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WoW Classic First Aid Guide – 1-300

WOW First Aid Guide Blog
By | December 9th, 2019 | Categories: World of Warcraft

It’s safe to say that First Aid is one of the most useful secondary professions in World of Warcraft Classic. And while practically all classes can benefit from this profession, it’s particularly useful for classes that don’t have healing abilities (e.g. Warriors). That’s why we’ve decided to create this helpful WoW Classic First Aid Leveling Guide 1-300!

We’ll focus on what the advantages of First Aid are, how you can learn them, where you can increase your skill level, and how you can become an Artisan i.e. reach skill level 300!

What is WoW Classic First Aid?

First Aid is a secondary profession in Classic WoW that you can learn at a pretty low level. It lets you create bandages that can heal your target as well as bandages that remove certain poisons.

Also, it’s worth noting that First Aid will not take up one of your two profession slots! This means that you can still learn two other professions, without FA interfering.

You can use bandages on other players from the same faction and even some NPCs. And as you might imagine, the only material used for crafting bandages is cloth, although the anti-venom ones require a few extra mats to craft.

As for the cloth materials that you need to craft bandages, they drop from most Humanoid as well as Undead and even Demon NPCs. And the higher the level of a particular NPC, the better quality cloth it’ll drop.

Another thing worth pointing out is that you can only use a bandage on your target (e.g. on your character) every 60 seconds. This means that you have to time your bandages for the most optimal healing.

What are the advantages of First Aid?

The main perk of using FA is the reduction of the downtime between fighting mobs or enemy players. However, it can also be used in combat to help you regain some life during battle.

First Aid is especially valuable to classes without healing abilities such as Warriors, Rogues, Hunters, etc. Although it’s worth noting that healing classes can still benefit from FA due to the fact that it’ll save them precious mana.

It’s also quite useful in raids as players can bandage each other in dire scenarios i.e. when the healers are out of mana. And last but not least, classes with pets like Hunters can use FA to heal their pets.

There’s another advantage of using First Aid and that’s the anti-venom bandages. They instantly cure poisons on you or your target, although you can only use one anti-venom per minute (same as when using standard bandages).

WoW Classic First Aid Trainers and how to learn this Profession?

You can learn First Aid by visiting a specific trainer and you can do that at a pretty low level as the first trainers are located in the 5-10 level zones.

Here are all the trainers for each faction (7 per faction) and their location:

Alliance FA Trainers

Horde FA Trainers

How can I reach skill Level 300 in First Aid fast and easy?

In this part of our WoW Classic First Aid Guide, we’ll be focusing solely on helping you get from skill level 1 to 300 in the fastest and easiest way possible, so read on!

Here’s Approx. How Much Cloth You’ll Need:

Apprentice & Journeyman (1-150)

  • Learn Apprentice First Aid from an FA trainer
  •  1-40 – x50 Linen Bandage (requires: x50 Linen Cloth)
  • 40-80 – x60 Heavy Linen Bandage (requires: x120 Linen Cloth

Note: Once you reach skill level 50 you’ll have to speak to your FA trainer again and learn Journeyman First Aid!

Expert / WoW Classic Expert First Aid (150-225)

Artisan (225-300)

Tips On Completing The “Triage” Quest:

  • Opt for the right healing order of the patients:
    – Critically injured: dies after you heal 2 patients
    – Badly injured: dies after you heal 4 patients
    – Injured: focus on them last
  • Zoom out the camera
  • Hotkey the Triage Bandage that you’ll be using
  • Stand at the center of the room so that all patients are within reach
  • Open the Interface Options and enable the “Show NPC Names” option
  • Hit “CTRL + V” to display the health bars of the NPCs around you
  • Immediately turn in the quest once you’ve successfully saved 15 patients


We’re confident that our easy-to-digest yet detailed enough WoW Classic First Aid guide will help you reach a skill level of 300 in this profession in no time. Now, do you have First Aid on your character and if not yet, why? Let us know in the comment section below!

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