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WoW Auction House: How to Stay Rich

By | September 15th, 2017 | Categories: World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft (WoW) offers its players a fully immersive experience in a vivid fantasy universe. As you can slash enemies in the forest of Terokkar, you can also slash the competition in the market. Blizzard introduced in Azeroth a market so well-done it can regulate itself through the laws of supply and demand in the WoW Auction House.

The Auction House

It moves thousands of gold every day, but since the introduction of the WoW Token, it has been moving real money too. All these variables behave in a real economic system environment and have the same problems. As in real life, gold makes more gold if you use it right. But, what happens with inflation and the loss of money over time?

WoW Auction House

As shown in the chart, the maximum amount of gold per dollar is directly affected by external and partially external variables. Every expansion causes a ruckus within the economy community. Think of it as the stock market and how expectations change rates and prices.

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WoW Token

The biggest spikes are these expansions and announcements. For example, in November 2014, the token price started rising considerably, from 2000 to almost 6000 (Gold per USD) in a matter of two months, thanks to the release of Warlords of Draenor. Later, the market price behaved as expected until two big novelties came and changed the price of the WoW Token enormously. These are the Legion expansion, one of the best and arguably said to be even better than Wrath of the Lich King (August 2016), and the announcement that the WoW Token could be changed into Battle.net Balance (February 2017).

The latter change increased the value of the WoW Token as it could be converted into Battle.net Credits that you can use to buy more things from the digital Blizzard Store. A while after that, the price of the Token started lowering thanks to the lack of new content, making the players less interested in buying more gold.

Starting April 2017, the numbers rose again. Blizzard announced something really big: Destiny 2 is going to be hosted in the Blizzard App, which allows Blizz-fans to purchase the game with the Battle.net balance or WoW gold, on June 13, WoW released the patch 7.2.5 with new content and this encouraged players to use more gold.

New materials, reagents, equipment, and recipes are coming! How are we going to cope with that? Is the actual most profitable thing to make going to stay profitable after the expansion or patch? Is my best selling stuff going to drop its price? As the token is more expensive every time or every day because of inflation, you’ll have to always research how to exploit the means to make more gold.

10 Tips to Stay Ahead

To achieve greatness and fill your vaults with gold, we have prepared 10 tips for you to stay rich in WoW and don’t die trying:

  1. The market is not a harsh environment, is not your enemy. You have to see your gold as a resource and a reagent. Make it. Use it. Double it back.
  2. Find your favorite way to make gold. It can be whatever you like, at your rhythm, shall it be gathering or being a professional alchemist!
  3. Do the shuffling and buy cheap things to sell them at a higher price later, but be careful with this, you don’t want to lose money!
  4. Be the first selling in the market when new materials are available. People pay more for new content because it’s scarce and innovative and you have to take that as an advantage. Make sure to research and prepare; this way you will grow at the same time as the inflation.
  5. Prepare yourself before patches, view the charts and figure out at which time of the day or day of the week the items sell at their highest. Buy low and sell high!
  6. Use your time efficiently. Figure out how to make more money in less time, so that you won’t stay behind the prices.
  7. The best way to protect from inflation is to convert your gold to a more stable currency: the Battle.net Balance Credit. Buy the token the moment you see an important announcement. Let’s say you have lots of gold and the token costs 125,000g per 15 USD. Blizzard announces something big. You buy the token at 125,000g; you get 15 USD in your Battle.net Balance. Then, the price goes all the way up, and people need more tokens! The demand is higher but the supply is the same, and the token is now 150,000g. Well, this means you moved along with the inflation; you bought 15 USD for less than it is now.
  8. Applies to holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving: people want to buy more these days, and remember you can use your WoW Gold to buy in the digital Blizzard store thanks to the Tokens!
  9. If you don’t care about Balance Credits and you just have to be a filthy rich goblin and buy the Bloodfang Cocoon (Bloodfang Widow Mount), just adjust the amount of gold you earn to the change of the Token’s price.
  10. Always research and figure out the best things to sell. Pay attention to changes in the prices. Be careful if an item’s price goes too low, maybe you’ll have to craft another one or change professions.

These are our 10 tips to stay rich in WoW considering changes in the market. To stay updated with the market, be sure to follow all the media you can (WoW Head, WoW Economy Sub-Reddit, Icy Veins, WoW Economy Discord, The Undermine Journal). Also, ensure to use useful add-ons like Trade Skill Master and Auctioneer among others that you can find online.

Recently the Token experienced a change: it went up 20,000g because they launched Shadow: a new pet available to buy at the store to help with the disaster relief efforts (Hurricane Irma). Everyone wanted to buy this gorgeous color-changing pet, and of course, help the cause, so they started buying tokens.

Do you want to buy wow gold?

Wrapping Things Up

WoW Auction House was hit again with the law of supply and demand. It’s hard, but pay no attention to it. The hype will go down, the same as the price. This is just a current and legit example of how fluctuations in WoW Economy work.

As a final –unlisted– tip, you have to know that when you buy back the token, it costs 20 USD, 5 USD more than before. Plus, be careful and think about the advantages and disadvantages of changing your gold to Battle.net Credits.

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    Bomby September 21, 2017 at 1:38 pm

    I sold all my gold on playerauctions just before the expansion and then bought it again just after the release. I made a lot of profit this way, Nice article \(^_^)/

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