WoW Classic Pets Guide and Best Ones for Hunter and Warlock

WoW Classic Pets Guide
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In this article, we’ll discuss the best types of WoW Classic Pets that you can obtain in the game and how to increase their effectiveness.

Uniqueness is one of the significant characteristics that an RPG (Role-Playing Game) should have as a standard. in WoW Classic, you have the opportunity to witness these types of changes with the Class system. Therefore, each time you make a new character, you experience the journey in different ways. Following the well-known archetypes in this genre, you can either be a tank, support, or damage dealer.

In WoW, to make a difference, certain elements make a class unique. First of all, you get to see how the basic stats give you an advantage/disadvantage when they appear higher/lower. Some characters get more defense with the class system and a more elevated health pool to withstand damage. Secondly, each choice has its good arsenal of powerful spells and abilities. With these tools, you can keep the enemy at bay or support your entire party.

Another peculiar gameplay mechanic is the ability to acquire companions that assist you in battle. At the moment, the Top WoW Classic Pets come with the Hunter and Warlock classes. Either choice lets you have one unit under your control. Therefore, the experience of playing solo tends to be more bearable. Additionally, the pet itself comes with its characteristics and buffs that could enhance your playing style.

WoW Classic Pets Guide – Warlocks and Hunters

Even though these two classes (Warlocks and Hunters) follow the same principle, obtaining a new companion requires different rules. At the same time, your follower comes with excellent skills that can help you in battle. Above all, it is worth mentioning that you’ll need to have some restrictions on when to use your companions. Similarly to “real life,” you cannot take your dog/cat everywhere as you follow the daily chores.

In World of Warcraft, it is recommendable that you keep your pets outside dungeons/raids. If you’re not careful, sometimes they take the Aggro from the Tanks and create chaos between fights. Furthermore, some parties tend to use shortcuts as they move around the instances. Sometimes you’ll need to jump down a cliff, and the pathing of your companion usually tends to be incorrect. As a result, they’ll provoke randoms mobs and kill the entire party.

If you want to avoid any possible “kick” or a wrong impression from your new virtual friends, leaving your pets outside is the best option. Have no worries, though; you could call them back when you return to your questing or exploring tasks. Now that you know how to avoid future troubles between parties, let’s focus on obtaining a WoW Classic pet.

Hunter Pets

When you reach level 10, you’ll get the opportunity to “capture” any wild beast that you encounter in Azeroth. First of all, it is recommendable that you use “Beast Lore” before attempting anything. Afterward, you’ll obtain vital information about your target. If that mob (Any monster) can become a pet, it should say “tameable” in the little box.

The next step to follow is to use “Tame Beast” on your target. This spell, when activated, will start an animation that lasts for 20 seconds, and it’s successful if you survive that “channeling” time. You cannot move at all, and you’ll lose defense (100% armor, to be exact). As a result, you should prepare yourself with crowd control spells or ask assistance from support classes.

Most noteworthy, you can only have one pet activated and two stored in the stables. Additionally, you cannot tame beasts that have a higher level than you.

Feeding your pets in World of Warcraft is a requirement for any Hunter in the game. Depending on your companion, you’ll need to give it a specific type of food constantly. For example, a Bat only eats fruits or fungus. When you feed it, the happiness meter will go higher, prolonging the bond with your character. If you miss giving this type of care, your pet might run away and disappear. Furthermore, when your pet reaches the “Happy” Status, it will get 125% bonus damage.

Lastly, all of the pets you can obtain with your Hunter tend to belong in a specific category. In WoW Classic, you can find the following three fundamental groups:

  • Aggressive: These pets have a lot of damage but tend to have less health and armor. Due to their constant attacks, they generate more threats between fights. Since these pets tend to die quickly and create lots of Aggro, it becomes difficult to use them solo or in dungeons/raids. As a result, you could ask the assistance of an aggressive pet when you’re fighting in a PvP match. In this group, a Cat with the “Prowl” ability tends to give you advantages in any encounter.
  • Defensive: With the additional armor and health, these creatures can withstand a lot more damage. Still, though, they tend to deal minor damage and slow attacks. It is recommendable that you use Defensive pets when playing solo since it will keep the danger away. Any defensive pet is viable in this group, but if you manage to obtain a turtle with their “Shell Shield,” it will get more armor by itself.
  • General: Creatures in this category have both damage and defensive capabilities but do not exceed any stat. Therefore, they tend to have “normal” outcomes. Due to their lack of overall “expertise,” you can use these pets in any scenario. One of the pets that get things done in this group is the Wolf.

Warlock Pets

When it comes to Warlocks, all companions become available as you gain levels and complete quest. Each summon comes with unique abilities and different stats. Instead of using taming skills, you’ll need to spend Soul Shards to summon your demons. It is recommendable that you use the Imp in Dungeons/Raid due to its passive buffs. Furthermore, the Succubus can take care of the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions About WoW Classic Pets

Where Can I Find Pets to Tame with the Hunter?

All of the beasts that you see in your journey can become your companion. Remember to use “Beast Lore” first.

How Many Demons can You Summon with the Warlock?

In WoW Classic, you can only have one Demon beside you. Still, you can choose between four different companions, each with their abilities and stats.

How Can I obtain Soul Shards with the Warlock?

You can gather Soul Shards when you kill an opponent that gives you experience or honor, and it’s affected by Drain Soul or Shadowburn.

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