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WoW Classic Trainer Locations

WOW Classic Trainer Location
By | October 28th, 2019 | Categories: World of Warcraft

Learning the higher ranks of World of Warcraft

Every Role-Playing Game (RPG) has its own set of mechanics to make each “Class” or “Job” unique between the different archetypes. For example, you have the Tank class that requires particular skills or abilities which give him/her the chance to improve his or her defenses. There may also be other options that help them heal themselves and keep their team protected from any possible threats. At the same time, you have different abilities that make the other classes stand-out from the rest, such as manipulating Ice with Wizards or throwing Elemental Arrows from the Hunters.

In the regular WoW, you may have noticed in Battle for Azeroth that every time you level up any of your characters, you automatically gain all your skills with their highest potential at your current level. You also only require some clicks to unlock some talents and add more abilities to your repertoire.

In contrast, though, everything in the Classic version is a tad bit complicated. Instead of automatically gaining every ability, you need the aid of NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) and invest some gold as well. To aid you in this struggle, we’ll discuss the WoW Classic Trainer Locations. Hopefully, it’ll give you an edge as you progress through the leveling process.

How do the trainers work in World of Warcraft?

Similar to any other NPC in this Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game, you need to move your character in WoW as close as you can and click the NPC with your mouse. Not all the trainers have the information that you’re looking for in your search for improvement, though. Trainers practically exchange their knowledge for a fee, which can take from a couple of bronze coins or a significant amount of gold.

Due to the large number of different types of Trainers, they are categorized as follows:

Class trainers

NPCs in this category have different options to improve the varied skills that you can obtain for a specified class. These trainers should be your top priority. Whenever you gather enough gold in your pouches, try to unlock the most considerable improvements from your abilities. With every skill maxed out, you’ll do more overall damage or extended crowd control in either monster encounters or versus other players. Trainers in this category are the follows:

  • Druid Trainers
  • Hunter Trainers (with pet trainers)
  • Mage Trainers (with portal trainers)
  • Paladin Trainers
  • Priest Trainers
  • Rogue Trainers
  • Shaman Trainers
  • Warrior Trainers
  • Warlock Trainers

Primary profession trainers

In this category, you’ll find different NPCs that sell you recipes for your selected profession. Since gathering this vital knowledge will give you some improvements to your character, they are always important. For example, a Profession can either give you additional abilities from your class or help you gather coins. Take note that since they aren’t the primary source that can help you defend yourself against every threat on Azeroth, it is best that you focus on your abilities instead. With higher levels, it will be easier to farm materials around the map.

The NPCs in this category are as follows:

  • Alchemy Trainers
  • Blacksmithing Trainers
  • Enchanting Trainers
  • Engineering Trainers
  • Herbalism Trainers
  • Leatherworking Trainers
  • Tailoring Trainers
  • Mining Trainers
  • Skinning Trainers

Secondary profession trainers

Even though you’ll probably need some recipes from the NPCs of this category, the Secondary Professions are never must-haves. You may get useful stats from a well-made meal; you’ll barely get enough gold from quests or monsters to afford this luxury. Likewise to the other professions, exert your focus in reaching the top level first, and then take your time to improve these options.

These NPCs are known as:

  • Cooking trainers
  • First Aid trainers
  • Fishing trainers

Other trainers

We know that everyone wants to gather the “riding knowledge” of these NPCs as they always seem to ask for a large amount of Gold in exchange. Due to the significant improvements that you can have with a faster mount, you probably won’t be able to unlock the higher ranks at first. And unless you join a wealthy Guild and get many donations, you’ll have to farm for Gold for quite a while.

You’ll only find in this category NPCs, such as:

  • Riding trainers

Where can you find the different trainers in the World of Azeroth?

In WoW Classic, there are two main places where you get the chance to find these types of NPCs:

  1. Near your starting point: Depending on what Faction or Race you want for your character, you’ll spawn in a particular part in Azeroth.  Luckily, in buildings near your “Quest Givers,” you’ll probably notice a large group of NPCs that can give you some necessary abilities. You have to search for the Trainer that has the name of your class above its head. For example, if you start your journey as a Dwarf Priest, your trainer (Branstock Khalder or Maxan Anvol) can both be found in Dun Morogh.
  2. Inside the Main Cities: Once you discover that the starting Trainers have no more knowledge to give, it’s time to move forward and look for the masters. In contrast to your first options, you need to find their unique place allocated within the high walls of the main cities. They have all the remaining options to complete your character and reach the highest potential available in the game. Following the example above, you can find Priest Trainers inside Ironforge.

Take note: If you cannot find the Trainer that you’re looking for inside a town or city, you can always ask any NPC Guard for assistance.

Discover your true potential

Once you memorize all the WoW Classic Trainer Locations, you’ll find it easier to move around the map, gather the “knowledge” that you need, and return as fast as possible to your journey. You’re going to farm for a lot of Gold and experience to unlock everything from your Class or the different types of Professions. It may take a couple of months to maximize all the options that you have.

Just remember to enjoy the experience and move forward on your journey as you please. Due to the beautiful scenery and engaging lore, you may find it entertaining to read every single block of text. This may cause you to isolate yourself from the “Real-World” for a little while, but the short vacation inside the World of Azeroth is well worth it.

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