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WoW BfA Best Professions to Make Lots of Gold

WoW BfA Best Professions
By | March 13th, 2019 | Categories: World of Warcraft

Let’s face it, professions have always been an integral part of World of Warcraft. Logically, Battle of Azeroth makes no exception, whether it’s about preparing for a brand-new raid or simply for acquiring lots of gold. And as you’ve probably already guessed, today’s post is all about the WoW BfA Best Professions for straight up gold!

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Note that we’re going to include both gathering and crafting professions for obvious reasons. First, It’s common sense that crafting and gathering profs go hand in hand. And second, both types of professions can prove to be rather lucrative in Battle for Azeroth if you use them wisely.

What are the best Gold making Professions in BfA?

Herbalism and Alchemy, without a shadow of a doubt. Clearly, you’d pick Herb as your gathering prof and Alch as your crafting one. These two professions complement each other incredibly well and by combining them you’ll be maximizing your gold earning potential. Let’s now take a closer look at each profession:


This is arguably the most widespread and gold-friendly gathering profession in WoW since vanilla. In BfA however, Herbalism was split by faction and Alliance players learn Herbalism from Declan Senal in Boralus, while Hordies will have to speak to Jahden Fla in Dazar’alor.

7 New Herbs

  1. Akunda’s Bite
  2. Siren’s Pollen
  3. Riverbud
  4. Star Moss
  5. Sea Stalk
  6. Anchor Weed
  7. Winter’s Kiss

And it’s the last one (Winter’s Kiss) that can make you wealthy in no-time!

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5-Step Process: Farming Herbalism for Maximum Profit

  1. Head over to Drustvar (Kul Tiras)
  2. Go to Arom’s Stand in the mountain area in Drustvar
  3. Start herb-hunting in a horseshoe-shape in this area
    *Note that there’s an Alliance settlement to the south and a Horde one to the north!
  4. Continue following this route since each lap takes around 2-5 mins to gather all available herbs
  5. Switch between War Mode On and Off to figure out which mode is better for farming

Thus, after around 1 hour (with everything in rank 3) you can expect to have the following herbs in your backpacks:

Or to put it simply, you’ll most likely be getting somewhere around 45,536 gold per hour, just from your Herbalism. This can literally make you a millionaire in no time and if you combine it with Alchemy things can get even more astounding.

What do I need to know about Alchemy?

Alchemy is another staple in WoW’s extensive gold-making history and even better, it’s the ideal addition to Herbalism (or vice verca). Now, it’s worth mentioning that BfA introduced several brand new things for alchemists. Most notably, higher item lvl. Alchemist Stones were added, a new herb transmute (resulting in Anchor Weed) and 2 new materials – Breath of Bwonsamdi and the Tidalcore crafting reagent.

And in a similar fashion to Herbalism, Blizzard have split Alchemy in BfA by faction. As a result, Horde players learn Zandalari Alchemy and Ally players will have to learn Kul Tiran Alchemy.

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What is the best way to make huge amounts of Gold through Alchemy?

That would be crafting the Vial of the Sands flying mount item and selling it for profit – it costs around 65,000 gold on the AH! Now, this purple item is used to get the  Sandstone Drake mount, although players would also require the Recipe: Vial of the Sands in order to unlock it. But as an alchemist, you can cash in big time with this mount item and all that you’ll need to craft it is:

However, by all means, make your own calculations before you begin to craft this mount item. Auction House prices do fluctuate so take that into consideration and also try to get the mats yourself. It’ll cost you a bit more time, but you’ll be saving gold at the same time.

Are there other BfA Professions that are lucrative?

Although the Herbalism/Alchemy combo is pretty hard to beat when it comes to sheer gold-earning potential, there are other professions that earn you decent gold as well. And here the top ones:


  • Mining
  • Skinning


  • Inscription
  • Cooking
  • Blacksmithing
  • Enchanting
  • Jewelcrafting

From this list, mining goes really well with Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting, while good old Herbalism can be a great addition to Inscription. And no, the inclusion of Cooking isn’t by accident. Although Cooking has always been the underdog when it comes to professions in World of Warcraft, it has a hidden potential in BfA.

You see, cooking consumables generally sell between 20g to 30g on the AH and they’re quite easy to craft. What this means is that if you commit to it, you can sell thousands of cooking items each day, making huge amounts of gold in the process. Even if you sell them for 10g or even 5g, it can be very lucrative indeed.


It’s crystal clear that Herbalism and Alchemy seem to offer the most bang for your buck if you’re sole goal is to make more gold. Sure, other professions can also make you rich in WoW, but combining Herb and Alch just seems like the most optimal choice.

When it comes to WoW BfA Best Professions, share what’s your favorite profession, especially when it comes to making heaps of gold? Let us know by leaving your answer in the comment section below!

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