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Best WoW TBC Hunter Pets and How to Get Them

Best WoW TBC Hunter Pets
By | June 24th, 2021 | Categories: World of Warcraft

In this Best WoW TBC Hunter Pets article, we’ll discuss the better options you can obtain in the game, allowing you to skip over the more the more unusual options and “hunt” for the best.

We all have different ways of playing video games. Sometimes we like those games that let you play with your friends and share the experience as you pass through the challenges. As a result, we load the game until the entire party is online and ready to go. Sometimes we get to pick different roles for each player through the game mechanics and create a good mixture.

Indeed, when we play a multiplayer game (like World of Warcraft), we enjoy playing by ourselves. As a result, we try to look for those player choices that make the journey easy for a one-person “party.” This time around, within WoW The Burning Crusade, playing as a Hunter is one of the best choices when going solo.

Besides the long-range and traps, there’s another meaningful option between the many tools we can have as a Hunter. When you manage to tame and have a pet by your side, things could become a lot easier for a Hunter. First of all, you get the chance to have another unit hitting your targets and make their battle a lot more stressful. At the same time, you could get a “tanky” pet and let it absorb the damage while you’re hitting from far.

Being a Hunter in World of Warcraft

Other than giving you the freedom to play through most of WoW TBC’s content alone, the Hunters give you many advantages. First of all, you can take almost any target from a distance. Hence, if you manage to make a great combo with your abilities, they won’t even get close to you.

Secondly, you can control the arena by placing traps around you and limit the opponent’s movement. As a result, you can move away if someone (or something) gets a little bit closer. In PvP, you can even detect and keep the Rogues away from your back. Moreover, the skills can give you better ways to take any player from the opposite faction.

 Lastly, you can have almost any monster that you can find in all of the playing zones of Azeroth. When you see a powerful creature in the area, you can “catch” it and make it your companion. With this kind of diversity, you have more ways to optimize your build and create a better Hunter for your journey and Guild/Party.

How to Get Your Next Companion

Whenever you see a possible candidate on your path, you’ll need to check first if you’re able to grab it. To begin the “catching” process, you need to use the skill “Beast Lore” on your target. Once you see the available information, you’ll know if it is tamable or not.

Most noteworthy, prepare yourself before casting this ability (Tame Beast). Since you will be locked out and with 100% armor reduction, you could end up dead if done unproperly. As a result, move away from other threats and cast a Freezing Trap in front of you. Afterward, you can activate “Tame Beast,” wait for the channeling to complete and get your first pet.

The next thing to know is that having a pet at the top level requires a lot of time and effort. First of all, you can only capture mobs with the same level (or lower) as you. When they reach the same level as you, they won’t gain experience. In other words, you’ll need to spend more time getting them in the right place, and maybe check out our WoW TBC leveling guide.

Additionally, you can have three pets (one with you and two in the stables) in the Classic servers. Therefore, you’ll need to pick suitable companions and invest your time/resources accordingly. When you’re in the “leveling-up” process, you can use the substitutes you’ll like and try everything.

Best WoW TBC Hunter Pets

Before starting with the best WoW TBC Hunter Pets, you need to learn about the different categories. Each group that you’ll see in this part of the article has its pros and cons. It all depends on what gameplay style you follow and what you spec from your pet.

Without further ado, here you have the best WoW TBC Hunter pets for each type:

  • Offensive Pets: All of the options in this category have a simple goal, to reduce the health of your adversaries. Hence, you’ll find pets that have high damage input. Moreover, they might come with additional abilities that deal with DoT (damage over time). This group’s best options are Cats, Raptors, Ravagers, Wind Serpents, and Bats.
  • Defensive Pets: In here, you’ll find those options that withstand a lot of damage. In other words, they can become your tanks as you let them absorb the damage while you’re away dealing with ranged attacks. They also have passives that can add more armor and gather more Aggro to the main threat. Creatures with higher armor are Turtles, Crabs, Crocolisks, and Scorpid.
  • General Pets: According to their stats, they can work as DPS (Damage per Second) creatures or tanks. Even though they have this variety, they do not exceed in any function. As a result, you can use any of these options if you’re exploring a new place and have no idea how to move around. You’ll find Wolves, Hyenas, Dragonhawks, Nether Rays, and Carrion Birds in this group.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best WoW TBC Hunter Pets

Is There Any Other Class that Gives You the Option of Having Pets?

In WoW, you can pick the Warlock with many “Demons” that fight on your side.

What Meaningful Changes Happened Between The Burning Crusade and the Pets?

This time around, we share some stats with the Pets, making them stronger. Also, the attack speed became normalized (remains the same).

How Can I Get Another Pet After Reaching the Limit?

You’ll need to release one of your owned pets (Maximum 3) before any further attempts.

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