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I'm a retired RuneScape junkie who works from home as a trader. Nowadays I use my spare time to watch anime and learn new languages. Come over and I'll make you the best ramen you've ever had. 

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RuneScape Safety: Keeping Your Account Secure from Hackers

Years of effort have vanished overnight for many people in the RuneScape community. It’s almost every day you see players begging for charity after losing their valuables to hackers. While some may be acting for easy handouts this is a prevalent issue that continues to exist solely because [...]

by Daniel Johnson|06 Nov 2017||RuneScape

The Ultimate Battle Royale: PUBG vs Fortnite

The Unforgiving Gamemode A single mistake will turn your hard earned items into tools for an enemy player’s arsenal. This is Battle Royale; an intense winner takes all deathmatch that spans vast conflict-torn maps. Combat mechanics vary from game to game creating unique experiences for all participating gamers. [...]

by Daniel Johnson|16 Oct 2017||Fortnite, PUBG

How to Trade in Warframe? – A Lucrative Playstyle

Trading in Warframe isn’t just a simple means of swapping items to finish your weapon sets. Understanding the ins and outs of trading alone could earn you all the Platinum you’d ever need. The best takeaway from trading, besides all the Plat you’ll make, is how little time [...]

by Daniel Johnson|04 Oct 2017||Warframe