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One thing Dota 2 always gets right is the inclusion of different PvE game modes that make the game feel more refreshing and fun. Aghanim’s Labyrinth is one such challenging yet enjoyable mode. Introduced in the summer of 2020, this gauntlet-style game mode puts players in various dungeons and levels where they can fight hordes of enemies to make their way to the top.

If you’re just booting up this game, it is easy for you to get lost in the sheer amount of tasks this mode throws at the player. Hence, we have prepared this guide for beginners to understand Dota 2 Aghanim’s Labyrinth mode. Keep reading to find out more!

Dota 2 Aghanim’s Labyrinth Guide

Aghanim’s Labyrinth is a 4vE mode where you can play in a party of 4 to fight through various dungeons, clearing different rooms/levels and reaching the main boss. The final room puts you against the legendary wizard demi-god, Aghanim. These rooms get tougher as you go deeper into the level, with the final few rooms posing a massive challenge to the players.

That said, doing your research and knowing what to expect next as you prowl your way through these monster-filled dungeons is the difference between victory and loss. Therefore, let’s start with this guide and see what the Dota 2 Aghanim’s mode has to offer.


The gameplay loop of Aghanim’s Labyrinth is fairly straightforward and easy to understand. You can play in a team of 4 players, and your task is to clear our rooms full of monsters. As you clear out each room, you receive the rewards associated with that room used for upgrades and progressions. There are 19 rooms in total, with the last one being the final boss, Aghanim’s, room.

Each room has a specific number of lives. When you die during a room battle, you are respawned in the same room after 10 seconds as long as your lives have not expired. Once your lives expire, you cannot be resurrected until your teammates clear the room. You will be automatically respawned once the room has been conquered. If all teammates expire their lives in a room, the game ends in a loss.


Initially, in the 2020 version of the game mode, 15 Dota 2 heroes were introduced. Later on, during the summer of 2021, the continuation of this mode was released under the title Aghanim’s Labyrinth: The Continuum Conundrum. The updated mode consisted of 14 new heroes in addition to the 15 previous ones.

These heroes have slight reworks in this game mode, somewhat changing their abilities. The list of all the Aghanim’s Labyrinth in 3 different categories is shown below:

KunkkaDrow RangerDisruptor
OmniknightLunaQueen of Pain
PhoenixSlarkVoid Spirit
Sand KingSniperWinter Wyvern
SnapfireTemplar AssassinWitch Doctor


There are 7 types of rooms you can encounter in the game. Each room has a specific name and offers certain rewards upon completion. You can select any room you want to enter while you’re in depth by channeling the outpost. Before entering the room, you can see its type and the rewards as well. Let’s take a look at all 7 types of rooms in the game.

  1. Combat Room: These are the most common rooms you will encounter throughout the game. They are filled with waves of enemies. Your objective is to kill all the enemies and clear the room.
  2. Challenge/Elite Room: A Challenge room has 3 challenges, and completion of any 1 of the challenges clears the room. There is a random chance for any Challenge room to receive an extra room effect with a difficulty upgrade, turning it into an Elite room.
  3. Trap Room: Each Trap room consists of a challenging obstacle. You require some teamwork and brainpower to reach the end of the obstacle and clear the room.
  4. Boss Room: As the name implies, each boss room consists of a strong boss who needs to be defeated to proceed.
  5. Rest Room: These are simple rest rooms that contain shops where you can spend your gold.
  6. Random Room: A Random room could either be any Combat or Challenge room. You only find out the actual type once you have entered the room.
  7. Bonus Rooms: These rooms generally tend to be pretty fun and rewarding as completing them grants gold to all the players evenly. Each bonus room has some sort of mini-game that needs to be completed to beat the room.

If you want more information on the rooms and depth layout of Aghanim’s Labyrinth, refer to this detailed chart.


Finally, let’s talk about the rewards you obtain upon clearing the rooms and progressing through the game. These rewards help you scale your hero, making it viable for you to level up and difficult the increasingly difficult enemies as you push deeper into the depth. We have listed rewards for completing various rooms below:

Normal Rooms

Normally, for clearing any room, you get a certain amount of gold and experience points, along with 3 random Scepter Shards. These shards provide upgrades for your abilities. You can only pick 1 shard after each room, so choose wisely. Challenge rooms also offer extra items and two bonus lives. 

Elite Challenge Rooms

If a Challenge room receives a difficulty upgrade and turns into an Elite room, its rewards are also doubled. Furthermore, upon clearing the Elite Challenge room, you also receive 3 random Elite Scepter Shards drops. Moreover, the amount of gold you receive depends on how deep you are in the game.

Trap Rooms

Traps rooms are extremely interesting in their rewards. They contain treasure chests that can be opened for more random rewards. The chest rewards are doubled if a Trap room is also an Elite Challenge room.

Boss Rooms

Boss rooms generally have the same rewards as a Combat or Challenge room. However, a Boss Room also drops a Legendary Shard, which provides the strongest upgrade to your abilities.

Final Thoughts

We conclude our guide on Dota 2 Aghanim’s Labyrinth here. There are plenty of things to do in this mode, hence this guide only scratches the surface and eases new players into the mode without them feeling overwhelmed. If you need more Dota 2 guides to improve your skills in the game and rank up faster, be sure to check out our blog!

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