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Legion Profession Guide II: How to Make Money with Professions in WoW

By | December 3rd, 2017 | Categories: World of Warcraft

Making profit out of professions is very easy if you get methodic and constant. You’ll have to do a bit of research but it’ll pay off. I came up with some steps you can follow to make gold with professions. This is what has been working for me in the past years.

Even though I make my gold this way, it doesn’t mean it’s the only or best possible way for you. Every realm has a different market and players have multiple approaches when it comes to making shiny gold. Ones prefer to just gather and others like to play the market: buy low and sell high! Now, let’s cover our bases in this World of Warcraft (WoW) Legion Profession Guide.

Profit from Profession like a Pro

These are my 5 steps to make gold in WoW with professions:

  1. Think first: How do you want to make gold? Farming items or crafting (or both)?
  2. Explore, investigate, and research the market. High population markets don’t behave like the low ones. To understand this, you can take a look at the price of the items in The Undermine Journal. Choose your preferred realm and check for low quantity and high prices.
  3. Figure out if you can make the most profitable item by taking these things into consideration:
    • You have the recipe to craft that item or you can fly or gather without dying.
    • If you have to buy the materials first, sum the cost of the mats needed and withdraw that amount from the final item price. If the item costs more to craft than the selling price, it’s not worthy. An example: if an item from Leatherworking costs 6g to make, but the shard you get from it when you disenchant its priced in 5g, it doesn’t have any sense that you make those and expect profit. Note: don’t forget to add 6% to the final selling price (Auction House fee), unless you are selling by trade.
  4. If you can’t make the most profitable item, work on getting the recipe or its rank 3. If you still can’t do that, look for the second most profitable item.
  5. After you’ve decided which item you want to craft and you already have the mats and the final items, figure out for the best time to sell and sell your stuff at that time. To do this, find the days and hours where you get the highest price or the lowest quantity (TUJ has charts and they always specify the mean price of the item).

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The Undermine Journal

I strongly recommend checking this website. It’s the goblin’s bread and butter. TUJ even shows charts and stats about the current market and how it has moved and behaved over weeks or months.

On the website you may also browse by professions, therefore, seeing which mats or items have the best price and you can figure out when would be the best time to sell.

WoW Profession Tips

  • If you only have one character, it is recommended that you match a gathering profession with a crafting one. However, Tailoring and Enchanting are two crafting professions that go along very well.
  • If you have many characters, you can trade your items between them and having different professions on every toon.
    • For example, you’ve got a worgen with skinning and leatherworking and you have a night elf that has enchanting. You could pass your crafted items to your night elf and disenchant them, therefore having something more profitable to sell (if it applies).
  • You’ll notice that your playtime in WoW will start to have a “value,” just like in real life. Let’s suppose I make 10,000 gold pieces just by crafting trinkets and I come across another way of making gold: gathering leather. However, gathering leather gives me 7,500g per hour. I obviously won’t switch from crafting trinkets to skinning.
    • Either way, if it happens that the trinkets stop selling because there’s a better thing in the market, it would be a good idea to switch to skinning or try to sell different stuff. Use your time wisely at all times.
  • If you have an item and you search for it in the market only to find nothing, you can try and sell it doubling its mean price. If the mean price is 200g, you can try with 400g and see what happens.

WoW Money Making Tips

  1. Use the Armory App to do the selling and buying when you are AFK. It has been proven to be really resourceful and easy to use. Every time it’s selling hour and you’re away, just enter the app and it has many options to make your life easier. You can set it to always undercut 1 copper from the lowest priced item and to always set your auction to your preferred time.
  2. Always check The Undermine Journal and all the charts: times, quantity, prices.
  3. Download and use add-ons like TSM, Auctionator, TUJ and Server Hop.
  4. Undercutting is great but don’t overdo it. Always undercut one copper below the lowest price item in the Auction House. If it’s going to sell because it’s the cheapest, at least you will be gaining more money undercutting 1 copper than undercutting 100 gold.

Best Farming Classes

Always ensure that your farmer toon has a good AoE damage or high mobility. It’s not the same to farm in dungeons than farming in open world. I’m going to give you some examples to illustrate this:

  • A Druid is amazing at gathering professions, they have that instant mount and they can take herbs without dismounting (better with a Tauren Druid).
  • Monks, Demon Hunters, Shammans and Hunters are great for dungeons. They have high mobility and great AoE damage. This means they can do large pulls and run really fast to get out of the dungeon or raid.
  • Balance Druid is wonderful when it comes to gathering leather and cloth (more if the druid is a Worgen with skinning) because they can cast Moonfire on everything, catch every mob attention and then cast Starfall to kill them all at once, while they can heal themselves or cast more abilities. This can apply to classes that have instant Damage spells, like Hunters.

Thank for sticking around. If you have more ways to make gold, please share with us in the comments below.

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