Preparing for the Fall: Path of Exile 3.0 Builds

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Preparing for the Fall: Path of Exile 3.0 Builds Path of Exile (PoE) lets players get creative with their builds, especially with POE Ascendancy Classes. The sky’s the limit. On the other hand, some builds are “up there,” depending on the game’s version. Now, with 3.0, what are the best classes? How’s a build [...]

A Sneak Peak into PoE’s Fall of Oriath

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A Sneak Peak into PoE’s Fall of Oriath Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath made it on June 8th. Even though the update isn’t fully patched onto the game yet, the beta version is up and running. Something is better than nothing! In a nutshell, the update is so far, so good. [...]

5 Best Path of Exile Builds

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5 Best Path of Exile Builds The beauty of MMORPGs is that players are free to be creative building their character. Freedom varies from one game to another. One game that gives players the most liberty with character builds is Path of Exile (POE). With a wide variety of skill and attribute combinations to [...]

Farewell, Deities and Double Dipping: Path of Exile – Fall of Oriath

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Farewell, Deities and Double Dipping: Path of Exile - Fall of Oriath It’s impressive how Path of Exile, an indie game, has managed to have the same level of look, feel, and play similar to its AAA-game counterpart Diablo III. The game has a unique edge over its Blizzard’s nightmarish, top-down, hack-and-slash, dungeon crawler [...]

Path of Exile Accessories!!

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Path of Exile is a free-to-play online action RPG set within a dark fantasy world tainted by corruption and bloodshed. Unique to the game are Accessories, a type of wieldable item differing from standard equipment in that they cannot be upgraded through Quality. Accessories are divided into four categories: amulets, belts, quivers, and rings, [...]

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Path of Exile: Intro to Skills Gems

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POE Skill Gems So what is POE Skill Gems? Skills in RPG's follow a somewhat traditional path. Skills are acquired as a basic or low level and through experience the user moves up the ladder to becomes equipped to use that skill; becoming a medium level player or expert/grandmaster. Skills range from the staple [...]

Game of the Week: Path of Exile

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Every week Playerauctions announces its Game of the Week. This week we chose Path of Exile as the Game of the Week. Read more to explore more about this exciting, breathtaking, adventurous game. Game Information: Path of Exile (POE) was developed by the independent studio, Grinder Gear Games in New Zealand. The action-apocalyptic RPG online game is [...]

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