PUBG Tips & Guides to Assist

Our selection of PUBG Tips is here to keep you informed about new changes to the game and to teach you how to be a better player. Mastering PUBG can be difficult, but with these guides, you could become an expert in no time. Expect looting guides, tips on positioning, and secret tricks you may not have known about. Find out about new PUBG maps, weapons, and other content as it comes straight out of the mouths of the developers at PUBG Corp.

Want to know more about the kinds of content you can already find on this blog? Our map guides take in-depth overviews of each map so that you can learn about which places are hot and where all the best loot is. You can find detailed descriptions of each location in our map guides and the best strategies for them.

We also have a weapon tier list that gives you information on which PUBG weapons are best. As new weapons get added, or new balancing patches are pushed out, we’ll make sure to keep the details we share up to date. We all know that optimization problems plague PUBG, so we’ve built some guides to help you improve your frame rate and performance, too.

Whether you’re after general PUBG Tips, info on the latest map and weapon changes, or you’re just curious about what news has hit the PUBG community, this is your one-stop shop.

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