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WoW Classic Mining Guide – Quickest and Most Efficient Leveling Methods

WoW Classic Mining Guide
By | January 25th, 2021 | Categories: World of Warcraft

In this Wow Classic Mining Guide, we’ll give you the knowledge to start your profession correctly. Additionally, we’ll give you hints for other choices in Classic World of Warcraft that can enhance your playthrough with mining.

From time to time, we all know when World of Warcraft creates tension between two factions that ends up in an epic war. Through expansions, we get to explore new lands, meet new people (NPCs), and try to solve any conflict. As a result, we find new ways to extend the lore and add more pages to our “neverending” (or retelling) journey. When the expansion (or chapter) concludes, sometimes we fight powerful enemies that require perfect coordination between players.

Overall, in the middle of everything, we need some tools to enhance our heroes and keep up with the fight. As a result, in this WoW Classic Mining Guide, you’ll learn new ways to make yourself stronger. It may not look too appealing at first, but mining gives us different paths to acquire improvements.

On the one hand, you have the opportunity to acquire different resources from a possible match with another profession. Hence, instead of buying materials from the Auction House, you can gather minerals yourself and save your gold. In contrast, though, instead of avoiding the Auction House, you can use the mining materials and sell them for easy profit.

WoW Classic Mining Guide

  • How to Properly Mine: To start everything up, you’ll need to reach level 5 and unlock the Profession options. Afterward, you can start your mining career with the proper trainer. Remember to use the assistance from the guards in the mayor cities to find this NPC. Furthermore, you’ll need to purchase a “Mining Pick” and have it on your inventory all of the time. If done correctly, you can approach any of the “mineral veins” and extract its contents.
  • Mining/Smelting: This profession has two essential functions. First off, you have the mining part that gives you the option to extract materials from any mineral veins. Check the “color” or the mineral vein to have a clue about how much experience you can obtain with the “mining” action. If it’s orange is a skill point for sure, yellow gives you a higher chance to get a level, green lowers this endeavor, and grey gives you nothing. After you gather some points, you’ll get the opportunity to learn how to smelt some minerals. Indeed, with this skill, you’ll change a mineral ore into metal bars. To achieve such a process, you’ll need to look for any forge (which usually appears near the trainers).
  • Exploring: the first part (and the main focus) in mining requires that you move between maps. Most noteworthy, the mineral veins spawn in specific locations when you’re traveling around. Indeed, you could find many of these unique resources between mines, caves, cliffs, hills, and borders. Most noteworthy, you can find “rare mineral veins” in random locations when you’re passing through dungeons. As a result, when a conflict ends, you can run towards one and gather some resources as quickly as possible.
  • Mods for Mining: If you still find it challenging to obtain any mineral veins between maps, you could use the assistance of mods or add-ons. Overall, these tools show the common spawn points’ locations in any place for WoW Classic. As a result, you can even opt to look for those rarest minerals and search for the right resource. Still, though, sometimes they can be inaccurate since another player could farm the one you’re searching and snatch it. Hence, it gives you no other option but to look for another spawn point or change the server.

Improving Mining Even Further

For this part of the Classic WoW Mining Guide, you’ll learn another way to spend the resources you gather from this profession. As a result, you’ll know what to do when you have enough items in your inventory/bank and have more motivation to dig up more.

  • Pairing Mining with Other Professions: Some of the options you have besides mining can either be Blacksmithing, Engineering, or another gathering Profession (Herbalism and Skinning). With either Blacksmithing or Engineering, you’ll use the ore and metal bars to complete recipes. As a result, you could level both Professions at the same time, which increases your capabilities. If you pick Blacksmithing, you’ll have armor bonuses and have the possibility to make better weapons/armor. Similarly, Engineering allows you to create unique tools that add more gameplay mechanics.
  • Classes: Depending on your pair of Professions, some Classes have better advantages than the rest. For instance, you could pick the Mining/Blacksmithing combo with any Warrior and Paladin. Indeed, when you complete recipes, you can opt to keep the best equipment and use it on your hero. At the same time, you could use the Engineering/Mining combo with a Warrior, Paladin, or even a Hunter. Some tools give you advantages to your “firing” weapons, which enhance the capabilities for long-range classes.
  • Auction House: Instead of using the minerals on yourself, you could use the Mining/Herbalism(or Skinning) combo to gather items and sell them afterward. It is recommendable to pick a “full” server if you want to obtain Gold quickly. With all of the coins, you could buy different items or mounts for your character.

Frequently Asked Questions in a WoW Classic Mining Guide

Here are some frequently asked questions that may be on your mind after reading this WoW Classic Mining Guide.

When Can I Pick the Mining Profession for My Character?

You’ll have the possibility to acquire mining after you reach level 5. Remember to use the assistance from the Guard to pinpoint their location from any town.

What Do I Need to Accomplish to Increase the Mining Level?

You can either farm mineral veins from different locations or use the forge to make metal bars.

Which is the Highest Level for Mining?

In WoW Classic, you can reach level 300 for any Profession.

Where Can I Find Mineral Veins?

You can find them between mines, caves, cliffs, hills, and borders.

How Come My Character Doesn’t Let Me Use any Mineral Vein?

Remember to keep a Mining Pick in your inventory and leave combat before attempting to mine.

Conclusion of this WoW Classic Mining Guide

You should now have all the information you need to get out there and start mining away. But don’t forget to neglect other professions in WoW Classic that supplement mining perfectly. If there’s any other questions that are on your mind, let us know in the comments section down below!

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