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Best WoW Shadowlands Mounts to Travel the Underworld in Style

Best WoW Shadowlands Mounts
By | November 27th, 2020 | Categories: World of Warcraft

Ah, mounts! One of the many favorite cosmetic items of World of Warcraft players. It’s the game’s tradition to add as many new ones as possible every update, so in Shadowlands, we’re getting a whopping 84 fresh mounts! Of course, we can’t put them all here, so we’re narrowing it down to the best Shadowlands mounts that have the most universal appeal.

Shimmermist Runner

First and foremost is a classic choice, if not a safe one, or for a lack of a better word, too vanilla: Shimmermist Runner. It’s a bluish-white unicorn with long, purple bellbottom-like fur near its hooves, and a blue mane.

In order to get this mount, you have to solve the Mistveil Tangle puzzle. Also, it’s not one of those Class Mounts in Shadowlands, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to ride it as an Orc Warrior.

Rock-A-Bye Wildseed Cradle

They say imitation is the biggest form of flattery. If that’s the case, then there are those that say Shadowlands flattered lots of other MMOs. Whether that’s truly the case or not (and it’s not right to just assume that it is), it can’t be denied that the Wildseed Cradle, a new mount from Ardenwald, is nothing like other mounts we’ve seen before.

As the name suggests, the mount is very reminiscent of those seeds with wing-like structures, like the maple and kauri, which allow them to float safely to the ground. However, the middle is shaped like a soft cushion for an infant, and an ornate wooden mesh at the bottom.

The way the mount looks and floats about a foot off the ground makes it a rather elegant and ethereal mount, perfect for those with rather refined tastes.

Blanchy: The Good Yet The Secretly Bad, and Now The Dead

Blanchy is a humorous horse character that has been in the game since Vanilla Days. Many players have known her as Old Blanchy, a good, reliable, and lovable steed. Fortunately, you also get to see her younger self thanks to the time travel plot of the Burning Crusade expansion.

Unfortunately, she was murdered by thugs in Cataclysm. Thankfully, however, we haven’t seen the last of her, as we see her again in Shadowlands, although she doesn’t seem to be like the good old Old Blanchy we used to know. Or perhaps we’re the ones that got it wrong, as she’s being punished in Revendreth and has become a sinrunner because she committed evils we didn’t know about.

That’s okay though, because whether it’s Old Blanchy, Young Blanchy, or Dead Blanchy, she’s still Blanchy, and we love her just the same. Plus, she now looks like a cool yet frightening red spectral horse. Seriously, you can’t tell us that her awesome new look doesn’t suit her, and that you don’t want to ride her.

Watch Out For the Corridor Creeper

Perhaps you have a proclivity for something colder, more metallic, more canine, something that is otherworldy–or rather, underworldly–and has an actual physical presence? If that’s the case, then the Corridor Creeper is perfect for you.

You can obtain this beastly mount by completing Twisting Corridors Layer 8 in Torghast. It’s a rather apt place to get this dead man’s best friend, as it’s where the Runecarver, the one that forged familiar Undead relics such as Frostmourne and Helm of Domination, is held prisoner. So if you’re wondering why this dog has rather recognizable aesthetics, then there’s your answer.

Here Comes the Champion: The Sinful Gladiator’s Soul Eater

World of Warcraft has a rather long tradition of locking awesome mounts as PVP rewards as a way of encouraging players to participate in the game mode and the tradition is not about to end for WoW Shadowlands mounts. Because Blizzard not only added a new cool PVP mount, but perhaps one of the best-looking mounts in the history of the game: the Sinful Gladiator’s Soul Eater.

The mount looks like a completely badass black dragon, complete with forward-swept curved horns and red eyes on its skull face, bracers on its front legs, and black smoke that form the wings. By riding this flying mount, you will command awe and fear in the hearts of everyone that will see you not just because of its terrific yet terrifying look, but also because they know that you’ve racked up so many PVP kills in order to get it.


There are many other mounts that you’ll find as you journey across the Shadowlands, but these ones are among the most popular ones, and for very good reasons. So, which of them are you getting? And if you’re not planning to make any of them yours, which new arrivals are you planning to ride into battle? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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