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WoW Classic Mage BiS Gear and Equipment for DPS Guide

WoW Classic Mage BiS
By | May 13th, 2021 | Categories: World of Warcraft, WoW Classic

In this article, we’ll discuss the WoW Classic DPS Mage BiS Gear, which means that you can reach the peak with your Mage if you manage to obtain the best.

Through the years of WoW that we have been through, some gaming mechanics never change. Besides the constant leveling and questing, we have different classes in the main game. It all starts when you load the game and go through the customization menus. This feature comes with a lot of pros and cons when you create your character.

First of all, choosing a class will allow you to play as one of the three main archetypes. For example, a Hunter lets you be the DPS (Damage per Second) of the party. At the same time, if you pick a Paladin, you can opt between DPS, Tank, and Support. Secondly, depending on the class, you will have unique spells and abilities at your disposal. Hence, you can either focus on dealing with damage or buff your teammates in a middle of a fight.

Lastly, depending on the class, you can gather different items that enhance the capabilities of your champion. On the one hand, you’ll get better stats that increase the effectiveness of skills and add bonuses to your hit points/mana. At the same time, you could have goods that give you more spells to throw at the enemy.

Being a Mage in WoW Classic

Being a spellcaster in World of Warcraft is an excellent experience for any MMO lover. With the different skills in your possession, you can blast an entire army and control the events on a battlefield. Still, though, it requires a lot of precision and skill to master the arts of magic. Therefore, you need to have some experience playing with lots of hotkeys and cooldown management. Indeed, if you’re a new player in the RPG genre, things may feel challenging at first.

Overall the function of any Mage is to control the enemy mobs (random monsters) with your spells and deal as much damage as possible. Moreover, you’ll need to keep an eye on your position in the fight and realize when to push forward or retreat.

Most noteworthy, the role you’ll have in any party is always the DPS. In other words, you’ll focus on dealing as much damage as possible. Always keep an eye on your “Aggro,” which means you need to stop attacking or luring random mobs towards you. Additionally, let the Tank receive all of the damage for any upcoming threats.

Your mana is always the source for your attacks, and if you go empty, you cannot cast almost all of your spells. Keep those mana potions in your inventory and acquire some buffs that enhance your mana regeneration.

WoW Classic Mage BiS Gear for DPS

All of the WoW Classic DPS Mage BiS Gear that you’ll find in this article requires that you reach specific points:

  • Reach the “End Game”: All of the popular Massive Multiplayer Online Games have a lot of new content when you reach this milestone. Still, it is not an easy task to complete. In WoW, you’ll need to get the highest level possible. Furthermore, it would help if you advanced in the main storyline.
  • Be a Part of a Guild: When you belong in an active group, you’ll get more chances to participate in challenging dungeons and raids each week. As a result, look for guilds with lots of players and a Discord server.
  • Learn the Game Mechanics: Around this time, you already have vast knowledge from your spells and cooldowns. Still, you need to have a clear idea about the available professions, buffs/debuffs, and how the other classes work.
  • See Tutorials on How to Defeat the Strongest Bosses: Since almost all veterans in WoW already memorize the most potent attacks and strategies from any boss, you should come prepared. It is recommendable that you have a little knowledge before entering a problematic Dungeon or Raid. Hence, watch Youtube guides or read strategic blogs about your upcoming activity.

From now on, we’ll list the BiS (Best in Slot) Gear and Equipment from the Mage:

The Best options for your Mage come from drops and Quests of the Naxxramas Raid. Besides the tremendous amount of plus stats you’ll get if you equip those items, you get additional bonuses. For example, you could gain more damage from your spells and increase the critical percent from your attacks. The Frostfire gear is without a doubt one of the best items in WoW Classic.

If you’re not there yet, you can opt to acquire the Enigma (from Ahn’Qiraj) or the drops from Molten Core. Remember that you have one chance to gain an item from a boss each week. As a result, you’ll need to have a lot of patience and keep those spirits high.

For a trinket, the best option is the Neltharion’s Tear (again, from Naxxramas), which increases the damage and hit percentage. The main hand needs a legendary which is Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian. You can equip Sapphiron’s Left Eye for the off-hand, and for the Rings, you could place the Frosfire Ring.

It could take weeks (or even months) to complete your collection, but you will be one of the top Mages from your server when you reach that level. Furthermore, when The Burning Crusade lands, you’ll need to start the hunting all over again.

Frequently Asked Questions about WoW Classic DPS Mage BiS Gear

Which is the Highest Level in WoW Classic?

Currently, the level cap in WoW Classic is 60.

Is it Complicated to Level a Mage by Yourself?

At the early stages of the game, it could take a lot of patience to level your Mage if you’re going solo. Therefore, gather your friends and create a party to ease the struggle.

Which Professions are Recommendable for a Mage in WoW?

You can pick between Mining/Engineering or Tailoring/Enchanting. Additionally, Herbalism or Alchemy is always a good bet.

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