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The Best WoW Classic Dungeons List

Best WOW Classic Dungeons
By | September 3rd, 2019 | Categories: World of Warcraft

Now that the vanilla servers have been officially released, everyone can enjoy the game was it was back in 2005. From having only 8 races to choose from (4 per faction) to race-specific classes and “only” 60 levels, the game is exactly what you’d expect from vanilla. And of course, the good old vanilla instances are back! That’s why we’ve decided to make a list of the best WoW Classic dungeons!

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Classic servers come with 20 dungeons, which is exactly the amount that the original game had. Blizzard clearly wanted to give us a genuine vanilla experience and so far that’s what we’re getting.

So without further ado, here are the top 10 Classic dungeons that everyone loves!

1. Blackrock Depths

Recommended Level – 52 to 60
Location – Searing Gorge/Blackrock Steppes (Blackrock Mountain) (Eastern Kingdoms)

At number 1 we have the mighty Blackrock Depths – the biggest dungeon in the original World of Warcraft. This instance is simply vast and it offers a wide variety of scenarios, different bosses, unique loot and lots of fun.

It’s not uncommon for a complete BRD run to take several hours, considering that you don’t wipe a lot. There’s also epic loot available from the end boss if you’re lucky enough.

2. Dire Maul

Recommended Level – 55 to 60
Location – Feralas (Kalimdor)

Dire Maul is another huge instance that has 3 available wings – East, West and North. And thanks to its sheer size, DM offers loads of variety and lore for those who go into this brilliant dungeon.

Regardless, Ogres seem to be the main theme in the ruins of this once elven city. There’s quality loot abound as well and Dire Maul is commonplace for high-level players who farm certain maths and items there.

3. Upper Blackrock Spire

Recommended Level – 55 to 60
Location – Searing Gorge/Blackrock Steppes (Blackrock Mountain) (Eastern Kingdoms)

UBRS manages to find a spot among the top 3 best vanilla dungeons and there’s a good reason for that. This instance provides incredible end-game content for high-level players with some pretty challenging and intriguing boss encounters. Yes, The Beast was the first thing to come to mind here!

Something that’s truly unique about UBRS though is the fact that this is a 10-man dungeon. This makes the gameplay quite different from the 5-man groups that other instances call for. And as you might imagine, conquering UBRS requires superb team play and coordination, especially in the room full of unhatched dragon eggs (remember Leeroy Jenkins?).

4. Scarlet Monastery

Recommended Level – 26 to 46
Location – Tirisfal Glades (Eastern Kingdoms)

Regardless if you play on the Alliance or Horde side, SM is arguably one of the most beloved vanilla instances, period. This dungeon has 3 distinctive wings with different recommended level ranges and plenty of great loot.

It’s safe to say that SM embodies the authentic Classic experience that we all love. And thanks to the epic PvP that usually takes place outside the entrance, it’s simply unique and unlike most other dungeons.

5. Stratholme

Recommended Level – 58 to 60
Location – Eastern Plaguelands (Eastern Kingdoms)

Let’s not kid ourselves, Stratholme is so appealing to many because of its Warcraft 3 roots. Ever since that controversial level in WC3 called “The Culling”, Stratholme has been a strangely appealing city. But it’s completely in ruins in WoW Classic (as it was in vanilla) and players have access to two wings.

You can choose between Strat Live and Strat Undead, each with a unique twist. On the UD side, you get to fight The Scourge as you go through the burning streets of the once beautiful city. And in Strat Live, you enter a Scarlet Bastion behind the city gates where you come across an intriguing twist to the lore as you finish the last boss as he turns out to be a Dreadlord!

6. Temple of Atal’Hakkar

Recommended Level – 55 to 60
Location – Swamp of Sorrows (Eastern Kingdoms)

Also known as the Sunken Temple, this dungeon offers a gloomy atmosphere. In fact, entering the temple itself is quite interesting as you have to initially make your way inside by swimming.

Once inside, you’ll face boatloads of trolls and a few dragons to spice things up. And even if the place isn’t all that big, you can get lost in there. Especially when fighting the initial mini-bosses and some of the last boss encounters are rather tricky, which is makes the whole thing even more alluring.

7. Maraudon

Recommended Level – 46 to 55
Location – Desolace (Kalimdor)

The words Maraudon and time-consuming simply go hand in hand. But that’s why we love this dungeon so much! This is one of the bigger instances in vanilla you can spend at least a few hours inside without any worries. And yes, this means that you’re likely to wipe on several occasions in this place.

But with the lush scenery inside and the colorful nature of Maraudon, this is simply one visually stunning dungeon. This is also one of the last instances before players move into the end-game content of UBRS and the lot.

8. The Deadmines

Recommended Level – 18 to 23
Location – Westfall (Eastern Kingdoms)

This is the first piece of dungeon gameplay that Alliance players gain access to and it definitely raises the bar for all other instances. Various boss fight mechanics and quite challenging trash make The Deadmines quite fun.

There are plenty of quests for this instance and the blue items that drop are bound to put a smile on the player’s faces. And it’s not just Alliance players that can get their first piece of blue gear here. Horde players can go into The Deadmines too, although it’d be quite the journey to get there from STV.

9. Uldaman

Recommended Level – 35 to 45
Location – Badlands (Eastern Kingdoms)

Uldaman is yet another rather time-consuming vanilla instance, although for lower level players. There are various bosses inside and plenty of quests to complete. Oh, the loot isn’t all that bad either for the specific recommended level range.

Apart from that, Uldaman is quite lore-heavy so this is another thing that’s very appealing to a large number of people. Even though there’s only a Horde town in Badlands (Kargath), many Alliance players go to Uldaman as it’s pretty close to the Alliance-zone just to the north.

10. Shadowfang Keep

Recommended Level – 22 to 30
Location – Silverpine Forest (Eastern Kingdoms)

Last but not least we have a lowbie dungeon that’s close to The Undercity and is not the Scarlet Monastery – Shadowfang Keep! Located really close to the Greymane Wall that’s dormant in vanilla, this instance has a certain appeal to it.

The medieval keep that’s now in ruins looks pretty neat and all the mysterious Worgen creatures inside give it a unique feel. It’s not large, nor does it take an awful lot of time to complete, but it’s just cool and fun. And there are two class-specific quests in this dungeon, for Paladins and Warlocks.


These are the best WoW Classic dungeons in our humble opinion and from personal observations over the years. Although popular dungeons like BRD and Dire Maul might be the favorite of many, other lesser-known instances shouldn’t be neglected either. In fact, every Classic dungeon has a certain appeal and uniqueness to it.

Now, what is your personal favorite vanilla dungeon? We’d love to know so make sure to drop your answer in the comment section below!

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