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WoW Classic Dire Maul Guides – Here’s The Best One!

WoW Classic Dire Maul Guides
By | October 21st, 2019 | Categories: World of Warcraft

Although vanilla’s end game experience was all about raids, it still had some fun and rewarding level 60 dungeons. One of them is undoubtedly the awesome and rather unique Dire Maul instance. But how do you pick the best approach to this dungeon when there are so many WoW Classic Dire Maul guides?

Well, that’s why we’ve created this particular guide—so that you have the most optimal and helpful information to help you in your adventures into DM! We’ve gathered all the important bits concerning the loot, different wings and more!

Let’s kick things off with some general fact.

What do you need to know about dire maul initially?

Dire Maul is a 5-man level 56-60 classic dungeon that was first introduced back in vanilla. In WoW Classic, Dire Maul was released on 15th October (2019) during phase 2 of Blizzard’s content release plan. As for the actual dungeon, it is a massive ancient city that now lies in ruins and is occupied primarily by ogres.

Now, there are also 3 distinctive wings of DM:

  • Dire Maul East (easiest)
  • Dire Maul West (medium difficulty)
  • Dire Maul North (hardest)

As you might imagine, each wing offers a unique experience. This includes different bosses, loot, gameplay mechanics and of course, difficulty. It’s safe to say that DM North is the most challenging section of this instance.

How to make your way to DM?

Dire Maul is located in the contested zone called Feralas (Kalimdor). The exact coordinates of the entrance are 59.3, 42.9. However, you can’t miss Dire Maul if you simply head north from The High Wilderness area in Feralas. There are plenty of ogres outside and you can’t mistake the main ramp that leads to the actual complex.

Still, reaching Dire Maul is slightly different depending on your faction:

For Horde players

The easiest way to reach DM is through Horde‘s outpost in Feralas – Camp Mojache located at 75.3, 43.3. Once you arrive at Camp Mojache, head west using the main road.

After a bit, you’ll realize that the road forks north toward what seems like the ruins of a huge city. Or in other words, by following the main road (heading west), The High Wilderness area will be on your left, while Dire Maul will be on your right.

For Alliance players

If you’re playing an Alliance character, then the fastest route to DM is to first fly to Thalanaar. This is the Alliance camp that’s located right at the border between Feralas and Thousand Needles (coords: 87.0, 44.8).

Once there, just head west by following the main road and when you arrive above The High Wilderness, DM will be north of you. But be careful when you go through Camp Mojache on your way to Dire Maul so you don’t get killed by Horde NPCs.

Also, another option is to fly to Feathermoon Stronghold, which is the other Alliance outpost located at the eastern edge of Feralas, on an island. Then, simply swim (or use the boat) to the shore and head east following the main road.

What about notable loot, quests, and bosses in the different Dire Maul wings?

Out of the 3 unique sections of DM, the North wing offers the best loot, although it’s the most challenging one. Dire Maul East is presumably the easiest one and it’s where the key to the 2 other wings is obtained. While DM West sits somewhere in-between East and North in terms of loot and difficulty.

Dire Maul East

The east wing of DM is located in the eastern part of the Arena and this portion of the dungeon is mainly inhabited by demons and elementals. When you enter this instance, you’ll see Pusillin directly to your left. Pusillin is a lvl 57 imp who gives you the quest leading to the Crescent Key that you need in order to get into DM West and DM North.

Now, here’s the full list of bosses in DM East:

While the most notable loot are as follows:

And the available quests are:

Dire Maul West

The western section of DM a.k.a. Capital of Gardens is (logically) located in the opposite direction of DM East. As for what to expect, this wing is filled with skeletons, elementals, and demons. And in terms of difficulty, DM West sits somewhere between East and North.

Okay, these are all the bosses inside Dire Maul West:

Some notable loot includes:

And the associated quests are:

Dire Maul North

Last but not least is the hardest and most rewarding part of DM – Dire Maul North. This wing is almost exclusively made of ogres and players get to choose between two different ways of finishing the dungeon.

The first is the usual kill all bosses run, while the second option s called the Tribute Run. In this case, you have to evade all guards (bosses) until you reach the final boss, King Gordok. Once you kill him, you’ll gain access to a chest that contains some pretty good loot.

So, the bosses in DM North are:

As for notable loot, you might get your hands on:

And these are all the related quests:


So, you now have plenty of awesome information regarding one of the most iconic vanilla dungeons thanks to this most optimal DM guide among all WoW Classic Dire Maul Guides. Whether you’re trying to get the phat loot from the Tribute Run or if you simply want to experience the authentic vanilla Dire Maul experience, we’ve got you covered.

So, have you already given Dire Maul a try in WoW Classic? And if so, what’s your favorite part of the dungeon? Let us know by dropping a comment below!

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