Walk the Dinosaur: ARK Taming 101

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Walk the Dinosaur: ARK Taming 101 ARK: Survival Evolved is like a cross between Monster Hunter and ARMA. Getting the best guns, taking down dinosaurs and other big beasts, and raiding other players bases are the most popular activities within the game. Well, how about taming the creatures, like in Pokemon? Who doesn’t want [...]

ArcheAge’s Erenor Eternal Update Lives Up to the Hype

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ArcheAge’s Erenor Eternal Update Lives Up to the Hype The ArhceAge Update 3.5: Erenor Eternal is out and about. Yes! We’re going to give you an appraisal of the game. Now, the question is: does the update live up to the hype? Let’s find out. Some Mad Skills Previously, we’ve told you about [...]

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood: New and Refined Classes

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Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood: New and Refined Classes MMOs usually add new classes in an expansion and tweak existing ones. For Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV), however, adding a new class is more like giving them a comeback since they’re franchise staples that have been present in the older versions. So, which classes are having [...]

ArcheAge Update 3.5: Erenor Eternal

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ArcheAge Update 3.5: Erenor Eternal   ArcheAge is one of the most popular Korean MMORPGs today! It’s rare that the game has been pressing through since many games in the same genre and country of origin only last for a few years. On the other hand, ArcheAge is taking its content up a notch [...]

The Epic Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

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The Epic Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood First came the fall of Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV). Then, the miracle of A Realm Reborn came along and re-energized Square Enix’s, the second and bigger Final Fantasy MMO: Heavensward. Now, the world of Hydaelyn is set to expand even further because Final Fantasy XIV’s next expansion, Stormblood, [...]

How to Hatch Eggs in ARK: Survival Evolved

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How to Hatch Eggs in ARK: Survival Evolved In ARK: Survival Evolved, players are tasked to survive and escape the ARK, a large island inhabited by mostly hostile wildlife and other potentially, unfriendly humans. To survive, players have to build a base with a shelter and find resources to ensure their survival. Farming is [...]

A Hack-and-Slash Fit for Lords: ELOA Online

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Top-down hack-and-slash MMORPGs are easy to pick up. Unfortunately, a lot of them are just as easy to quit, as they can be shallow and offer nothing but grinding, making the game all about killing monsters so players can have better gear and skills, for, well, killing monsters – thus the pointless cycle goes [...]

Runes of Heroes Exclusive Offer

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RUNES OF HEROES FREE $20 REDEEM CODE ONLY FOR PLAYERAUCTIONS USERS With the code LOVE4UPA, PlayerAuctions' users can redeem rare items in-game (worth $20) including: 500 Gem + 60 Rainbow Portion + 6 Summon Stone + 60 Magic Dust Instructions for how to redeem the code: Go to Settings, Redeem Code, Input LOVE4UPA, Go to "Rewards" then click "Claim gifts" [...]

Going Big and Going Places: Pokemon Go

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Once again, Pokemon are everywhere, and it almost feels like we’re back in 1996. But this time around, people aren’t on their GameBoys, but instead on their smartphones, and Pikachu and company are almost literally in our homes, and on our  lawns, streets, schools, offices, monuments, beaches, forests – and like I said, everywhere. [...]

E3 2016: All Things New In The Gaming World

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Once again, it’s that time of the year when gaming companies get us exited for what is to come. If you’re a long-time gamer, you already know what E3 2016 is: it’s the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Here are the highlights of the world’s biggest and most-anticipated game this year... Microsoft / Xbox One First [...]

Blade & Soul Review

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Originally developed for the Korean market, where they even have a TV adaptation, Blade & Soul has finally been released to Western gamers to admittedly mixed reviews. The game itself is a massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMO) based around martial arts, with the usual open-game environment gamers are used to from other [...]

EverQuest Anniversary

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EverQuest is celebrating their 13th anniversary. They've got 14 tasks up for the event which you can complete to get the "Satchel of the Superstitious", undoubtedly in reference to the number 13. Pretty amazing to think that even PA has surpassed that number!   Parade around as you complete the 13th anniversary tasks in [...]

HUGELY Discounted SuperCarriers and Titans in EVE:

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Remember when these used to sell for over $1,000? Get one now, while they are still on the cheap! With the upcoming massive Northern War in EVE, prices are going to Skyrocket as demand increases. Rare and expensive ships will begin to perish in the coming super-war. Click Here Amarr Succession Trials: This week, [...]