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Which WoW Class Should I Play? The Definitive Answer

Which WoW Class Should I Play
By | January 5th, 2018 | Categories: World of Warcraft

You double-click on the World of Warcraft icon, you enter your credentials and voila, you’re staring at the ‘Create New Character’ screen.

And subsequently, the very reasonable question “Which WoW class should I Play?” arises. Well, you’re in safe hands here – picking the right class for you isn’t rocket science. With our help, the whole process will be simplified and streamlined, the only thing that you’ll have to do is to enjoy your new class.

Let’s start with the basics first.

Once you choose a class, you won’t be able to change it

Yes, you got that right. When you pick a class for your character, this means that you’ve made up your mind and you will not be able to change your char’s class later on.

That’s in contrast to picking a race since you can always change your race, albeit at a certain price. Character race change was introduced back in 2009 and it costs $25 (only available to US and EU players). You have to stay in the same faction though, you can’t switch from Horde to Alliance or vice versa.

So, without further ado, time to dive right into the action.

How do you figure out which class is ideal for you?

It all boils down to what style of play you prefer. Whether it’s brutal melee damage, prolific ranged DPS, tanking, healing or anything in-between, knowing what role seems attractive to you is essential. For instance:

  • Do you want to be a damage dealer?
  • Do you want to tank?
  • Do you want to heal?
  • Do you like prefer close quarter combat or you prefer to blast your enemies from a distance?

When you know what your preferred role is, then you can focus on a particular class. Every single class in WoW has a few different builds and depending on their talent spec, they can be either DPS or tank, tank or heal etc. Here’s a short class overview:

  • Druid – tank, heal, melee and ranged spell DPS
  • Hunter – ranged DPS
  • Mage – ranged spell DPS
  • Paladin – tank, heal melee DPS
  • Priest – heal, ranged spell DPS
  • Rogue – melee DPS
  • Shaman – heal, melee and ranged spell DPS
  • Warlock – ranged spell DPS
  • Warrior – tank, melee DPS
  • Death Knight – tank, melee DPS
  • Monk – tank, heal, melee DPS
  • Demon Hunter – tank, melee DPS

As you can clearly see, some classes are rather versatile, while others are concentrated on just one aspect, for instance – damage dealing. It should be noted that every class in WoW has a talent tree that determines its primary role.

If you play a Warrior for example, and your primary spec is Arms, then logically you’ll be focused on DPS, so you won’t be viable for the main tank role in a raid environment. Or if you’re a Retri Pala then healing will not be your key asset, simply because you’ve been specced for damage dealing.

But perhaps you’re more interested in a class that has many different faces. A class that can deal adequate amounts of damage, tank when needed and even heals if that’s what you prefer? Read on then.

What are hybrid classes and how do they work?

These are classes that are able to fulfill various roles. Not only do they offer a variety of gameplay options, because by simply switching to a different talent tree changes your playing style quite significantly, but also because they are very versatile in raid environments.

The hybrid classes currently available in WoW are:

  • Paladins
  • Druids
  • Monks

Obviously, these classes are a combination of other, regular (so to speak) classes. For example, a paladin is a mixture between a Warrior and a Priest, Druids can take the role of a Protection Warrior by utilizing Bear Form, while Monks are a combination of DPS, tanking and healing.

If we follow Blizzard’s definition for hybrid classes, then even Warriors, Shamans, Death Knights and Priests can be considered as hybrids. That’s because they consider any class that two or more functions that they can spec for a hybrid.

And if you prefer this interpretation, then the only “pure” classes in this game would be Rogues, Hunters, and Warlocks. The only thing they are good at is… well, dealing damage.

Okay, but I still cannot choose which class I want to play!

In this case, your best bet would be to simply choose any class (doesn’t really matter which one) and start playing. By spending a few hours on farming and leveling, you’ll be able to get a pretty good understanding of how your class works and what are its strengths and weaknesses.

And if you’re not very keen on the class you’ve chosen, then it’s all good because you can easily reroll, or in other words – you can create a new character with a different class.

Having said that, it’s good to keep in mind that some builds of particular classes are definitely more challenging to play than others. Yes, I’m referring to you Feral Druids and Subtlety Rogues!

But if you insist, here are some of the easiest, most new-player-friendly and still fun to play classes with the respective builds:

  • Hunters – Beast Mastery
  • Warlocks – Destruction / Affliction

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of Warriors and Paladins. The former offers a more engaging and demanding leveling experience, while the latter is probably more relaxed.

Wrapping it up

No matter what angle you look at it, picking the right class for your playing style in World of Warcraft is essential – if you want to have fun while playing that is.

Apart from torturing yourself with leveling a class that just doesn’t suit you, your end game experience would suffer as well (if you ever get that far playing with a class that you’re not keen on).

Hopefully, this post helped you in choosing the ideal class for you, while also making a few extra things clear in the process (such as what hybrid classes are).

Now, in order to make the most of your adventures in World of Warcraft, check out our WoW Gold Market so that your character will always have some spare gold for epics! Also, feel free to leave us a comment below if you still can’t decide which class to choose.

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  1. Bombinou
    Bombinou January 21, 2018 at 6:44 pm - Reply

    IF you still really have no idea which class to play, just level a Druid since that is the only class who can play all roles ( Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, tank and Healer). Then once you find your favorite roll, just switch to a real class (/troll)

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