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WoW Classic Leatherworking Guide Leveling 1-300

WoW Classic Leatherworking Guide
By | May 14th, 2021 | Categories: World of Warcraft, WoW Classic

A healthy MMO always gives you random activities to keep you entertained as you play through each gaming session. First of all, you have the option to increase the level of your character by killing and exploring the world. Secondly, many quests enrich the game’s lore and let you “meet” essential characters. Additionally, you have the option to “farm” for better loot and increase the potential of your champion. Furthermore, in this WoW Classic Leatherworking Guide, you’ll learn about the Professions and how they can assist you even further.

Once you have a clear idea about the multiple activities in Classic World of Warcraft, you will have more goals to achieve as you log in regularly. As a result, you will have a more productive time leveling your character and making it the best fighter on your server.

WoW Classic Leatherworking Guide

The primary function that you’ll learn in this WoW Classic Leatherworking Guide is how to transform your resources and turn them into powerful armor (leather and mail) or powerful items (armor kits, capes, and quivers). This Profession lets you make different items that can enhance your character with powerful equipment. At the same time, as you increase the level (up to 300), you can sell the unwanted items in the Auction House.

Overall, to advance in this Profession, you need to gather materials that the Skinning Profession provides. As a result, you turn the remains of wild beasts into powerful gear.

Leveling Leatherworking in WoW Classic Guide:

To increase a Leatherworking level, you need to see the color of the recipe you want to complete:

  • If it’s Orange: You’ll earn a point when you finish producing a Leatherworking product.
  • If it’s Yellow: You won’t get the point automatically, but the chances of earning one become highly increased.
  • If it’s Green: From now on, it could take more materials to earn an extra point in the Leatherworking Profession.
  • If it’s Grey: When you reach this point, you’re out of luck since there’s no way to increase your Leatherworking’s potential. Hence, you could opt to produce another good with a different color.

As you can already tell, it is recommendable that you stick to the Orange options when you’re trying to increase the level of the Leatherworking Profession. It might look tedious to obtain all the materials at the higher levels, but sometimes it is your only option.

Best Recipes to Increase the Level of Leatherworking

  • Apprentice: Focus first on “Light Leathers” (1-30), then move to “Light Armor Kits” (30-45). Afterward, go for “Cured Light Hide” (45-55), and finish with “Embossed Leather Gloves” (55-75).
  • Journeyman: Begin with “Embossed Leather Gloves” (75-100), and follow with “Cured Medium Hide” (100-120). Move on to “Fine Leather Belt” (120-125), “Dark Leather Boots” (125-135), and then “Dark Leather Belt” (135-150).
  • Expert: Go for “Heavy Leather” (150-155), then “Cured Heavy Hide” (155-160), “Heavy Armor Kit” (160-180), and “Barbaric Shoulders” (180-190). Later on, go for “Guardian Gloves” (190-220), and finish with “Nightscape Headband” (220-225).
  • Artisan: From this last part, go with “Nightscape Headband” (225-230), “Nightscape Pants” (230-250), and “Nightscape Boots” (250-260). Now you can opt for “Wicked Leather Gauntlets” (260-270), “Wicked Leather Bracers” (270-280), and “Wicked Leather Headband” (280-300).

Moving Forward

At this point, you can opt to pick between three different Specialties for this Profession. As you follow this WoW Classic Leatherworking Guide, the next part depends on you. Between the available option, you can pick:

  • Dragonscale Leatherworking: The best option if you’re using a Hunter or Shaman as your Class. With this Specialty, you will have the opportunity to craft more Mail-type equipment.
  • Elemental Leatherworking: Now, this option will give you items that increase elemental resistances and agility-centered gear (Leather).
  • Tribal Leatherworking: Earn intellect and agility equipment with the last Specialty.

Picking Your Secondary Profession

Without a doubt, one of the best choices is to go for Skinning. Therefore, you will have the option to gather all the materials for your character and increase the level of Leatherworking afterward. If you follow this route, all of the production depends on you. Therefore, you can improve both Professions as you move around the different maps.

Still, though, if you find the “gathering” a little bit tedious, there’s always a chance to obtain the materials from the Auction House. This method, though, will surely burn all your Gold savings in a matter of minutes. Therefore, you need to have different sources of income with other characters in your account.

Indeed, if you still want to follow the second option, you could pick another producing Profession. For example, you can increase your potential with Engineering, Enchanting, or Alchemy.

Classes that Benefit from Leatherworking

In the WoW universe, each Class can only equip a specific type of armor that use all of the time. Similar to any other RPG, each type comes with its pros and cons. This time around, the Classes that use Leather in World of Warcraft are Druids, Rogues, Shaman, and Hunters.

Indeed, later or the Shamans and Hunters gain the ability to wear Mail, but Leatherworking still produces items that benefit those Classes. Furthermore, you can increase the benefits by picking the Dragonscale Leatherworking Specialty. Lastly, since you can build Quivers, the Hunters can gain bonuses without too much effort.

Frequently Asked Questions about WoW Classic Leatherworking Guide

Which is the Highest Level for the Leatherworking Profession?

At the moment, the highest level is 300. This level-cap increases as the different expansions hit the WoW Classic servers.

What Happens to Leatherworking when Burning Crusade Releases?

There is a level-cap increase giving you further activities. Also, you’ll get more recipes and better ways to enhance your character.

Is Leatherworking Good for Gold Gathering?

Even though you can sell all of the items you can produce, it only benefits Classes that use Leather/Mail. As a result, it could take a while to sell all of your goods in the Auction House.

Which is the Better Option for the Other Profession?

It is skinning since it aids you in obtaining all of the materials to produce Leatherworking items.

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