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Things You Need to Know About WoW Hunter Pets

WoW Hunter Pets
By | October 26th, 2017 | Categories: World of Warcraft

There is a wide variety of WoW Hunter Pets for hunters to tame. Each one of them has some abilities that hunters can match for a more optimized gameplay. I remember the time when you had to tame special beasts for their abilities like buffing raids. However, in World of Warcraft (WoW): Legion, they changed that, maybe to make every pet special. After this, and making pets able to choose a specialization, the possibilities are endless!

Pet Families

WoW hunter pets are organized into Pet Families, giving them standard abilities. For example, the “Crane family” has the following:

  • Smack (a basic attack)
  • Gift of Chi-Ji (special ability battle resurrection)
  • Trick (a silly but fun bonus ability).

Basically, this means all cranes (red, white, brown, pink, and others) have these three abilities independently of their specialization. Pet families come with a common “shape,” beasts of the Goat family are all shaped like goats even when they may have different “skins” or colors.

Some Examples of Pet Families

  • Cunning: mechanical, dragonhawk, serpent
  • Ferocity: fox, raptor, wolf
  • Tenacity: boar, bear, gorilla, and turtle

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Pet Types

Hunter Pets in WoW have types that have the same name as their specializations: ferocity, cunning, and tenacity. In fact, they are meant to be used in a certain way. For example, the crab family has the “Harden Shell” ability, which reduces damage taken by 50% for 12 seconds. This, combined with the Tenacity spec, will make a great option for the pet to tank.

A ferocity type pet could play a cunning specialization, but this doesn’t mean that’s the best option to choose. It’s always best to have different types of pets on hand. It’s important to differentiate between a pet type ability and a talent that comes from choosing a specialization. Pet type abilities are bound to pets, while talents are bound to specs.


Specializations are key when it comes to the hunter’s gameplay. There are different combinations depending on if you’re going solo, playing PvE content with a party or just doing some PvP.

Ferocity spec:

is great when it comes to just doing DPS with party members, it works best when you have a tank doing the dirty job. The abilities of this specialization focus on increasing damage over all things. Some of these are

Ferocity Abilities

  • Dash: increases your pet’s movement speed for a short time.
  • Heart of the Phoenix: returns your dead pet to life.
  • Spiked Collar: passively increases your pet’s attack speed, critical strike chance and ability damage.

Tenacity spec:

is great when you’re alone and when you want to survive. This is the tanky specialization because these pets will taunt and resist every attack. You just have to use Mend Pet on cool down and use Last Stand and Exhilaration (heals your pet for 100% of its maximum health) when your pet is about to die.

Tenacity Abilities

  • Thunderstomp: AoE damage and threat.
  • Last Stand: increases your pet’s health for a short time (6 minute cool down)
  • Charge: charges, immobilizes the target for 1 second AND increases your pet’s melee attack power by 25% for the next attack.
  • Great Stamina: a passive increase of your pet’s total health.
  • Blood of the Rhino: a passive that decreases all damage your pet takes and increases the healing your pet receives.

Cunning spec:

this one is a mix of the above, great for PvP as your pet reduces damage taken while increasing movement speed and protecting you at the same time.

Cunning Abilities

  • Bullheaded: reduces all damage your pet takes for a short time and removes impairing effects.
  • Dash: increases your pet’s movement speed for a short time
  • Roar of Sacrifice: the pet shares damage taken with the target (the protected target is immune to critical attacks)
  • Boar’s Speed: passively increases the pet’s movement speed.
  • Cornered: a passive ability that increases your pet’s damage when it has low health.

Pet Skills

As you can see your spellbook, you can take a look at your pet’s skills pressing (Shift-I) or looking at the tab after pressing (P). The pet’s action bar is not the best and it can’t be changed, there may be some skills that you haven’t seen. However, you can put these abilities in your action bars for later use and you can also make some macros. Keep in mind that you can turn on and off almost all abilities. Yes, I’m talking about turning off Growl, huntards!

The Exotic Beasts

Of course, there are some exotic beasts that can only be tamed by hunters who choose the Beast Mastery specialization. The exotic families include the following:

  • Chimaeras
  • Clefthooves
  • Core Hounds
  • Devilsaurs
  • Quilens
  • Rylaks
  • Shale Spiders
  • Silithids
  • Spirit Beasts
  • Water Striders
  • Worms

Mechanical Hunter Pets

Added in Legion, it’s a new hunter pet family. Goblins and Gnomes can tame mechanicals without any special requirement but for the other races, they need the Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix. It’s a one-time use and it doesn’t require any level or profession for it to work. Just find a nice engineer who learned the schematics and you’ll be taming Mechanical pets in no time. Also, this family is not categorized as exotic, which means every hunter can have these pets.

Legion Hunter Pets

Apart from Mech pets, three more families were added in Legion: Feathermanes, Oxen and Scalehides. To give even more spice to this class’ gameplay, WoW introduced some new pets that are very different to any family but they’re counted as a similar one. For example, introduced in Argus, the Panthara is categorized as a member of the cat family, the Marsuul as a rodent, the Talbuk as a stag and the Mana Ray as nether ray.

Also, there are some amazing pets that couldn’t be tamed before and Blizzard heard our cries and gave us the chance to have these beauties:

  • Thok the Bloodthirsty: a dinosaur boss from Siege of Orgrimmar (Mist of Pandaria).
  • Lowland Manashell: from the Turtle family; they can be found in Suramar.
  • Iron Juggernauts: you have to find some materials from Siege of Orgrimmar to get one.
  • Treble and Rush: a pair of mechano wolves with a mechanic similar to Quilens in MoP, you have to follow some tracks and use Flare. They appear in Highmountain and Azsuna.
  • Bulvinkel: from the Spirit Beast family; they can be found in Stormheim, but it is a rare sight. (Only for Beast Mastery)

Choosing a Pet

Think of what you want to achieve with your pet, after all, it’s your partner in crime (literally). Sometimes pets function as a party member with their amazing aiding skills. If you want to PvP, choose a cunning pet family, if you’re going to level alone, maybe a tenacity one will be best for you. Also, if you’re going to be dungeoning ferocity is the best choice.

Either way, you can choose your pet based on appearances or utility, it’s up to you. Pets are different from each other so it’s great to take a look at the abilities provided by every hunter pet family and then choose a preferred look. Ta-da!

 Trouble Finding Pets?

Petopia is a great website where you can find hunter pets by family or by looks. Browse the appearances of the pets, see their info and decide if you want to go after it or not. You’ll find the best pet when your sort them. Exotic and rare hunter pets give much spice to the class. Plus, the challenges to get them are really worthy and fun to do. Petopia features many interesting guides that will surely make your hunter life better.

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