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During Wrath of the Lich King Classic there will be four phases. During each phase, there will be changes to gameplay balance that will affect the top-tier damage-dealing specs in the game for players who want to stick to the meta. Each phase unlocks a new set of raids and dungeon progression. This article will review the WoW WotLK Classic Best DPS in each phase. For a full tier-list, click here.

WoW WotLK Classic Phase 1 Best DPS

For WoW WotLK Classic Phase 1, the best DPS you can play are the following:

  • Assassination Rogue,
  • Frost Death Knight,
  • Unholy Death Knight
  • Affliction Warlock
  • Arcane Mage.

Each of these specs is at the top mainly because they either have high magic damage or they have hybrid damage that bypasses armor; here’s a better explanation.

Assassination Rogue

Most of the Assassination Rogue’s damage comes from poisons, and as you know, poisons deal with nature damage that bypasses armor; this comes in very handy since phase one lacks gear with armor penetration.

Frost Death Knight

This is one of the specs that has hybrid physical and magical damage. Frost Strike is one of your best abilities when dealing damage; don’t be surprised if it is your top damage-dealing ability.

Unholy Death Knight

AoE damage is what makes this spec shine, high damage dealing abilities with a bit of hybrid physical and magical damage. Also, you bring Ebon Plaguebringer to the table, which is an excellent debuff to apply.

Affliction Warlock

High single target damage and heavy dots are what make Affliction Warlock a top-tier spec, being able to dot everything in an AoE fight and those dots dealing high amounts of damage is something you will be thankful for.

Arcane Mage

Again, high single target damage is what makes this spec shine; however, you do not have a good time in AoE fights, and this spec lacks a lot of cleave abilities. You’re more likely to have a better time in a raid than in dungeons.

Phase 2 Best DPS

Now phase two; during this phase, there are only two specs that outshine the rest, and it is all thanks to armor penetration starting to appear in gear, which is perfect for WoW Classic WotLK Phase 2 content.

Feral Druid

High AoE damage and great Tier 8 set bonuses will make you top the meters as a Feral Druid. Thanks to your Tier 8 set bonuses, you will be spamming Swipe all day.

Combat Rogue

One of the specs that benefit the most from armor penetration is this one and if you add good Tier 8 set bonuses to that, you get a great damage-dealing spec. Thanks to your Tier 8 set bonuses, every time your poisons deal damage you will regenerate energy, so spamming Fan of Knives in an AoE is not a bad idea.

Phase 3 Best DPS

For phase three is where things start to change a bit thanks to gear scaling, and more overpowered tier set bonuses, the top damage dealer specs during phase three are the following:

Frost Death Knight

If we had to define overpowered, the Death Knight Tier 9 set would be the definition. Literally, the Tier 9 set bonuses are what makes this an S-tier DPS spec.

Unholy Death Knight

Same as the Frost Death Knight, the Tier 9 set bonuses were so substantial they were nerfed pretty quick but even after the nerf it is still very strong. Plus, armor penetration being more common in gear comes in handy.

Fire Mage

Single target damage dealing god is the definition for this spec during phase three. Gear scaling helps a lot when you are a Fire Mage, and your Tier 9 set bonuses are helpful giving you more critical strike chance on Fireball or when you have Molten Armor active.

Marksmanship Hunter

One of the specs that are thankful for armor penetration, gear scaling, and Tier 9 set bonuses. Basically, Marksmanship Hunter benefits from gear a lot. The longer the game, the better this spec will perform, unless it gets nerfed or other classes scale better.

Phase 4 Best DPS

Finally, in the last phase, gear is not going to get any better than this, stats are not going to be higher than this, and phase four is what a lot of specs will be waiting for since Wrath of the Lich King Classic launches. The best specs for phase four are the following:

Fury Warrior

Man, you have to love being a Fury Warrior and having Shadowmourne; this legendary weapon alone makes you an excellent DPS spec, but to add the cherry on top of the cake, we have Tier 10 set bonuses and armor penetration gear, phase four it’s an excellent time to be a Fury Warrior.

Fire Mage

Crit on top of crit is what you’re getting when doing your rotation as a Fire Mage, still single target damage god, and this time with more stats! It doesn’t get any better than this for Fire Mages. Enjoy being at the top; unless you have to AoE, you are not as good.

Combat Rogue

Surprise! Combat Rogue is back at the top, gear scaling and armor penetration making a spec really good; who would have thought? For real, though, Combat Rogue’s damage is amazing during phase four.

Feral Druid

Hey, armor penetration, it’s me, Feral Druid, I just wanted to say thanks for making me a top-tier spec during phase four. Oh, and if you happen to see Tier 10 set bonuses around, thank them as well; I would be nowhere near where I am without you.

Retribution Paladin

Patience paid off, finally! After a couple of phases, you are finally a top-tier spec. High single target damage, extremely super mega high AoE damage is what you get for waiting for so long, and it is all thanks to Tier 10 set bonuses and the legendary weapon Shadowmourne. Being a Retribution, Paladin never felt so good; make the most out of this overpowered spec and blast through Icecrown Citadel as if it was made of butter.

There you go! Now you know which specs are the best during each phase and why, remember to plan ahead if you play a spec like Retribution Paladin, Fire Mage or Marksmanship Hunter, for this spec Wrath of the Lich King Classic will be a marathon, not a race. On the other hand, if you are a Death Knight, enjoy being broken throughout all the expansion.

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