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The Essential WoW BfA Cooking Guide

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Apart from doing things like exploring the vast World of Warcraft universe or end-game dungeons, one of the coolest things about Blizzard’s most successful franchise are the professions. And the easiest to level up and probably one of the more fun professions is definitely cooking. That’s exactly why we’ve compiled the most helpful WoW BfA Cooking Guide for you!

Now, Battle for Azeroth has introduced a number of changes and tweaks in terms of how professions work, especially cooking. There are brand new reagent types that you can use to cook different foods in BfA, while the actual cooking profession has been split. This means that cooking is now faction-specific and there are two distinctive cooking trainers for each faction!

So, whether you want to maximize your gold-earning potential via cooking or if you’re a chef by nature, this guide is for you!

What cooking changes did BfA bring?

WoW’s 7th expansion introduced a number of key changes to our beloved cooking with arguably the most important one being the fact that cooking is now split by faction. This means that you now have two distinctive cooking skills – Kul Tiran Cooking for Alliance players and Zandalari Cooking for Horde fellows.

This is obviously meant to differentiate the Alliance cooking from Horde cooking skill and it makes this profession feel more special since it’s now related to your faction. Also, Blizzard has decided to nerf the max profession skill levels for every single profession in the game. Here’s what the maximum skill level of professions currently in the game looks like:

  • Classic professions – 300
  • TBC (Outland), WotLK (Northrend), Cata and MoP (Pandaria) professions – 75
  • WoD (Draenor) and Legion professions – 100
  • BfA professions – 150

Honestly, this is great news since it kind of simplifies all the different skill level related to the various WoW expansions. And as always, since vanilla has been hardcore since day one, the max skill level for Classic is higher than all the other ones combined!

Another thing worth pointing out is the 13 brand new recipes that were added in patch 8.1 of BfA. On top of that,  there are several new feast recipes that require something called  Sanguicell, which is a rare drop from some of the bosses in the Uldir raid.

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How do I learn about cooking?

You can learn the cooking skill in Battle for Azeroth by visiting your faction’s cooking trainer, each located in one of the two new continents – Kul Tiras and Zandalar. Here’s where they’re located at and who to look for:

Once you find the cooking trainer for your particular faction, you’ll receive either the Kul Tiran Cooking or  Zandalari Cooking profession. And these profession trainers are not only used for actually learning the cooking profession since they’ll be your source of general cooking recipes.

One more thing worth keeping in mind is that the recipe ranking system is still functioning in BfA. Thus, if you want to acquire higher ranks, you can get them from several sources – your profession trainer, Word Order quests or faction-related reputations.

How do I level my cooking?

The same way you were leveling your cooking in Legion, WoD, MoP etc. – by crafting/cooking items/foods. However, in contrast to Legion, the BfA cooking recipes now need different skill levels in order to be learned. Also, recipes differ in color to signify their chance to increase your cooking skill:

  • Orange – Always increases your profession’s level
  • Yellow – Increase your profession’s level most of the times
  • Green – Rarely increase your profession’s level
  • Grey – Never increase your profession’s level

Now, the colors and ranks of recipes are related to each other. This means that your rank 1 recipe can change to yellow once your cooking skill level shoots up to 25. But in order to achieve the same with rank 2, you’ll need to hit cooking level 50.

What’s the fastest and easiest way to reach level 150 cooking in BfA?

The most effortless way to reach skill level 150 in cooking is to focus on desserts until level 50 and go full on with Large Meals (rank 1 and rank 2). Here’s a breakdown of what to focus on to level your cooking to 150 in the most efficient way:

Leveling Cooking: 1 to 50

  • Kick off by getting the Mon’Dazi rank 1 recipe from your faction’s cooking trainer and craft (cook) these until you reach level 10.
  • Learn all the other dessert recipes from the trainer and make them until you get to skill level 35.
  • Then get the rank 1 recipe for the remaining desserts and make them up until you get to level 50.

Leveling Cooking: 50 to 150

  • Grab the rank 1 of Large Meals and start crafting (cooking) the least expensive recipes – Seasoned Loins is a pretty decent option.
  • Cook and continue cooking until you hit skill level 75 and get the rank 2 Large Meals via your trainer.
  • Keep cooking (crafting) until skill level 130 – don’t worry, the recipes become yellow at 110 and green at skill level 130.
  • At this point, you can either craft (cook) feasts, which is the expensive (but faster) option or you can proceed with cooking Large Meals until you reach skill level 150.


Even though the maximum profession skill levels have been reduced in Battle for Azeroth, leveling your cooking can still be a tedious activity. Thankfully, this WoW BfA Cooking Guide will answer all your questions regarding how and where to get started with cooking, the most efficient way to level it and what kind of changes did BfA bring.

Do you have cooking as a profession in WoW btw and if not – why? Let us know in the comment section below!

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