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WoW Best PvP Classes According to Stats

WoW Best PvP Classes
By | January 3rd, 2017 | Categories: World of Warcraft

Player versus player content (PvP) is perhaps the most thrilling thing you can do when you play World of Warcraft. The racing heart, the adrenaline and both the joy and frustration of wins and losses are just some of the perks that come with players battling against each other.

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Even when the most important thing is to have fun and be good with your favorite class, it can’t be denied that some of the WoW Best PvP Classes are easier to smash in the PvP environment and some other classes are the ones that smash people, turning them into jelly.

I’ve compiled some of the best classes based on statistic data from World of Wargraphs and Noxxic, aside from my own unlimited knowledge of the game (not). The performance of a class depends on the “PvP mode” of the game, like 3v3, 2v2 or Rated Battlegrounds; therefore, I’m going to organize the best classes into these.  I’m taking into account things like success rate, resourcefulness and, efficiency.

What are the best classes in WoW for PvP in 2v2?

  1. Frost Death Knight
  2. Restoration Druid
  3. Discipline Priest

1. Frost Death Knight

Before, we had that the Unholy Death Knight was used a lot for PvP but the winner this time is the Frost specialization. The Death Knight is highly resourceful with the Chains of Ice (movement speed slower), Mind Freeze (interrupt), Frost Fever (DoT of Howling Blast), Remorseless Winter (DoT and movement speed slower), Wraith Walk (removes roots) and the best, the Death Strike (a strike also heals the user).

These are just some of the best moves the Frost DK can offer but definitely choosing the right talents will get you many wins in the arenas.

2. Restoration Druid

Have you ever tried to kill a tree that heals itself like crazy? That’s the Resto Druid, one of the most used and successful classes for PvP of all times. The Druid has multiple HoTs (heals over time) and many ways to save someone’s butt in an instant (Swiftmend, Tranquility, and Regrowth).

The Guardian Affinity (talent) makes it tanky with Thick Hide (- damage taken) and Ironfur (increases armor), which can be combined with Barkskin (reduces damage taken, usable while stunned), Ironbark (reduces damage taken), and Stonebark (reduces Ironbark cool-down and increases healing done by DoT) to turn this class compared to a holy paladin (and it may win). Druids also get high mobility from shape-shifting (remove roots), Displacer Beast (Druid Blink) and Dash.

3. Discipline Priest

The Discipline is the spec most used for PvP overall, Holy and Shadow are great too, but the Disc is beyond measure playing 2v2 and 3v3 arenas. In my opinion, it’s the healer that can deal more damage.

Let’s talk about the spells that make this one of the best WoW classes in PvP. The greatest characteristic of this spec is that instead of healing, he shields and by doing damage, he heals, at least that’s the greatest difference between holy and disc. The damage reduction spells are Power Word: Shield, a great damage absorber, Rapture (removes the PW: Shield’s CD), Pain Suppression and Power Word: Barrier, as they become amazing at PvP encounter. Atonement is a passive ability that heals allies with the spell damage the priest deals.

Combining the movement speed spells with Leap of Faith will surely save any team member and at last, with the Psychic Scream you’ve got crowd control.

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What are the best classes in WoW for PvP in 3v3?

  1. Arms Warrior
  2. Restoration Shaman

1. Arms Warrior

This spec has always been the common choice for those who like PvP as warriors and here’s why:  Colossus Smash, this spell enhances the damage the warrior deals with the target and it’s a very fastidious effect.

But wait, there’s more… Arms also has stuns (lvl 30 talents), a fear (Intimidating Shout), a movement slower (Hamstring), an attack that reduces healing taken (Mortal Strike), a weapon deactivator (Disarm), and last but not less important: Overpower, a physical attack that cannot be blocked, dodged or parried with a really high critical strike chance. The defensive skills are impressive, too; with Die by the Sword and Defensive Stance, the warrior goes all tanky and it removes itself from roots, snares and incapacitating effects with Avatar and Berserker Rage.

As it has so many spells that impede the enemy’s good performance, it’s not a surprise that an Arms Warrior is something to be feared. However, this spec goes better with a team, as it supports the other dps increasing their damage done.

2. Restoration Shaman

The resto specialization is a master of healing parties with great AoE and good survivability with nice damage, too. It’s very supportive with totems like Earthbind Totem (movement slower), Lightning Surge Totem (a stun) and Wind Rush Totem (increases movement speed), Hex (incapacitates), its own interrupt (Wind Shear), and the best: The Spiritwalker’s Grace which makes the Shaman cast while moving.

In moments of dire danger, the Resto Shaman can save itself with Astral Shift (40% less damage) and multiple skills like Healing Tide Totem, Spirit Link Totem, and Healing Surge. Did I mention the Ghost Wolf? It increases movement speed whilst impeding it from being reduced and the Ghost in the Mist (artifact trait) reduces damage taken by the shaman.

How about the top classes for RBG?

  1. Havoc Demon Hunter
  2. Shadow Priest
  3. Mistweavor Monk

Rated Battlegrounds suppose a challenge to those who need a well-rounded, connected, and synchronized team. I’m going to briefly talk about the best classes-specializations for this type of PvP. Let’s remember that RBGs has many maps with different mechanics; however, they all need teamwork. The following classes are chosen for their mobility, survivability and high damage dealing capabilities.

1. Havoc Demon Hunter

Have you ever tried to catch a DH? I bet you have and you can’t get these horned demons. They are great when it comes to being a flag carrier (although is better if they’re Vengeance) and the damage they deal is massive. They have Blur, which increases dodge chance and reduces all damage taken by 50%. They also have Spectral Sigh, a stealth counter, and the Vengeful Retreat, a skill that removes snares and reduces the movement speed of enemies. Demon Hunters in RBGs are fast and fearful.

2. Shadow Priest

This priest is an interesting dps when it comes to battlegrounds. In PvP, DoTs are essential and priests’ main skills are damage over time or instant except for Mind Blast and the Mind Flay (channeled). Priests can be fast (Body and Soul), they have Power Word: Shield (absorbs damage), Dispersion (reduces damage by 60%), and the fear is great to crowd control battlegrounds. Did I mention you can troll all the way with Mind Control?

3. Mistweaver Monk

they’re amazing as healers and their mobility is superb. They have the capability to massively heal in parties and raids and this feature makes them awesome for battlegrounds. They move as fast as lightning with the roll (or Chi Torpedo), the Life Cocoon (absurd damage absorption) and Effuse (fast heal) are lifesavers, Transcendence (to swap locations with your spirit) and Paralysis (incapacitates). A well-played Mistweaver is definitely a must in a RBG because they’re unstoppable with the right rotation and combination of talents.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, there is no single top class, but there are WoW Best PvP Classes. Starting from people that like to heal people who has a killing thirst, we have divisions between roles and divisions in game styles.

I just want to give a shout out to Holy Paladins because they are unkillable and shiny, and to the Subtlety Rogues that are a pain in the butt with their Sapping skills.

As typically said, the best class is the one you love. I’m sure you can rock with whichever class you pick, and I’m just pointing out the features that these classes have that make them the best! Another important thing to note: it all depends on your talents if you’re doing PvP or PvE, so watch out!

Try them out, change specs, go for some horde or alliance hunting! And have fun, of course, in the World of Warcraft!

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