WoW Classic Warlock Leveling Guide – Quick and Efficient Leveling

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In this WoW Classic Warlock Leveling Guide, you’ll learn how to use this exciting class properly. At the same time, we’ll give you hints on what choices to make when you’re beginning your journey.

Making a great RPG (RolePlaying-Game) requires a lot of crucial gameplay elements. One of such essential things to consider is the addition of Classes. With this feature, you give your players the option on how they want to play a role in a party. As a result, in World of Warcraft, you can pick between becoming a Tank, DPS (Melee or Ranged), or a Support.

Additionally, in this fantasy setting, you can spice those three archetypes with the original nine classes. Therefore, you’ll have more tools between choices and give more options to satisfy the gaming community’s demands. For example, a Druid can turn himself into a different animal and change his/her role in a party.

Becoming a WoW Classic Warlock

One of the main themes of being a Warlock is the connection between demonic energy and your character’s dark spells. Even though this type of caster looks more “dark” than the others, it comes with unique tools at its disposal (both for damage and support). On the one hand, you have those curses and “nukers” that debuff the enemy and destroy their health.

Simultaneously, you have “crowd control” spells that make anyone fear for their lives. In contrast, though, you have the opportunity to Summon both different aiding demons or members from your party. Moreover, you can also support the team by trapping their soul and give them the option to revive instantly.

For a full guide on building a Warlock, check out our WoW Classic Warlock BiS and Class Guide.

WoW Classic Warlock Leveling Guide

Before we proceed, we need to show you the types of “Warlocks” you can have as you gain your character levels. Either of your choices tends to have a significant impact in the late game. Still, though, some options move towards solo or group play in the early stages. Therefore, if you’re planning on leveling your character by yourself or with a couple of friends, you can limit the choices. For any Warlock, you can find different Skill Trees, such as:

  • Affliction Tree: The abilities you can obtain from this build have become the Warlock community’s favorite options. Some of the issues you can encounter when you’re leveling with your “pets” or party members are the “aggro” threat. In other words, you seem to be a fan of any monster/player, and they usually want a piece of you. To increase your chances of survival, you can opt to drain the enemy’s health and keep yourself active between fights. Furthermore, you have different debuffs that continuously have adverse effects on your foes. Affliction helps you survive by yourself, which makes it ideal for solo play.
  • Demonology Tree: Improve your minions’ effectiveness with the passives (and some actives) that you can obtain in this path. Even though it may feel “relaxing” letting your demons do all of the work, in WoW Classic, things always get complicated. After all, you’ll need to wait a little bit more between fights for your Summons to recover. And you will have fewer tools to do by yourself. As a result, if someone kills your demons, you may end up in an awful position. This tree is also good if you’re leveling solo.
  • Destruction Tree: Embrace the dark arts and manage to use them for pure destruction. With this power at your fingertips, you’ll deal tons of AOE (Area of Effect) damage that kill everything that crosses your way. It is ideal to use powerful attacks such as the ones you get with the Destruction tree to a concentrated group of enemies. As a result, you could have a significant advantage when you’re moving through dungeons. Sadly, you might find it extremely difficult to manage such a strategy by yourself. Therefore, follow the Destruction path if you manage to find friends with the same levels.

Depending on the skills that you want to take, the leveling experience is always unique. Remember to value your options and follow the path that you find interesting. Overall, you’ll need to share a lot of your time leveling to 60 in World of Warcraft. Still, though, if you want a recommendation that you can follow. In this WoW Classic Warlock Leveling Guide, we lean into the options that the Affliction tree gives to you, short of just buying WoW Classic power leveling services.

Soul Shards for WoW Classic Warlock Leveling

The only downside (if you feel like it) for leveling a Warlock is the constant farming for Soul Shards. When you reach level 10 with your character, you will learn the spell “Drain Soul.” When you add this effect to any enemy that could give you experience or honor and kill it within 15 seconds, you’ll obtain a Soul Shard.

You’ll require this “currency” to summon your Minions and use some of the supporting abilities. For example, to invoke a Voidwalker, you’ll need to have 10 Soul Shard in your inventory. At the same time, the “Create Soulstone” ability requires 18 Soul Shards.

After a while, you’ll recognize when to use the Drain Soul skill in your enemies. Hence, you can even farm this currency when you’re passing through Dungeons or finishing quests.

Best Professions for Warlocks in WoW Classic

For WoW Classic, it is recommended that you pick between:

  • Engineering: With the additional tools you can obtain with Engineering, you’ll have more ways to battle effectively. Some of the gadgets add more abilities to assist you when you’re exploring Azeroth, both solo or with a group.
  • Tailoring: Learn how to make your clothes with this profession at your disposal. Some of the options can give you bonuses to your Shadow Spells or increase the healing when you’re draining their health.
  • Mining/Herbalism/Skinning: Choose two of these options if you want to focus on making Gold with your Warlock. As a result, you could have more in-game currency to spend on learning new skills.

Frequently Asked Questions About WoW Classic Warlock Leveling

When Am I able to Learn the Warlock’s Mounts?

You can obtain the first mount at level 40 and the epic version at level 60.

How Many Demon Pets Are Available for the Warlocks?

In WoW Classic, you can pick between four different Summons. Each with unique skills and properties.

Which is the Best Race to Play as a Warlock?

For Alliance, you could pick a Gnome since you’ll get bonuses on Intelligence and Engineering. For the Horde, the Undead have a slight advantage with their unique abilities. 

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