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Learning the Importance of the Secondary Professions

World of Warcraft is not a simple Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) that you can just breeze through. Besides the importance of leveling your character and Raiding for better equipment, you also have side activities to keep you busy in between. For example, increasing the level of your Profession will give you the potential of acquiring useful items or powerful potions. You also have the opportunity to increase the potential of your Hero even more by learning more valuable tools with the Secondary Professions. In this WOW Classic Fishing Guide, we’ll discuss the possibility of this worthwhile Profession and argue why it can be helpful to your account.

WoW Classic Step-by-Step Fishing Guide

Part 1: How do you master the ways of the Fishing Rod?

WoW Classic isn’t all about adrenaline-pumping adventures where you crawl through dungeons and slay monsters all day long. You’ll also need other activities to balance the excitement and find equilibrium. One possible activity is to find a body of water (can either be a lake, or a river, and even the sea) and spend some time fishing. Who knows, you may also find some answers for your troubles while doing so.

Like any other Profession, you’ll need a trainer and some items to begin the process. First of all, your character needs to reach level 5 and have a silver coin to spare. You’ll also need to visit one of the main cities and ask any of the guards to guide you to the Fishing Trainer. On top of this, you’ll need to buy a Fishing Rod (for just 23 cooper coins), and some Fishing Lures. After all that trouble, you need to walk towards any body of water and pretty much lose yourself in the middle of your thoughts as you keep throwing the Lure in the same spot.

If you’re able to find a School of Fish (represented as a white circle in the water), you’ll gain levels faster and only see a particular fish in there. Once you reach level 20 and have a Fishing Skill of 125, you have the option to train even further and become an Expert. This time around, you’ll need to travel to Booty Bay and talk with Old Man Heming. With the aid of a single Gold Coin, you’ll become a Fishing Expert and increase the level cap to 225.

Last but not least, once you are at level 35 and reached 225 in the Fishing Skill, you’ll have the latest milestone to fulfill. Since Classic WoW doesn’t have any of the expansions, Artisan Fishing is the last step in becoming the Fishing Master at the moment. To unlock this final part, travel to Dustwallow Marsh and find Nat Pagle. This time around, this NPC (Non-Playable Character) will give you a quest from which you’ll have to hunt for some rare Fishes. After completing the requirements, you’ll ascend to Artisan as a reward.

Part 2: How do you take advantage of your Fishing Skills?

Players tend to increase both Cooking and Fishing at the same time since you’ll need some types of Fishes as ingredients to cook exceptional food. Because of this, you’ll have potential healing items that also improve your primary stats. On the same boat, you have Primary Professions such as Alchemy that require ingredients from beneath the water.

So if you have some interest in any of these other Professions, you’ll have enough ingredients to increase the Skill levels and unlock better options. On the other hand, you also have the potential to sell these items in the Auction House and quickly get some coins in your pocket.

These unusual items are the ones you should keep an eye on:

  • Deviate Fish (For Alchemy and Cooking)
  • Pearls (Different Professions)
  • Stonescale Eel (Alchemy)
  • Winter Squid (Cooking)

For more advice on the Cooking Profession, check out our WoW Classic Cooking Guide!

How do you fish in Vanilla WoW?

You’ll need to visit any central cities, reach level 5, and learn the Fishing Apprentice from the trainer. Afterward, you’ll need to buy a Fishing Rod and Fishing Lures; for the last step, you need to find any body of water. Schools of Fish have the potential to improve your Fishing Skill faster than any other spot in the water.

The gaming mechanic is simple; you need to equip the Fishing Rod in a weapon spot, look for the “Fishing” skill in your Spell Book and click on it. If everything goes well, you’ll see a bobber in front of you, floating in the water. For the final step, you’ll either hear a “splash of water” or the bobber will suddenly jump occasionally. When that time comes, “right-click” on the bobber to collect your reward.

What level can you fish “Deviate Fish”?

When you become a Fishing Apprentice, you have the potential to hunt this fish at any time. Indeed, the more Fishing Skill you have, the higher the chances you’ll have to get this fish out of the water. One of the primary zones to hunt for this fish can either be “The Barrens” or “Wailing Caverns.”

How do you fish in World of Warcraft?

Since the “main” game still uses assets from its conception, you need to fulfill the same steps as Classic WoW. You have additional tools like your Garrison (from Warlords of Draenor Expansion), that give you a better spot to increase the Fishing Skill without too much effort. Later on, the additional expansions give you the chance to improve this Secondary Profession even further.

Conclusion and Final Advice

Besides all the tips from this WOW Classic Fishing Guide; If you want to improve Cooking or Alchemy, Fishing is almost a requirement for those unique ingredients. Therefore, always keep a Fishing Rod in your inventory and try to hunt some Fishing Schools as you explore the different maps of Azeroth. Remember that you’ll need to invest some time to increase your Fishing Skill. If there aren’t many friends online, you can use this “break” and look for the perfect Fishing spot!

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