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WoW Classic Engineering Profession Guide – Easy and Efficient Leveling

WoW Classic Engineering Guide
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Through many fantasy-themed video games, we see multiple ways the “folks” made their lives through medieval times. Since technology is not on par with the actual world, things always work differently. Above all, magic always makes things interesting through those “dark” times. With a little spell here and there, the world starts to spin backward.

With games like World of Warcraft, things turn a little out of place. On the one hand, you have those brave knights that ride with their trusty horse and head straight to slain the dragons. In contrast, though, we have those magical creatures that use some elemental crystals and tinker something new and menacing.

As a result, we have this WoW Classic Engineering Guide that primarily revolves between the most remarkable inventions from the Gnomes and Goblins. Due to their large brain capacity, they turned Azeroth into a better place where technology guides their users to victory. Since this practice has become more efficient through the years, people from different races tend to participate. In other words, it doesn’t matter what Race (Blood Elf or Draenei) you want for your champion; you always have the choice to start practicing Engineering.

Prepare your wrench and bolts for your possible new inventions and create something spectacular.

WoW Classic Engineering Guide

In Azeroth, this Profession brings something unique and useful to the player. First of all, you have the potential to add new “abilities” to extend your arsenal. Secondly, there are amazing inventions that create new gameplay mechanics and change things around. Hence, you could have a close combat fighter (like a Paladin) throw bombs around the field. At the same time, you could make your Hunter even deathlier with interesting attachments to your range weapons.

Therefore, if you want to add something different to your powerful class or increase the effectiveness in Dungeons or Raids, this is for you. In this WoW Classic Engineering Guide, we’ll give you a proper introduction to how this Profession works. Furthermore, you’ll find how to take advantage of the tools that it provides. Lastly, you’ll learn how to improve it with the proper class and pair it with another Profession.

Making WoW Classic Engineering Work

Being an Engineer means that you’ll create chaos between encounters. In one minute, you’ll have the chance to throw bombs around the area dealing with AOE (Area of Effect) damage. Later on, you could use more of your inventions to change the outcomes of any battle. For example. If you’re a Hunter and your party dies in a middle of a dungeon, you could use the skill “Feign Death.” Afterward, with your Engineer abilities, use Jumping Cables to a guy that can resurrect, and there you go, the party is back online.

Overall, you’ll have a lot more abilities to use in battle and new strategies to learn. Hence, it could look complicated at first, but you’ll be unstoppable once you have sort things out. Most noteworthy, with this Profession, you add more tools to your arsenal, making a “complete” character. Indeed, to achieve this task, you’ll need all your resources and tools available to use.

WoW Classic Engineering Leveling

The gimmick behind Engineering in WoW Classic is practically the same, you buy recipes from an Engineer trainer and level your progress by making stuff. At first, you need to reach level five and ask any Guard for an Engineer Trainer in any big city. Later on, to make those recipes, obtaining resources is the key to success.

Every Race starts from 0, except the Gnomes, which have +15 points from a racial trait. Therefore, if you want to start with a handicap, picking a Gnome would make things easier for the Future Engineer. Still, though, even with another option, you could reach the max level as usual.

To increase an Engineering level, you need to see the color of the recipe you want to complete:

  • Orange: You’ll earn a point each time you complete an option from the Engineering Menu.
  • Yellow: There’s a higher chance to acquire a point from an option from the Engineering Menu.
  • Green: The chance to get a new point goes down as you craft an Engineering menu option.
  • Grey: You have no way to acquire another level if you intend to complete something from that color in the Engineering Menu.

Above all, craft anything “Orange” that you can see in the menu; it may look expensive but reduces the time in reaching level 300 (the current classic level cap).

Best Recipes for Engineering

Here you have some examples of what you can use as an Engineer in World of Warcraft Classic:

  • AoE “Spells”: Instead of the regular elemental ability, you now have the opportunity to throw explosives on the battlefield. Therefore, you’ll have more options if your class doesn’t have range attacks or you have cooldowns in your abilities.
  • Counters: Some of your inventions give you the chance to repel any spell (if it’s fire, ice, or shadow). Therefore, you can disrupt a caster in a PvP (Player versus Player) encounter and surprise the attacker.
  • Dungeon Goodies: This Profession gives you more tools to aid any party as they battle powerful bosses. On the one hand, you have inventions that resurrect players. At the same time, you have Repair bots that restore equipment.

Adding Another Profession to Your Character

Now, even though this WoW Classic Engineering Guide focuses primarily on Engineering, it’s still important to consider your options for a secondary profession. Here’s our recommendations:

Since you’ll need many resources, it is recommendable that you pick Mining as your other option. Still, though, you could extend your champion’s capabilities by adding Alchemy instead. Therefore, you’ll need one alt (alternative character) that focuses on gathering your ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions about WoW Classic Engineering

What are the Requirements to Start the Engineering Profession?

Your character needs to reach level 5. Afterward, head to any big city and ask any Guard for the location of the trainer.

Which is the Level Cap for the Engineering Profession?

At the moment, you have the potential to acquire a 300 level for Engineering.

Are There any Engineering Specializations?

Yes, when you reach Engineering level 200 and character level 30, you can pick between Gnomish Engineering and Goblin Engineering.

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