and fel). They can make pets, toys, the Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix (for taming mechanical pets), the Sky Golem and the jewel panthers.
  • Inscription: many interesting and fun glyphs that don’t affect your gameplay, they just change some animations and features. They craft two relics (frost and life), many toys, the useful Tome of the Tranquil Mind, Song Scrolls and of course, trinkets!

Secondary Professions

They all can be chosen independently of what you chose as primary professions. I’m not going to talk about them thoroughly because they are not the best at selling. However, some valuable items can be found in the following:

  • Archaeology: From Legion we can get the Spirit of Eche’ro, solving Highmountain Tauren artifacts, a beautiful. New items are Crown Jewels of Suramar, which has a value of 5,000g; Wyrmy Tunkins, a humanoid mini Calydus pet; Crystalline Eye of Undravius, amongst many more.
  • Cooking: this profession is slow but can give you nice profits, the feasts and the plates discovered by Nomi are great for buffing the raid or a single player, enhancing important attributes such as haste, versatility, mastery and critical strike.
  • First Aid: is not really relevant because, even though you can make bandages with cloth, it’s better to use those mats to craft more profitable things.
  • Fishing: fishers can get a legendary artifact fishing pole not tied to any class. They also have the fun event Fishing Extravaganza and two fun aquatic mounts: the Binedeep Bottom-Feeder and the Darkwater Skate. You can get some interesting toys, too. All of this with the new currency called Drowned Mana.

What are the Best Professions in Legion?

After all this information, you surely have an idea about all the professions but the best ones definitely always needed and are these: 

  1. Alchemy
  2. Jewelcrafting
  3. Enchanting

Players always need gems for their slots, potions to raid and run mythic +, and enchants for their armors.

These professions are constantly moving unlike Inscription and Engineering: they provide one time consumables. This doesn’t mean that the latter aisbad, it’s just that the market moves different, proving a bit less profit. Look for the raiding days, players change gear and need potions constantly.


Thanks for reading the Best Professions in Legion. Now, if you find out about more things to do with the professions, then please feel free to comment on the box below. Keep it real!

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