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WoW TBC Best Professions by Class

WoW TBC Best Professions
By | June 11th, 2021 | Categories: World of Warcraft

There are many ways to “Complete” your Champion in World of Warcraft TBC. First of all, you need to reach the new level cap in The Burning Crusade. Secondly, you need to invest a lot of time earning Reputation between multiple factions to earn rewards. Furthermore, you’ll need to visit/revisit Dungeons and Raids until they drop the perfect equipment for your character. Most noteworthy, you have the option to enhance the potential of your Champion by adding the proper Professions. Indeed, depending on Race and Class, the Profession can either be a blessing or a burden. Considering this, in this WoW TBC Best Professions article, we’ll give you the best options.

As a result, you will know what to do when you start your first character (or the next one) when it comes to the perfect build. The next thing you’ll need is to know the best route to level your Champion up.

Professions in World of Warcraft

Even though you can find multiple ways to utilize your Professions, their primary purpose is to enhance your character. Therefore, you will have numerous tools at your disposal that will give you advantages on the battlefield. However, before we begin, you need to focus your energy on what you expect for the Professions.

First of all, you have those Professions that give more tools to your arsenal. Indeed, if you’re one of those players that like to fill the multiple skill bards, these are for you. For example, Alchemy and Engineering give you ways to interact with your keyboard.

Secondly, you can find that Professions which gives you more equipment options. In other words, instead of that continuous farming in a single Dungeon/Raid for drops, you can make them yourself. In this category, you can find options like Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Leatherworking, or the “new” Jewelcrafting.

Lastly, if you think storing all the items and completing the recipes is a waste of Gold, you can sell your goods instead. Hence, you can pick between those Professions that stick to give you more material to trade in the Auction House. Mining, Herbalism, and Skinning will fill your Bank in no time.

Besides those categorizations, you can find Professions according to their nature:

  • Gathering: In here, you’ll find those options that extract the essential materials for you. Appropriately, there isn’t a lot of science to understand these Professions. You’ll need to walk towards a plant or ore nodes to extract the goods. Indeed, they usually work to give you enough elements to complete the recipes for the other Professions. The Gathering options that you can find in World of Warcraft are Mining, Herbalism, and Skinning.
  • Production: Their main goal is to add more tools for your character. Through recipes, you discover what you want to build and the materials needed. If done correctly, you will end up with more items in your inventory that give more power to your Champion. Depending on the Profession’s level, the requirements of the recipes might require a lot of work to obtain. Inside the list of the Production Professions, you can find Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Engineering, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, and Tailoring.
  • Service: With the skills that you’ll learn from this group, you’ll see that they use materials but do not produce anything on your inventory. Still, though, they enhance different elements of WoW with additional stats. Indeed, in this category, you can find Enchanting as the only Primary Profession as a Service.

WoW TBC Best Professions by Race and Class

In this part of the WoW TBC Professions guide, we’ll focus on those parts that give you advantages when you pick the right Race or Class. Even though these are not the only rules to follow in World of Warcraft, they give you benefits if you consider the options at hand.

Best WoW TBC Professions by Race

  • Blood Elves: One of the Racial Passives gives you the advantage of starting with Enchanting with 10 points.
  • Tauren: With the additional 15 Points in Herbalism, you can gather more flowers in more essential areas relatively faster.
  • Gnome: If you’re into Engineering, this is the best Race for that Profession. Indeed, when you start as a Gnome, you’ll receive 15 Skill Points on Engineering.
  • Draenei: If you want to start and look for different elements that The Burning Crusade gives you, this is the best option. If you start as a Draenei, you’ll have five additional Skill Points on Jewelcrafting (the “new” Profession).

Best WoW TBC Professions by Class

  • Heavy Armor: Multiple classes need different pieces of equipment to endure the damage from any encounter. If you pair Blacksmithing and Mining with a Paladin or Warrior, you’ll get tons of advantages to enhance your character. There’s nothing better when you make it yourself.
  • Casters: Since the multiple casters in WoW require many magic devices (Mage, Priest, or Warlock), you can take the advantages you’ll get with Enchanting and Tailoring. When you have that pair of Professions, you can make your Robes and enhance them with multiple enchantments. Remember to destroy any rare item that you won’t need for Enchanting recipes.
  • Druids: When you can be your own “Mount,” you’ll know that mobility is not going to be any problem. In other words, you can pick two Gathering Professions with any Druid and grab anything that you’ll see on your way. With this advantage, you will have more materials that might require the complete service of a Bank.
  • Anything Else: The combination of Herbalism and Alchemy will give you advantages to your Class, no matter what you pick. Since you’ll have Potions with various effects, you can always carry something that will increase your potential in a fight. Furthermore, extra healing potions are always welcome.

Frequently Asked Questions about Professions in The Burning Crusade

How Many Professions are Available in WoW TBC?

In this expansion, you can find 9 Primary Professions.

What Can I Produce with Jewelcrafting?

You can have Statues, Jewelry, Fist Weapons, Socketed Gems, and Trinkets between the different options at your disposal.

Which is the New Level Cap for All of the Professions in TBC?

The new magic number is 375.

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