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Determining the better Quest Reward in WoW Classic

WOW Classics Quest Reward
By | July 25th, 2019 | Categories: World of Warcraft

Sometimes, quests will ask you to choose between two or more rewards to take. Often, these rewards are unique; you’re not going to get others of them through any other way. These items are irreplaceable, so be sure to keep them!

As these quests are low-leveled, they will be available in the long-awaited WoW Classic servers. In the current WoW, they are either shortened or altogether unavailable.

The Quests and Their Rewards

  • Corruption of Earth and Seed (Level 51): One of the rewards of this quest is the Thrash Blade. Choose that one. It’s a great starting weapon for Combat Rogues. You’ll be able to use it until you get a better replacement.
  • The Azure Key (Level 52): One of the rewards of this quest will give you a permanent decrease in falling damage. The effect even stacks with the Rogue’s Safe Fall ability. Be sure to get the Duskbat Drape for this amazing effect. Even if you get the other rewards, they’ll soon be replaced by something better.
  • The Green Drake (Level 52): Among the three possible rewards of this Hunters only quest, the Devilsaur Eye is the best. With a buff to hit chance and attack power, the Eye is a valuable trinket. The other two rewards aren’t even worth mentioning.
  • Destroy Morphaz (Level 52): At the end of this quest specific to Mages, you’ll be faced with the choice of Glacial Spike, Arcane Crystal Pendant, or Fire Ruby. Grab the ruby. It works like a regenerating mana potion with the bonus effect of boosting your next fire spell. The other two rewards are replaceable, but the third is useful in various situations.
  • Forging the Mightstone (Level 52): This quest, unique to Paladins, will reward players with a choice of the Sanctified Orb, Chivalrous Signet, or Lightforged Blade. Among the choices presented, the best for your Paladin will be the first. It offers an increase to critical hit chance for both melee attacks and magic spells. Items with effects like that are quite rare, so hold on to this orb when you get it.
  • Blood of Morphaz (Level 52): Take the Blessed Prayer Beads. It increases healing done by spells and effects by up to 190 for 20 seconds upon use. That’s a rare item effect. This trinket is will be hard to replace but useful for a long time.
  • Da Voodoo (Level 52): Shamans, take the Enamored Water Spirit. The trinket’s effects provide mana regen over a wide area. It also affects your teammates, making it useful in raids. The other rewards are decent but again, have better alternatives.
  • Trolls of a Feather (Level 52): Your choice here depends on your preference between a cool-looking staff and a useful trinket. The staff can easily be replaced by level 60 and above gear, but the trinket isn’t that easily replaced. As for the robe, don’t bother. You’ll have better armor soon enough.
  • Voodoo Feathers (Level 52): It is imperative that you pick the Diamond Flask for the reward. It will give you a regen buff and a strength boost for 1 minute. It can even stack with some passives and consumables. There will be more like it in the future, but as you can swap in trinkets, it will only mean more to cycle through. The other rewards pale in comparison.
  • It’s Dangerous to Go Alone (Level 56): The last quest of a series that references The Legend of Zelda, this quest rewards players with either the Spirit of Aquementas or Linken’s Sword of Mastery. If you’re a caster or healer, just pick the former. It will increase your magical damage and healing by up to 20. Otherwise, you may choose the Sword of Mastery.
  • General Drakkisath’s Demise (Level 60): Druids will have a hard time choosing among three possible quest rewards it offers. However, the Mark of Tyranny is the best in slot trinket for the class. The other two rewards give the same effect of improving critical hit chance by two percent. Compare that to a 1% increase to chance to dodge as well as additional armor and Arcane Resistance. It’s the better option among the three. If you’re a Warrior, however, take the Blackhand’s Breadth.
  • Hero of the Stormpike (A)/Hero of the Frostwolf (H) (Level 60): These quests, whose only difference is what faction your character is aligned with, offer the same rewards. Among the Wand of Biting Cold, Ice Barbed Spear, Bloodseeker, and Cold Forged Hammer, the best one to get depends on your class. Hunters should definitely get Bloodseeker. Casters may take the Wand of Biting Cold. Melee characters have the choice between the spear and the mace.
  • The Argent Hold (Level 60): You’ll receive either the Argent Defender or Argent Avenger in this quest. Both rewards are good with decent stats and effects. However, the real choice is between something you can call a blue lightsaber or a shield. Stat-wise, though, there are better alternatives for the sword and the shield is good for area of effect tanking.
  • In Dreams (Level 60): The quest offers a choice of five rewards. What you should get depends on your class. If you’re a Paladin or Healer, take the Fordring’s Seal. Otherwise, take the Mark of Fordring. These two have better mileage since the other rewards have better alternatives.
  • The Lich, Ras Frostwhisper (Level 60): Finishing the quest will give you the choice between the Darrowspike and the Warblade of Caer Darrow. While both weapons are quite valuable, the Darrowspike’s effects make it superior. Every hit has a chance to blast the target with Frost damage. With a faster hit rate, it has more chances to proc.

Of course, these aren’t all the quests that offer a choice. These are just the more prominent ones. Whichever reward you pick, make sure you don’t regret it. The main thing is to have fun playing WoW Classic.

For more information about rewards and the highly-anticipated WoW Classic release date, check out our blog! Happy adventuring!

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