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WoW Nyalotha Raid

WOW Nyalotha Raid
By | March 1st, 2020 | Categories: World of Warcraft

Nyalotha raid: Prepare to lose your mind

Being one of the more exciting “Game Modes” that World of Warcraft has to offer their player base, we, in this WoW: Ny’alotha Raid iteration, see ourselves in a fantastic setting. This time around, we battle between what it looks like a nightmare theme entwined with powerful elder gods that have no other motive but to corrupt the living. Indeed, the so-called “Old God” N’Zoth is the weakest of the four powerful entities that belong to the eccentric Lore of this particular game.

Before we continue with this exciting piece of Lore about the WoW: Ny’alotha Raid, let’s discuss its possible inspiration. On this occasion, the development team at Blizzard surely read some of the vast literature from the author “H. P. Lovecraft.” Through his almost countless writings, we discover that beneath the shadows, some powerful monsters or “Gods” live dormant, and someday they’ll wake from their slumber. Due to their powerful “aura,” ordinary people like us, suddenly lose our minds just by the sight of them.

Now, this time around, even though we aren’t facing Cthulhu, this Old God is still a potent threat to Azeroth and all of its inhabitants.

The Lore behind the WoW: Ny’alotha Raid

Even if you’re a veteran or a new player, you have probably seen N’Zoth mischiefs as you level up your character through all of the expansions. First of all, there’s the constant Naga threat, and their Queen Azshara, which were Elves turned into aquatic beings by N’Zoth. Secondly, we saw how this entity corrupted the mind of Deathwing and created a Cataclysm™ within Azeroth.

Recently, through the events of Battle for Azeroth, NZoth saw that the factions became divided once again, and the world itself is thriving to stay in one piece; it took this moment to strike once again. Thanks to the sacrifice of the keeper Ra, the “Dreaming City,” became temporarily banished from our reality. Still, though, instead of waiting for another strike, we as Champions of Azeroth, fight back. Most noteworthy, with the assistance of the ancient weapons from the Titans, we now have the potential to banish this threat for eternity (or at least until a future patch).

Entering the Raid

There are lots of new gaming mechanics that change the WoW: Ny’alotha Raid from the previous iterations. Now, instead of having a simple portal in a designated location, the entrance to the Raid changes each week as N’Zoth armies appear on the map. Therefore, you need to recheck within the in-game map the icons of the current attacks. Look for the “Obelisk,” gather your Guild, and hope for the best.

As you begin your journey in the Dreaming City, Wrathion gives us the upper hand with a powerful cloak that helps us in keeping our minds somewhat intact inside the city. The main task at hand is to calibrate the powerful weapon that can destroy N’Zoth. To enhance its effectiveness, we, as players, need to activate beacons in strategic places of the city. If everything goes according to plan, the powerful blast from that weapon is powerful enough to save Azeroth once again.

Bosses in the Raid

Blizzard, in their endeavor to continue with the trend of making things a little bit more interactive, have given some groups of bosses the potential of being slain in a different order. In the WoW: Ny’alotha Raid you’ll encounter:

  1. Wrathion the Black Emperor: At the beginning of our journey, we suddenly see that Wrathion’s mind becomes corrupted by the Elder God N’Zoth. Hence, with these new “visions,” he suddenly changes sides and fights the party. Since this is the first boss in the Raid, it doesn’t have too many complicated mechanics to defeat him. First of all, you need to fight and throw spells at him directly. Suddenly, though, when the second phase activates, all the members of the party need to change their focus to the Crackling Shards. The party needs to destroy them as soon as possible before the phases reset.
  2. Maut: The key to slaying this boss is to attack its mana instead. Between the two main phases, the party needs to reduce this specific bar by lowering these regenerating capabilities. On phase two, the party needs to prevent that the Mana Orbs from reaching their target.
  3. Prophet Skitra: One of the exciting mechanics is to unveil the mischiefs from this powerful boss. In phase two, the party is divided into two groups and face the enemy in two different “dimensions.” The players need to communicate and find the real boss behind Skitra’s illusions.
  4. Dark Inquisitor Xanesh: Another exciting gaming mechanic in this Raid comes with this powerful boss. Three players need to lead Void Orbs like soccer balls to their destination, avoiding obstacles on the way. At the same time, the party needs to avoid Torment Zones to reduce the damage.
  5. Vexiona: Time is of the essence with this peculiar boss in the Raid. Depending on the health percentage, she will deal powerful Void spells that the party needs to avoid. When her health bar goes below 40%, the party is against the clock to finish her up for good.
  6. The Hivemind: Two bosses that do not share the health pool need to die almost at the same time. At the same time, the party needs to keep the encounter between the bosses close to prevent further damage.
  7. Ra-den the Despoiled: This powerful boss changes properties according to its activated buff. When the second phase activates, the party needs to reduce the remaining health as fast as possible to keep everyone alive.
  8. Shad’har the Insatiable: Within its three phases, the boss will eat different materials that change the mechanics of the fight. Keep the party focused and prevent its casts as much as you can.
  9. Drest’agath: To prevent the constant Regeneration from this boss, the party needs to apply the Void Infused Ichor debuff. Furthermore, you need to fight multiple tentacles to keep the party alive.
  10. Il’gynoth, Corruption Reborn: In this fight, the party needs to change its focus between the main boss and its organs. In the first phase, throw your spells at it, and when an Organ spawns, go for it.
  11. Carapace of N’Zoth: During the three phases of this boss, you’ll need to keep sanity or succumb to the power of N’Zoth in the process. First of all, you need to kill some tentacles and focus on dealing damage to the Fury of N’Zoth. Afterward, you need to chase the boss through the map.
  12. N’Zoth the Corruptor: In the big boss fight, the party needs to keep the remainder of their sanity as much as they can. In the first phase, the party needs to defeat Psychus in the Mind Realm. Later on, they have to focus on destroying multiple waves of tentacles. Last but not least, the party needs to concentrate all their remaining power into the Elder God before it consumes their minds.

No Guild, no Problem: Thanks to the “LFG – Looking for Group” gameplay mechanic in World of Warcraft, you can experience segments of the Raid with a couple of friends or even solo. Still, though, since you have no previous knowledge about the type of teammates you’ll get, things may get complicated. Indeed, if you endure the process, you’ll have the potential to unlock incredible rewards from the newest Raid in the main servers.

Therefore, to increase the odds of getting victories in random queues, here, you have recommendations before entering in different parts of the Raid:

Tips and Tricks for WoW: Ny’alotha Raid Wings LFR

Ashjra’kamas Shroud of Resolve

You’ll need this special Legendary Cloak to withstand the gaming mechanics from the last bosses of the Raid. Always keep an eye on your sanity level and act accordingly to reduce the effects on your character. In recent hotfixes, you won’t have the option to queue in the WoW: Ny’alotha Raid Wing 4 unless you have this item equipped beforehand.

iLevel 410

If you’re a returning player and need to reach this level as soon as possible, here you have some recommendations:

  • Complete Normal Dungeons: When your character reaches the current level cap from World of Warcraft (120), you should use the LFG (Looking for Group) window and take care of these dungeons. Since these places are normal difficulty, it won’t take long to acquire powerful items for your Hero.
  • The queue for Heroic Difficulty: Later on (at 365 iLvl), you’ll unlock these modes, which may have another level of difficulty around them. Still, though, with a proper group, you’ll have the opportunity to kill trash monsters quickly and collect rewards from bosses.
  • Reach the Mythic+ Barrier: This time around, things may look a little complicated when it comes to the mob’s health and the damage they give. But, with some practice, you’ll know what to do in the middle of the fight. Remember that you can only obtain items from bosses once each week.
  • Warfront Quests: Along the way, you have the chance to acquire more items by completing and participating in these quests. This in-game content is always fun, and you’ll get to collect rewards as you play through this part of the story.
  • World Quests and Bosses: Obtain reputation and better items as you keep the progression with your character in World of Warcraft. Remember that the rewards from these Quest scale with your current item level. Therefore, you’ll soon notice the increase in numbers next to the item. Additionally, you have the opportunity to collect better rewards in chests with the Emissaries Quests each day.
  • Recent Quest Lines: The first Quest Lines from patch 8.2 and 8.3 will allow you to boost your current item level with their random rewards. It may contain some difficulty at first, but with these new items, you’ll suddenly see an improvement between fights.

Watch Youtube Videos

Take a little moment to load the latest videos about people completing the WoW: Ny’alotha Raid and take a note or two with their constant advice. It will be easier to know what to do before the fight starts and how to learn to avoid hurtful bosses’ mechanics that have the potential to erase entire parties.

Have Patience

Remember that you’ll surely have players that are relatively new to this part of the game or have no previous knowledge of what is about to happen. Therefore, expect to lose a LOT of Gold and have constant evaluations to improve the overall group performance. With your leadership, you can make things a lot easier for your fellow gamers.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Raid

What requirements do you need to fulfill to Unlock the Raid?

Reach Character Level 120
Complete Nazjatar Introduction (“The Wolf’s Offensive” for Alliance / “The Warchief’s Order” for Horde)
Unlock The Heart Forge Achievement
Finisht the Introductory Quest Line from patch 8.3 (“An Unwelcome Advisor”)
Obtain item level 410

Where is the Raid’s location?

It changes depending on the current activated attack on the map, between Uldum or the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Is it indispensable to unlock the Ashjra’kamas Shroud of Resolve before going for the Raid?

Yes, you’ll unlock the Legendary Cloak in the Introductory Quest Line from patch 8.3, which will allow you to withstand the Madness mechanic a little longer. In other words, you’ll need this to kill the last bosses of the Raid.

Can you experience the entire Raid without a Guild?

Yes, the Raid is currently available across four different wings where you can queue and experience it almost to its totality. Remember to equip the Ashjra’kamas Shroud of Resolve, the Legendary Cloak, before queueing for a new group in the Ny’alotha Wing 4.

What is the order of the Bosses?

Wrathion becomes first.
Maut and Prophet Skitra become available in the second part.
After defeating Vexiona, Ra-den, and Il’gynoth in the Raid, you unlock the last part.

What type of loot is available in the Raid?

Besides the usual currencies from the Battle of Azeroth. You also have the potential to unlock different types of Transmogs (from each armor type), three Mounts, and five Battle Pets.

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