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WoW BfA DPS Rankings for Patch 8.1.5

By | June 10th, 2019 | Categories: World of Warcraft

It’s safe to say that the damage-per-second metric has been an integral part of World of Warcraft since 2004. Throughout the years, many different class/spec combinations have topped the DPS charts. Thus, staying up to date with the latest in damage-per-second charts is crucial for maximizing your toon’s DPS potential. And now that we’re half-way into Battle for Azeroth, which class tops the WoW BfA DPS Rankings in patch 8.1.5?

It’s the Shadow Priest according to relevant data courtesy of Warcraftlogs, which is arguably the most reputable source for DPS metrics. In fact, 2 of the top 5 DPS classes/specs for patch 8.1.5 (more specifically – Crucible of Storms) on Warcraftlogs are actually Shadow Priests. This speaks volumes about this specific class and spec combo damage-dealing potential in end-game instances.

Now, let’s take a closer look at Priests in Shadow spec why they’re so worthy.

What makes Shadow Priest so good at DPS?

Shadow priests can make for superb DPS with the proper specialization and stat choice. Not only that but the basic rotation is also crucial when playing a Shadow priest character. First and foremost, though, let’s take a look at the adequate stat selection for optimal damage-per-second:

  • Haste = Crit Strike
  • Mastery = Versatility
  • Intellect

Keep in mind that all the stats mentioned above are vital for an SW priest. Especially haste that gives more oomph to your DOTs, versatility that directly boosts damage done and mastery that can optimize your Mind Blast and SW: Pain abilities.

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What is the most adequate talent build for a high-DPS with Shadow Priest?

That’d be going for the first talent in each tree, repeating the process from level 15 all the way up to lvl 100. Or in other words, here’s what you’d want your talent build to look like:

However, do keep in mind that this talent choice is geared towards effortless usability. Although it provides great DPS, there are other talents that might perhaps give you a tad more damage, but you’ll need to be 100% perfect all the time to make the most out of them. In case you’re not too hardcore, we recommend this build here as it’s the most user-friendly one.

What about the best single-target DPS rotation for a SW Priest?

It revolves around 4 to 5 abilities for each form (Shadow or Void). Some of them you’ll have to spam each time they become available again, while others need to be applied at the beginning of a fight. And this is how a basic DPS rotation for your priest would look like:

When in Shadowform:

When in Voidform:

The most ideal way to utilize these two phases i.e. Shadow and Voidform is to start with the former. Shadowform will help you to build that valuable Insanity, which will help you to get into the high-output Voidform.

What are the top 5 classes and specs?

The top 5 DPS rankings for 8.1.5 are currently occupied by two Shadow Priests, one Windwalker Monk and two Druids (one Feral and one Balance). Once again, this data is relevant for the Crucible of Storms raid which as you know is directly related to patch 8.1.5. Also, these rankings are derived from the Warcraftlogs database because it gives us real statistics from real players.

Now, let’s take a closer look at each class in this list and their respective specialization:

  1. Priest (Shadow) – 416 .13 item lvl, 240 all-star points (on Warcraftlogs)
  2. Monk (Windwalker) – 419.25 item lvl, 240 all-star points (on Warcraftlogs)
  3. Druid (Guardian) – 416.75 item lvl, 240 all-star points (on Warcraftlogs)
  4. Priest (Shadow) – item lvl N/A, 237.5 all-star points (on Warcraftlogs)
  5. Druid (Balance) – item lvl N/A, 235.7 all-star points (on Warcraftlogs)

On a side note, the top 5 players that these characters belong to are mainly from the China and US regions, while there’s only a single representative of the EU.

What about the WoW DPS rankings by class?

Apparently, Druids (3) and Priests (2) are the most represented classes among the top 10 DPS rankings courtesy of Warcraftlogs. And interestingly enough, there’s not a single Mage to be found in the top 10 DPS chart there. Regardless, there’s a Frost Mage at the 11th spot, but that’s still outside the 10 best DPS classes and specs. Actually, here’s the top 10 DPS list to give you a better idea:

  1. Shadow Priest
  2. Windwalker Monk
  3. Guardian Druid
  4. Shadow Priest
  5. Balance Druid
  6. Elemental Shaman
  7. Balance Druid
  8. Beast Mastery Hunter
  9. Assassination Rogue
  10. Havoc Demon Hunter


As interesting and/or as surprising as it might be, Shadow Priests prove to top the WoW BfA DPS Rankings in patch 8.1.5. The damage-dealing potential of this class/spec blend in combination with the right stat selection and talent build is simply hard to beat. Even Mages are outside the top 10 DPS list and that speaks for itself.

But we’d now like to know what your favorite DPS class and specialization combo is. Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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