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EFT Reserve Map: A Guide to Extraction Points

By | December 23rd, 2019 | Categories: Escape from Tarkov

If you want to play a map with the right mix of buildings and mountainous terrain, the EFT Reserve map is definitely for you. It’s honestly a pretty fun location and it carries some good loot too. Let’s take a closer look at it here.

What is the EFT Reserve Map?

The Reserve is short for the Federal State Reserve Agency base. It houses Novinsky-2, an airspace control center. In the in-game lore, there are urban legends that claim the place has enough supplies to survive a full-scale, all-out nuclear war–complete with medications, food, and other resources that can last for years. In terms of gameplay, it’s open to both PMCs and Player Scavs for 8 to 10 players.

What kinds of loot and enemies await me at the Reserve?

What makes the Reserve worth running? The loot, of course! Depending on what keys you carry (more on that later), you can access areas that contain high-value items. There are weapon racks, ammo boxes, and loose valuables among other things. There are also locked rooms that contain a PC block as well as a safe.

Regular Scavs spawn in this map, but there’s also a chance for groups of Raiders to appear and hunt PMCs. The map has stationary weapons, but only two are currently implemented: the grenade launcher AGS-30 and the heavy machine gun NSV 12.7×108. These have random amounts of ammo. The devs have announced the addition of stationary mortars and stationary RPGs (SPG-9), but these are yet to be added to the game.

The map boss for the Reserve is Glukhar, who has a 41% chance to spawn and may have decent loot. Do note though that he possesses high health values (especially in the chest), carries a powerful ASh-12 assault rifle, and is protected by up to six followers. His followers are capable of using mounted weaponry and Glukhar himself is no pushover. Find sufficient cover when engaging him and be sure to hit your headshots–as these are the best way to handle him. In any case, it pays to be careful when going up against him.

What should I take note of about Keys?

There are 29 keys that you can use to unlock different rooms or sections within Reserve. These keys may be looted from pockets of Scavs, drawers, and other locations. Check the flea market if you’re having a hard time locating keys. In case you don’t know which keys you need, refer to the Wiki for more detailed info.

Now comes the tricky part: extraction from the Reserve. There are multiple locations for exfil in this map, but not everything is available to everyone. Plus, there may be conditions that must first be met!

Where are the Extraction Points on the EFT Reserve Map?

  • Extraction Points for All

Let’s start with locations that are available for both PMCs and Scavs.

First on that list would be the armored train. It’s located close to the rolling-stock repair and maintenance depot. It’s not always available and is single-use. Now, the thing about the train is that it arrives at a random time during the raid between 25 to 35 minutes. Once it arrives, it honks twice and stays in the area for seven minutes. A honk will be heard one minute before the train departs, and another two honks once the doors close.

There is also the bunker hermetic door, which is situated close to the storage warehouses and near the military guard barracks. Unlike the armored train, it can be used multiple times. However, to use it, players must first go to a shack southwest of the helicopter and use a lever inside there. After that, the door will be open for four minutes. Once that time has passed, the lever would need to be activated again to reopen the extraction point.

The sewer manhole by the maintenance and repair point (PTOR) is an exfil spot that anybody can use. It’s always available and needs no requirements, but has one caveat: you can’t have any backpack equipped when extracting through here.

Players can also exit through Scavs lands. The prerequisite for exfil here is pretty fun, as PMCs need at least one friendly Scav to extract, while Scavs need one friendly PMC instead.

  • Scav-Only Extraction Points

Admittedly, Scavs have an easier time maneuvering the Reserve and finding exfil spots. For Scav-exclusive extraction points, there are no requirements for extraction. The first one that comes to mind is the CP Fence. The North Checkpoint close to the Maintenance and Repair Point is where you can find this exfil spot.

Next, we have the depot hermetic door. This is an underground location that’s right smack below bunker. You may have to look around and navigate a bit to find the extraction point, but seeing as there’s no caveat to it, it’s definitely well worth it.

Scavs can also exit through the heating pipe, which can be found west of the storage warehouses.

Lastly, there’s a hole in the fence by the mountains. You can find this spot in the western portion of the map, close to the short-range anti-aircraft missiles and artillery. Like the other Scav exit points, there are no requirements for this and it’s always available.

  • PMC-Only Extraction Point

PMCs have a slightly more difficult time within the Reserve because there’s only one PMC-exclusive exfil spot: the cliff descent. You can find this in the northern area of the map, at the radar station.

While it’s PMC-only, it does have its drawbacks. For one, you will need 1 Paracord as well as 1 Red Rebel Ice Pick to be able to use this exfil. There’s also the caveat of not having any armor vest equipped for this extraction. PMCs may as well choose one of the exfil spots for all, but if push comes to shove, this is an option you can consider.


There are a lot of discussions to be had when it comes to the EFT Reserve map, but the extraction points are certainly one of the most crucial. Whether you play Scav or PMC, what’s important is that you plan your raid ahead of time and score some great loot in the end.

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