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Best WOW Classic Professions

WOW Classic Professions
By | August 27th, 2019 | Categories: World of Warcraft

When a Real Work Isn’t Enough                                                  

Welcome to another great gaming mechanic that we currently have in this game, which is commonly known as WoW Classic Professions. First of all, if you’re a little bit tired of leveling, completing thousands of quest, or going through dungeons all over Azeroth. No worry, Blizzard got you covered with something else to do with your favorite characters. With the inclusion of Professions, you now have the opportunity to have a virtual job within the game, which can help you in improving your hero in different ways, give you higher ranks on a guild, or increase the weight or your gold pouches.

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Furthermore, depending on one the Profession that you want to practice, you’ll have additional bonuses in different parts of the endless WoW. For example, if you enjoy doing some PvP (Player versus Player), some of the current options give you items that provide “debuffs” or “crowd control” effects in the arena. On the other hand, you have other professions that aid you with potent potions that give you some strength and sustainability.

How Many Professions Are Available in WoW: Classic?

Due to the current patch in World of Warcraft Classic, professions such as Inscription, Jewelcrafting or Archeology do not appear at all. Additionally, secondary options like First Aid is still intact.  Still, though, you have many alternatives to consider, such as:

Gathering Professions

  • Herbalism: Different plants or flowers around Azeroth aren’t there only to enrich the scenery. Hence, with this option, you’ll be able to gather different essential parts of any plant that you come across. Additionally, every time you obtain some items with this profession, you’ll get a little experience for your levels at the same time.
  • Mining: Similarly to the Herbalism, when you see rocks of different colors near a minefield, it usually contains essential materials. First of all, you always need a “mining pick” to gather various types of ores. Most noteworthy, you also have the chance to use the Anvil to smelt raw ores into bars for crafting purposes.
  • Skinning: Gather different raw material from some monsters, which have the potential to turn into better items. Above all, you need to have a “skinning knife,” wait for a beast to kiss the floor, loot the corpse, and finally, you’ll be able to use this profession on them.

Production Professions:

  • Alchemy: Improve the performance of your characters with potions that give you additional stats and restore your health and mana. As a result, you’ll get amazing tools that can provide you more survival options when you’re against powerful monsters. Furthermore, the masters of alchemy have the chance to transmute materials each day.
  • Blacksmithing: Build different powerful weapons and strong armor, which is only available with this profession. Most noteworthy, the majority of armor belongs to the “plate” category, which means that Warriors and Paladins pick this option often.
  • Engineering: Create different tools and gadgets that usually create chaos when you’re around. Additionally, you have the option to manufacture powerful bombs which have the potential of adding crowd control in your repertoire. Furthermore, you get the chance to tinker some bullets or scopes for long-range attacks. Every option that this profession provides always brings fun elements to your gameplay.
  • Leatherworking: One of the best options for the Leather using Classes that are available in World of Warcraft Classic. Hence, with this option, you’ll get the chance to build or improve this type of armor. Plus, with some “armor kits,” you have the opportunity to increase the stats of every armor.
  • Tailoring: Improve the dexterity of your hero’s hands as they manufacture different “cloths” and cloaks for themselves or their friends. Most noteworthy, due to the nature of this profession, it works best with casters or classes that main this type of armor. Last but not least, you also have the option to create amazing bags that can hold a lot more items.

Service Profession:

  • Enchanting: Destroy rare items to gather material for the different enchantments that this profession provides. Due to its limitations, you cannot make materials that are equipable by different players or accounts. Still, though, there are a lot of enchanting passives that have the chance to improve any armor.

Secondary Professions:

  • Cooking: Take all the meat from the different monsters that were unlucky to cross your path, add a little salt, and cook the materials for a great meal. Every single plate that you prepare will improve the regeneration of your HP (Hit Points) or your Mana. Furthermore, better chefs have the potential of producing food that also improves different stats. 
  • Fishing: Enjoy the scenery or the different environmental sounds as you stand near a body of water to gather some fish. Remember to check the water for different “schools” that have a particular type of fish and pick as much as you can. Additionally, almost all of the elements you obtain can be eaten or used as ingredients for better options.
  • First Aid: Manufacture different cloths that aid in healing different types of wounds. As a result, you’ll have other options to regain your health as you travel across different undiscovered places and dangerous environments.

Which Combinations of Professions Work Best Together?

  • Alchemy, Herbalism, and Fishing: Gather all the essential ingredients from plants and fishes, to turn everything into a powerful potion.
  • Blacksmithing and Mining: Transform the robust characteristics of the rare types of stones into durable armors and weapons for your character.
  • Engineering and Mining: Due to the requirements of the different trinkets that you can build, you’re going to need various ores or bars from mining.
  • Leatherworking and Tailoring: Retrieve the pelts of your preys and exchange them into wearable items or armor improvements.
  • Tailoring and Enchanting: Manufacture rare clothing items that you can dismantle with Enchanting for more materials. Later on, you can create powerful wands or improve the stats of your armor.

What Professions Do You need to Pick for “X” Occasion?

  • For Raids: Since you need a lot of stats enhancements and potions, the best profession for exploring the different dungeons is Alchemy.
  • For PvP: Due to the different trinkets and bombs that give you more abilities and crowd control, one of the best options for this feature is Engineering.
  • For Gold Farming: Even though you have the option to exchange much gold from the rarest items from all the professions; you usually get a lot more coins with “microtransactions” as you sell the raw materials. Furthermore, only a few players will be able to buy the expensive stuff, but almost all the population will surely buy as many fresh fishes or ores as they can. As a result, Herbalism, Mining, and Fishing are your best bet.
  • Armor: Depending on the selected Class from your Hero, you’ll need their specific type of equipment. Therefore, it can either be Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, or Tailoring.

Working for a Better Future

With the different WoW Classic Professions options that are currently available, you have the chance to invest additional hours on improving your Hero on another level. Remember to have a clear view of what activities you do the most in Azeroth before choosing the best job for you. Furthermore, you also get the chance to improve your guild and your friends as you share potent tools to everyone you meet.

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