Community Guidelines

Do not post any content to our website or its services that is:

  • Illegal
  • Pornographic
  • Excessively profane or violent
  • Spam
  • Threatening, harassing, or bullying
  • Associated with racism or intolerance
  • Impersonating someone in a misleading or deceptive manner
  • Personal confidential information

We will remove any content that violates the spirit of these guidelines, and you will risk losing partial or full access to PlayerAuctions without warning.

More specifically, do not:

  • Attack a person or group of people

Harassment and hurtful content will not be tolerated. Using symbols, names and text that promote hate—as well as harassing, stalking, impersonating, and making sexual remarks towards someone—are considered abuse. The same goes for nudity and disturbing profile pictures and usernames. As stated in our Terms, PlayerAuctions reserves the right to replace or remove user submissions and delete user accounts at its sole discretion.

  • Spam

Posting irrelevant and/or spam content may get your account deleted and banned.

  • Write inflammatory comments

Hateful, obscene, or off-topic comments and profanity don’t contribute to our community, and are therefore not permitted.

Thank you for your cooperation.

-Team PlayerAuctions