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The Best and Most Efficient WoW Classic Warrior Leveling Guide

WoW Classic Warrior Leveling Guide
By | January 15th, 2021 | Categories: World of Warcraft

Being one with the sword (and shield) requires a lot of commitment in World of Warcraft‘s Classic version. In this WoW Classic Warrior Leveling Guide, we’ll transform you from a squire to a legendary fighter. First of all, the class itself is entertaining to play and comes with unique gaming mechanics. On the one hand, you have the Rage bar instead of mana. This type of “resource” fills itself when you take some damage from the enemy.

Secondly, the Warrior class is the only one available to all of the WoW Classic races (at the moment). Hence, you have the potential to pick from a Gnome to a Troll and show your Fury all around. Still, though, it requires some patience and knowledge of the game if you want to pick this class. Overall, due to some missing game-changing aspects from some expansions, you always feel that something is missing.

But when you reach the top level (60) and gather enough equipment to become useful in dungeons or raids, being a Warrior is amusing. In this version of World of Warcraft, you can become one with the shield and tank any damage from your group. At the same time, you could change the build totally and become a maniac as you slash anything that crosses your path.

WoW Classic Warrior Leveling Guide Common Builds

Before we continue, you need to choose what Warrior Build you’ll like to make. It may be tempting to learn everything you’ll see, but it takes a lot of Gold for each skill. Therefore you may end up in an unfinished build and reduce the chance of acquiring a Mount (though some players do opt to buy WoW Classic gold in order to do this). For the WoW Classic Warrior Leveling Guide, you can opt to learn the Tank ways (Protection) or go for a DPS Warrior (Arms or Fury). No matter the choice, each comes with advantages and weaknesses.

First of all, if you’re going for a Tank Warrior, things may go a little more slowly. Even though you could use the shield to disrupt any caster, you’ll have fewer ways to gain health in battle. Furthermore, the Warrior has many ways to jump in front of any encounter but lacks safety measures to retreat. Most noteworthy, the damage output as a Tank is not that spectacular.

Secondly, the DPS (Damage Per Second) build deals tremendous damage to any threats you could find. Hence, you could easily face any single target, but if you have many mods hitting you simultaneously, it could be fatal.  Additionally, you have no tools to deal with casters in the early levels of your journey. Above all, remember that you need to endure damage to increase the Rage bar, and sometimes you could die if you’re careless.

As you might have already guessed, you’ll need a party to level your character smoothly. Even with one healer, you could endure more damage and throw your abilities with ease. If you’re the group’s tank, you always have the opportunity to use the shield and the weapon of choice. In contrast, though you want to deal damage, you could check between dual wield or two-hand weapons and pick what suits your playstyle.

WoW Classic Warrior Leveling Routes

As you may already know, gaining levels in WoW Classic sometimes becomes tedious. First off, you sometimes lack marks on your map when you’re doing quests. As a result, you may end up spending a lot of time without knowing where the objectives appear. Furthermore, you could finish the quests in a zone but still feel like you’re not gaining enough experience. Therefore, you’ll need to kill random mobs (monsters) until you can leave for higher places.

It doesn’t matter what Race or faction you pick. To level your Warrior, you’ll need to follow the starting quests and gain your first experience points. Additionally, it would be best if you continued with the questlines and complete the closest maps. When you reach level 30, you could opt to move for the contested zones in Azeroth. Passing through Thousand Needles/Stranglethorn Vale, Badlands/Tanaris and finish between Eastern Plaguelands/Winterspring

Whatever route you pick, remember to check the level requirements before moving to a new area. If any random mob kills you almost instantly, you’ll need to retreat and gain more levels in the previous map.

Recommendations for Leveling

  • Unlock Mount Speeds Quickly: You’ll need the extra speed to move quickly between maps and quests. Moreover, you’ll need to visit many Azeroth places, and walking makes it hard to get a good pace.
  • Learn the Class Quests: When you reach certain levels (for example, level 10 and 30) to obtain new abilities to use in your journey. Above all, these new tools give you a lot of advantages for your class.
  • Picking Your Professions: It is ideal to use Engineering to move through Azeroth with more tools in your arsenal. Additionally, you could pick the Blacksmithing/Mining combo to add better armor or weapons. Moreover, you could get useful potions with Alchemy and heal yourself if things become dire.
  • Visit some Dungeons: Since it becomes a little complicated to find a Group for any Dungeon in WoW Classic, it may take a while to enter. As a result, use different chat channels to find any possible allies. If nothing seems clear, you should continue with the quest/killing grind.
  • Choosing the Best Weapon: There are lots of skills that give you advantages to certain weapons. Indeed, if you find any type that suits your needs, stick with them for the nearest future. As a result, you will find it more fun to make the Warrior of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions in a WoW Classic Warrior Leveling Guide

What Races have the Warrior Class at their Disposal?

The Warrior Class appears to all of the available Races in World of Warcraft Classic.

What Build Choices Can You Have as a Warrior?

You could opt into becoming an influential tank (Protection) or DPS (Arms or Fury).

Which Professions are Ideal for a Warrior?

Engineering, Blacksmithing, Mining, and Alchemy are all ideal professions for a Warrior to take on,

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