The Best Guns in PUBG

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If you want to know what the Best Guns in PUBG are, take a read through this article. We’ve tested each weapon and compared them with each other to find the best options in-game.

To make things easier, we’ve split this guide into three different sections. We have a section for the best snipers/DMRs, a section for assault rifles, and a section for close quarter weapons.

We will offer our suggestion for the top five weapons in each section and will provide details on why we’ve picked these weapons.

What are the Best Guns in PUBG?

  • We have picked out 5 of each weapon type below
  • Each weapon has pros and cons, but these stand out amongst the rest
  • It’s best to choose your favorite and familiarize yourself with it

Like mentioned above, we have a total of five weapon suggestions in three different sections. Each of these weapons has pros and cons, so you’ll need to learn about them and choose one that suits your play style specifically.

For example, if you like to take long range encounters, you may prefer a weapon that can do more damage, like an SKS or a Mutant. However, if you want a weapon that can be fired fast at a close to medium range, you may prefer something like the M4 or Vector, because these weapons have recoil that’s easier to control.

We will explain how each weapon is best used below.

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Best Assault Rifles in PUBG

  • MK47 Mutant for best long ranged AR
  • Beryl M762 for easy to find close quarter AR
  • AUG for fast fire rate and low recoil
  • Groza for high damage and low recoil
  • M416 for easy recoil control

For the best assault rifles in PUBG, we’ve picked out three weapons that are good for different scenarios and then the two airdrop weapons, which are superior to weapons you can find on the ground.

Let’s start with the MK47 Mutant – this is a 7.62 weapon that is slightly better than the AKM for longer ranged firing. The MK47 Mutant has a high bullet velocity speed, which means the bullets will drop less when firing them at longer distances.

This makes the MK47 Mutant an excellent choice for taking down enemies from afar. There is no full auto mode, though, so you may want something else as a backup for CQC situations.

Next, we have the Beryl M762 – this is another 7.62 weapon that we’d consider the opposite to the MK47 Mutant. The Beryl M762 has a very high fire rate on full auto so it can kill players very quickly at close quarters. It’s a CQC weapon to its core. Just consider that the recoil is hard to control, so make sure you find suitable attachments and have a good long ranged weapon on standby.

For a more reliable weapon for all situations, we’d suggest the M416. This weapon is a 5.56 firing weapon, so it isn’t as powerful as the 7.62 rifles listed above. However, the M416 recoil is fairly easy to control, it has semi and full auto, and it has a reasonable bullet velocity. This makes the M416 an all-rounder for both CQC and long ranged shooting.

Finally, we have the AUG and the Groza – these weapons only appear in airdrops, so it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to have one of these each game. Both the Groza and the AUG have a high fire rate and are always worth picking up. The AUG is better for longer distances, and the Groza is better for getting up close and personal.

Best Snipers in PUBG

  • AWM for most powerful sniper
  • M24 for all-around reliable sniper
  • MK14 for most powerful DMR
  • SLR for powerful non-airdrop DMR
  • Kar98K for when you can’t find other options

For snipers, each weapon ranks from 1 to 5. We can start with the best weapon, the AWM.

The AWM is the only weapon in PUBG that can kill a player with a level 3 helmet in just one hit. This makes it very powerful. The AWM is an airdrop only weapon and you only get 20 rounds, but it’s always worth picking up because of its huge damage potential.

In the second place, we have the M24. This sniper can now be found on the ground, as well as in air drops. It can’t 1-shot a level 3 helmet, but it can still 1-shot level 2 helmets and 2-shot in the upper and lower body when somebody is wearing level 2 armor.

In third place, we have the MK14 – this is the most powerful DMR and it can shred through players very quickly. The MK14 is an airdrop only weapon, but it’s worth picking up if you see it because it can work well as an effective long-range sniper, as well as a weapon you can fire rapidly up close.

In fourth place, we have the SLR – it’s a very close tie between the MK14 and the SLR. The SLR does slightly less damage, but it is far easier to control its recoil. The SLR does spawn in the world, but it’s very rare.

Finally, we have the Kar98K – with a slow bolt-action reload and only 5 rounds before you must reload it, the Kar98K is unforgiving at times. It is still a powerful sniper and it can take down a player with a level 2 helmet in one shot, unlike either the SLR or MK14, so it’s still worth picking up.

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Best Close Quarter Weapons in PUBG

  • Beryl M762 for fastest time to kill
  • Vector for fast time to kill and easy to control
  • UMP for slightly longer distances
  • Skorpion for when you want to carry other weapons
  • DP-28 for powerful first shot damage

The Beryl M762 makes another appearance on this list because it has an incredibly fast time to kill. Once again, it is hard to control recoil, but if you can master it, it is easily the best close quarter option.

The second best option is the Vector – it has the fastest time to kill out of all SMGs, and the recoil is almost non-existent. The only downside to the Vector is that it can only hold 13 bullets by default. You really need to find an extended mag to boost the ammo capacity to 25 bullets.

In third place, we have the UMP – it doesn’t have a fire rate as fast as the other weapons here, but it is slightly more accurate at ranges up to 75 meters.

In fourth place, we have the Skorpion – it isn’t as good as the other weapons on this list, but because it uses up the pistol slot, you can use it as a good CQC weapon and still hold a sniper and an assault rifle.

Finally, we have the DP-28 – this weapon does so much damage per hit that it does surprisingly well in close quarters as well as being useful at longer ranges if you fire slowly. If you know somebody has low health, the DP-28 is easily the best weapon to rush with.


Thanks for reading our overview of the best guns in PUBG. We hope that the information we’ve included in this guide has proven to be useful. What weapons are your favorite in PUBG and are any on this list?

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