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Dragonflight has made a lot of buzz in World of Warcraft, as new and veteran players are very excited about it. The upcoming expansion has also attracted a lot of returning heroes back into the game to prepare for the new region and content. While the actual update is not yet released, many notes are available online that would show what people can expect from Dragonflight. Check out the latest changes that will come when the expansion comes out. This guide goes over all the Dragonflight Pre-Patch Notes, talent tree changes, and anything else a player might want to know.

Dragonflight in World of Warcraft

The expansion has been in beta test for several months, and Dragonflight is already ready to go live in November. While there are still some changes that might occur before the launch date, there is an effective system in place that will definitely make it through the update. Here are the Dragonflight Pre-Patch Notes:

Dragon Isles and the Dracthyrs

The most significant update to the game will come from the introduction of the Dragon Isles. The mysterious and ancestral home of the dragonflights will be the newest region, which will feature many new farming areas and Raid dungeons. Here are all the known locations for the isles:

  • The Walking Shores
  • Ohn’ahran Plains
  • The Azure Span
  • Thaldraszus
  • Forbidden Reach

Alliance and Horde players will all start in The Walking Shores and will start their journey from there. Most of the quests in the expansion will be related to the dragonflights, particularly the red and black. With a new region comes a new race. 

A new race has emerged from Dragon Isles, and they are called the Dracthyrs. These people have dragon blood in their veins, so they will have humanoid and draconic forms. These dragon-like characters are all Evokers, so players don’t have a choice in their class.

New Talent System in Dragonflight

One of the most significant changes that will come from the expansion is the overhaul of the talent trees. The new system will allow players to make creative and meaningful changes to their characters without degrading their power and effectiveness. Heroes gain the option to spend talent points on two unique talent trees, which will feature utility skills and specialization specs that will empower a character’s offense, defense, and support capabilities. This can be done at every level, giving gamers the opportunity to be flexible. Here are the specific changes in the Talent Tree System:

  • Talent changes can now be done anywhere without costs, which means no more tomes. Swapping your talents can be done at any given time as long as players are outside combat, Mythic+ runs, or in ongoing PvP fights. You no longer need to be in rested areas to do this mechanic.
  • A Starter Build preset will be available for gamers not interested in customizing their talent tree. This preset will feature an optimal build that is decent for most content in the game. 
  • Players now have the option to save and swap out between multiple talents builds.
  • Import and Export Loadouts are now available in the game, enabling players to copy builds from outside sources and share presets with others. 
  • Heroes can now share action bars between loadouts using the “Use shared action bars” feature.
  • Unlearning Talent is much easier due to the Unlearned Talent History feature. There are times when removing Talent from a high placement automatically unlearns every skill below it. The new feature will mark all affected but not selected talents and allow players to mass relearn them with shift + click.
  • A Search Bar will be integrated into the Talent Tree system. This will make locating specific skills easier since gamers only need to use keywords or related synergies. This means that searching for a particular talent will also feature other abilities that make a good combination. 

Mage, Priests, and Rogue Changes

Every playable race before Dragonflight will not be able to start out as Mages, Rogues, or Priests. However, Dracthyrs are excluded from this since they are exclusively Evokers. These changes will apply once the expansion finally drops. 

New Customizable User Interface

One of the more noticeable changes will be the complete revamp of the user interface in the game. The HUD and the UI will be more customizable, practical, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing. The new interface will also be more clutter-free, essentially a sweep of the previous World of Warcraft HUD.

Players will immediately see several changes, especially with the bag, health bars, action bars, and minimap. The health bars and map icons are much more prominent, while action bars are cleaner and more straightforward. Inventory bags now have the option to show a combined window instead of several separate tabs.

Perhaps gamers are more excited about the fact that the new UI is very customizable. The interface will allow players to enter “Edit Mode,” which allows them to tweak, personalize, and adjust any interactable feature in the UI. There are also other changes that players can implement to make their settings much more unique. 

Once heroes have finished their customization, they can name and save their settings and share them with the community. The ability to personalize UI hopes to satisfy the needs of players who do not use add-ons. However, these changes do not aim to replace mods since some are more optimal and functional. Heroes could continue to use 3rd-party add-ons if they wanted to. Here are other changes that the update will offer for the interface:

  • Hold Casting – Players now have the option to press and hold the key to continuously cast a skill instead of pushing it repeatedly. 
  • Interact Key – An interact button will now be introduced, which will allow gamers to engage with NPCs without using LMB.
  • Action Combat Targeting System – Players’ targeting will automatically shift to enemies when you approach them, allowing heroes to start casting skills as soon as possible. The targeting will also switch focus depending on who you are looking at. 

There will be more improvements in this aspect of the game. Refining the UI requires a lot of testing and troubleshooting, so all the changes will not happen all at once. Here are all the possible things that devs will tackle eventually:

  • More Edit Mode options
  • Group Manager
  • Raid Frames
  • Quest Tracker
  • More Art

Minor Updates in Dragonflight Pre-Patch

While Dragonflight puts more emphasis on its significant changes, a lot of minor updates will also be implemented. These tweaks range from small nerfs to substantial improvements to the quality of life features. Here are some minor changes in the game:


Additional accolades will be added to the game, which involves gaining more mounts and pets. Fortunately, these achievements will provide awesome rewards upon completion. Here are all the latest accomplishments:

  • Thanks for the Carry! – Get 500 mounts | Reward: Otterwordly Ottuk Carrier Mount
  • Many More Mini Minions – Collect 1250 Unique pets | Reward: Secretive Frogduck Pet
  • What Can I Say? They Love Me – Get 1750 Unique Pets | Reward: Violet Violence Pet
  • Good Things Come in Small Packages – Acquire 2000 Unique Pets | Reward: Mister Muskoxeles Pet


  • Up to 5 players can receive quest credits and drops by tagging the same enemy. This applies to any faction. 
  • An issue about the Troll’s Racial Feature Da Voodoo Shuffle, where the duration of roots has been reduced to less than intended numbers, has been resolved.

Classes Minor Changes

  • Resurrection Sickness now has a duration of one minute instead of ten.
  • Resurrecting at a Spirit Healer when they are under level 10 will incur a 10% durability loss. 
  • Resurrecting at a Spirit Healer level 10 and above will incur a 50% durability loss instead of 25%.
  • Adding a new talent called Precognition – gain 15% Haste and become immune to CC after getting interrupted while casting.
  • Death Knight
    • Rot, Withier, and Necrotic Aura are now available for all DK specializations.
    • Chill Streak has been removed from the PvP talent and added to the talent tree.
  • Druid
    • Malorne’s Swiftness and Reactive Resin are now available for all Druid specializations.
    • Reactive Resin triggered healing for Guardian, Feral, and Balance is now 75% effective.
    • Hunter
    • Interlope and Diamond Ice are now available for all Hunter specializations.
    • Beast Mastery’s Kindred Beasts have been redesigned to synergize with the Fortitude of the Bear.
  • Mage
    • Ice Wall and Ring of Fire are now available for all Mage specializations.
    • Torment the Weak and Burst of Cold has been removed.
    • Fire Mages gain a new PvP Talent called Glass Cannon, which increases the damage of Fireball and Scorch by 40%, but reduces max HP by 15%.
    • Frost Mages gain a new PvP Talent called Snowdrift, which summons powerful Blizzards for six seconds that will slow down enemies by 70% while also damaging them with a Frost attack every 1 second. Those caught in the blizzard for three seconds consecutively will be frozen for four seconds. 
    • Frost Mages gain a new talent called Frost Bomb, which players can place on a target and will detonate after five seconds. The explosion will inflict Frost Damage to the mark and enemies within 10 yards while slowing them by 70% for 4 seconds.
  • Monk
    • Might Ox Kick and Alpha Tiger are now available to all Monk specializations.
    • Grapple Weapon, Dematerialize, and Wind Waker are now available to the Brewmaster spec.
    • Alpha Tiger now provides 20% Haste instead of 30% after using Tiger Palm.
  • Paladin
    • Aura of Reckoning and Vengeance Aura is now available to all Paladin specs.
    • Aura of Reckoning will empower the following Judgment after reaching 50 stacks for Holy Paladins. 
    • Hallowed Ground is now available for the Retribution spec.
    • Divine Favor has been removed from the PvP talent and added to the talent tree.
  • Priest
    • Delivered from Evil, Cardinal Mending, and Strength of Soul are now available to all Priest specs.
    • Purification and Purified Soul are now available to the Holy spec.
    • A new PvP talent called Eternal Rest can reduce the cooldown of Shadow Word: Death by 12 seconds.
    • A new PvP talent called Catharsis can now store 20% of all damage taken, which cannot exceed 15% of your max HP. The stored attack will be released as additional damage on your following Shadow Word: Pain or Purged the Wicked.
    • Driven to Madness, Void Origins, and Void Volley now also affect Dark Ascension aside from Void Eruption.
    • Improved Mass Dispel, Void Shift, and Void Shield have been removed from the PvP talent and added to the talent tree.
    • Great Fade has been removed. 
  • Rogue
    • Veil of Midnight, Control is King, and Dagger in the Dark are now available to all Rogue specs.
    • When using Dagger in the Dark, nearby enemies within 10 yards take 5% more damage from the next Shadowstrike or Ambush in the next 10 seconds, which can stack up to 8 times.
    • Flying Daggers, Intent to Kill, and Float Like a Butterfly have been removed from the PvP talent and added to the talent tree.
  • Shaman
    • Traveling Storms and Tidebringer are now available to all Shaman specs.
    • Travelling Storm’s Thunderstorm can now be targeted at allies within 40 yards, which inflicts a 60% movement speed reduction on enemies while knocking them back by 25% more. Thundershock can now knock enemies 100% more. 
    • Lightning Lasso has been removed from the PvP talent and added to the talent tree.
  • Warlock
    • Call Observer and Bonds of Fel are now available to all Warlock Specs.
  • Warrior
    • Rebound can now cause 50% extra damage when reflecting spells back to the caster and is now available to all Warrior specs. 
    • Battle Trance can now regenerate 3% of your HP and produce 3 stacks of Rage every 3 seconds for the next 18 seconds after using Raging Blow two times on a target or after attacking a target with Annihilator 8 times. Changing targets will cancel the effect.
    • Enduring Rage will now also synergize with Annihilator.

PvP Changes

  • A new game mode called Rated Sholo Shuffle will be released, the rated version of Solo Shuffle Brawl introduced in Shadowlands.
  • Accessories with a Relentless effect are now capped at level 60.
  • Gladiator’s Distinction now provides 10% crowd control mitigation.

Items and Rewards Changes

  • Players can now transform into their Shoulshape by using a new toy called Seed of Renewed Souls. This item will be available from Lady Muunn in the heart of the Forest.
  • Eternity’s End class set bonuses are now classified as legacies and are disabled in combat.

Pet Battles

  • Heroes can now use the Pet Journal to directly use upgrade stones on their pets instead of needing to summon them. 

More Updates in the Coming Weeks

These details are only from the pre-patch notes. Players can expect significantly more updates in the coming weeks once Dragonflight is released. Stay updated on the latest patch to stay ahead of everyone.

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