A Beginner’s Guide to Using the Master Max Cape in RuneScape

Master Max Cape
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Skilling is one of the activities you can spend hours on end doing in Runescape 3. Bringing any skill to 99 is a huge account milestone, as you will unlock a new skillcape. In addition to reaching 99 for the skillcape, you can grind your skills up to 120 for the master skillcapes. However, you’ll only gain more levels for 6 of the skills to count for your total skill level: Archeology, Dungeoneering, Farming, Herblore, and Slayer, and you will virtually gain the levels for all of the other skills that are capped at 99.

When you reach 99 in all of the skills, you will get a max cape; when you reach 120 in all of the 28 skills, you will unlock your master max cape. After you grind and unlock these capes, you can buy them from specific NPCs. Their prices differ. For example, a skillcape costs 99k GP, while a master skill cape costs 120k GP. All the capes are members’ items, but you can equip them in a member’s world and then hop to a F2P world. However, this will only give you cosmetic benefits, as you won’t get any of the capes’ perks.

Master Max Cape

The master max cape is the hardest to obtain of all the capes of accomplishment you can get in RuneScape 3. By the time you unlock it, you will have unlocked all the other capes, maybe except for the quest cape or master quest cape, as you can reach level 120 in all skills without completing all of the quests

The master quest cape is also the most expensive cape of accomplishment, and after you unlock it, you will need to pay over 3.3 million gold. The NPC that sells the master quest cape is Minerva, and she is located in Falador. To do this, you must have completed the knight’s sword quest to obtain a Blurite bar.


  • Knight’s Sword quest completion
  • level 120 in all skills
  • 3,360,000 gold coins


  • Pickaxe to mine some Blurite ore
  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Sapphire
  • A way to teleport to Falador

Master Cape Max Walkthrough

Once you reach 120 in all skills, you will unlock the master max cape achievement. You can then mine some blurite ore and smelt a blurite bar. Take a ruby, an emerald, and a sapphire in your inventory alongside your blurite bar and head back to a furnace to make a blurite keystone.

Go to the Falador park and insert the key in the pummel of the statue from the ornate grave, then head to Minerva to buy the Master Max Cape.

The Master Max Cape’s Lore

To understand the lore of the master max cape, you need to go back to the 4th age, when Meira was first awarded the cape. This came as a reward for her efforts to unify the kingdom of Asgardian under the reign of king Raddallin.

After long travels and serving the king until he died, she received a unique enchanted cape made from a magical thread that would prevent anyone unworthy from wearing it. Proving yourself worthy is challenging, as you’ll need to grind your way to level 120 in all of the skills.

After Meira’s death, the family chose to bring tribute to her memory by offering the cape to those truly worthy of it. To prove it, they must craft the blurite key and bring it to Meira’s grave in Falador park, where the tomb will decide whether the person who placed the key is worth it or not, and hence why the interaction can sometimes fail. Minerva is the descendant of Meira, and it is now her responsibility to sell the cape.


Besides the right to brag, you will also get a few perks from the master max cape. However, they are shared with the max cape, which makes the master max cape rather cosmetic in comparison and just an item to celebrate your amazing journey to 120 in all of the 28 skills. With the max cape and master max cape, you will unlock a teleport to the max guild in Prifdinas, and the max cape emote. When you enter the max guild for the first time, you will receive a crystal acorn.

If you don’t want to wear your cape or just don’t want it sitting in the bank, you can store it in the cape rack in your player-owned house.

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