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Escape from Tarkov Tips & Guides to Aide
Our Escape from Tarkov Tips page offers the kind of information you can’t miss out on. We’ve got expert guides on maps, giving detailed descriptions on how to get through a raid on each one safely. Whether you’re a fan of Customs, Factory, Shoreline, Interchange, or Woods, we have guides that are appealing. When the new maps drop, we’ll provide overviews and analysis of those, too.

We have weapon guides that provide advice on how you can use each weapon effectively. More importantly, we will share quest guides and walkthroughs so that you can improve your trader reputation as quickly as possible.

Want more Escape from Tarkov Tips? Don’t worry; we’re only just getting started. We’ve got looting secrets to help you find rare keys, bitcoins, and other valuable items. Tips on the easiest loot routes you can repeat over and over to bring in more cash and quest items are available. There’s a lot to learn when it comes to extra key binds and weapon mechanics in Tarkov, so we’ve got you taken care of. We have cheat sheets and guides for all of the different weapon keybinds and give tips on how you can more effectively use the UI system even as you’re engaged in combat.

Do you just want to stay up to date with new features and releases? We’ll also continue to keep you informed with new stuff. As soon as new patches drop, we’ll analyze the changes, give detailed descriptions of what is new, and provide guides on the latest features, new weapons, trader quests and trade deals.

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