What Exactly is the RuneScape Grand Exchange?

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What Exactly is the RuneScape Grand Exchange? The Grand Exchange is at the core of RuneScape’s economy. It helps drive player trade, keeps the flow of gameplay running smoothly and modern day RuneScape wouldn’t be the same without it. In fact, the RuneScape Grand Exchange is currently in both RuneScape 3 and Old School [...]

3 August Updates and RuneScape Runescore

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3 August Updates and RuneScape Runescore RuneScape has been around for more than 15 years, but you better believe that the iconic fantasy MMORPG is still getting updated these days. The last RuneScape updates rolled out in mid and late August. We’re going to be talking about what gamers can expect from the new [...]

The Rise of a Pioneer and OSRS The Inferno

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The Rise of a Pioneer and OSRS The Inferno 16 years: that’s how long it’s been since Andrew, Ian, and Paul Gower unveiled RuneScape to the world and set IRC chat rooms and proboards forums alike on fire. Released as free-to-play on January 4, 2001, what is now known as RuneScape Classic would set [...]

RuneScape Quests with Hard-Hitting Attack EXP

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RuneScape Quests with Hard-Hitting Attack EXP Almost all high-fantasy MMORPGs involve combat. After all, it wouldn’t be half as fun if players didn’t have the chance to fight mythical creatures or even each other. In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), it’s important for players to improve their Attack Skill, one of the basic and vital [...]

Not a Lifeless Dessert in RuneScape Menaphos

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Not a Lifeless Dessert in RuneScape Menaphos We hyped up Menaphos in a previous blog before the expansion came out. Now that it’s finally arrived on RuneScape, how’s the dessert treating you? Menaphos turned out to be the biggest and baddest expansion of the fifteen-year-old game for a number of good reasons. Across the [...]

Old-School and Epic: OSRS Mini-List for Big Quests

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Old-School and Epic: OSRS Mini-List for Big Quests Quests play a significant role in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), which can be challenging to complete because there are many. Some quests have tough conditions! Regardless of the difficulty, quests provide rewards once they are accomplished. Certain quests, however, are more rewarding than others, so it [...]

RuneScape Expansion: Just in Time for the Menaphos

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RuneScape Expansion: Just in Time for the Menaphos RuneScape has added some exciting and game-changing updates for 2017. Menaphos is a massive expansion for RuneScape. In fact, it will be out on June 5. Get hyped up! A Decade for the Golden City It’s been then years, and Menaphos is finally coming. First, there [...]

OSRS Bonds: Membership Benefits

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OSRS Bonds: Membership Benefits Free-to-play MMO games are gems, but they sometimes end up being pay-to-win, and that’s not cool. Some games ask for only one payment, but you’re never sure what to expect. Old School RuneScape (OSRS) has a good system with free-to-play worlds, which lets players get a taste for the game [...]

RuneScape: Looking Back and Leaping Forward

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RuneScape: Looking Back and Leaping Forward While it’s common for MMOs to last for years, it’s rare for them to last for a decade and more. Some of those rarities are World of Warcraft and as the title suggests, RuneScape. So, how did RuneScape manage to last much longer than the world’s most popular [...]

Diving into OSRS Quest Guides

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Diving into OSRS Quest Guides With Old School Runescape’s (OSRS) unclear player objective, it could be hard to figure out what to do in the game. There are quests, but the sheer number of them is intimidating. How do you know which one is useful? Perhaps you started the Legends quest but can’t seem [...]

Dirty, Bloody Free-for-All: OSRS Last Man Standing

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Runescape, despite its cutesy, lighthearted graphics, has a history of violence that is well-known and well-documented. And the festivities continue with the OSRS Last Man Standing, which is a serious bloodbath. Gielinor’s Hunger Games OSRS Last Man Standing: To play this mini-game of death, players must talk to Lisa, who is east of the [...]

A Letter to PlayerAuctions: Why Runescape is so Popular

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Dear PlayerAuctions, In the gaming industry today, often times we get ourselves caught up in “what comes next” or “I can’t wait until this game comes out.” However, there are a few titles within the realm of gaming that have withstood the test of time. Today, I will tell you about one such title [...]

Runescape’s The Arc: One Expansion, Seven Islands

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Over the past few years, Runescape has been reinventing itself, trying new ideas for different kinds of servers and their exclusive game mechanics. They've added new skills, and a lot of other advancements that have made the game into what it is today – a once-breakaway hit that has become a cult, niche classic. [...]

Runescape Quest Guide – A compilation by PlayerAuctions

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Runescape Quest Guide Runescape Quest Guide are the stuff of folklore. And if you don’t know your novices from your grandmasters or you medium quests from your very, very long quests well things could get tricky. We thought we would pull together some info to help you find out more about Runescape Quests. Introduction Put simply [...]

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Game of the Week: Runescape 3

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Runescape 3. Runescape 3 is well and truly one of the elder statesman of the MMORPG genre. Released way back in January 2001, the franchise has become something of a fixture in the industry with over 175 million registered accounts Runescape is one of the most popular games on the PA Marketplace. Interesting facts [...]

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