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How to Leave Guild

Lost Ark How to Leave Guild

Being a guild member is common in almost any game with multiplayer functions. In Lost Ark, being a part of one of these groups allows access to many features […]

byDillan|19 Jun 2022|Lost Ark

PoE Gems

PoE Gem Corruption Guide

Path of Exile has been one of the premiere ARPGs for years. It provides gamers with prime examples of customization freedom and stat building. While there are a lot […]

byDillan|01 Jun 2022|Path of Exile

Apex Season 13

Apex Legends Season 13 – What’s New

Apex Legends Season 13 has just arrived, and many things have changed, particularly in competitive queues. Aside from new updates on the ranked matches, a new battle pass and […]

byDillan|20 May 2022|Apex Legends

best casual games

Seven of the Best Casual Co-Op Games

Playing games with friends has always been a great way to spend a day, whether it’s a board game, sports, or online games. PC and console games have seen […]

byDillan|31 Mar 2022|Others

vow of the disciple

Destiny 2: Witch Queen – Vow of the Disciple Release Time

Destiny 2 has increased in popularity over the last five years and continues to gain momentum as the story about the Guardians and the Traveller reaches its climax. With […]

byDillan|02 Mar 2022|Destiny

Lost Ark

Is Lost Ark Pay to Win?

Lost Ark has been the talk of the town ever since its western release. Thousands of players from the West have flocked to the game to see what the […]

byDillan|01 Mar 2022|Lost Ark

Lost Ark Engraving Guide (2)

In-Depth Lost Ark Engraving Guide – What are the Best Engravings

Lost Ark is currently the talk of the gaming world. Just a few days after its release, the game became the most played Steam game in the platform’s history, […]

byDillan|24 Feb 2022|Lost Ark

Lost Ark Stats Explained – Best Stats for Each Class

Lost Ark is rapidly becoming one of the top MMOs. With the lack of new games on the market, plenty of players are flocking to the Korean ARPG to […]

byDillan|22 Feb 2022|Lost Ark

lost vs new world

Lost Ark vs New World

Lost Ark gained astonishing popularity as soon as it was released. Just a day after it went live, the game rose on Steam’s leaderboard and became the second most […]

byDillan|16 Feb 2022|Lost Ark

lost ark

Lost Ark: Best Solo Class NA

The Absolute Best Lost Ark Classes for Solo Players Lost Ark has been released for several days now, and a lot of people are still figuring out how some […]

byDillan|15 Feb 2022|Lost Ark

Lost Ark Leveling Guide

Lost Ark Leveling Guide NA – How to Get to 50 Fast

Leveling Guide for Lost Ark Lost Ark is generating a lot of hype ever since its official release. The game has been around locally for Korea since 2019 and […]

byDillan|14 Feb 2022|Lost Ark

lost ark class tier

Lost Ark NA Class Tier List

The Best Class in Lost Ark Lost Ark has been on many gamers’ minds over the past few weeks. Ever since Smilegate partnered with Amazon to release the Korean […]

byDillan|10 Feb 2022|Lost Ark

Lost Ark Auction House

How Does the Auction House Work in Lost Ark?

Smilegate’s Lost Ark is about to go fully live for the NA and other western regions in a few more days. Gamers are getting ready to log in and […]

byDillan|07 Feb 2022|Lost Ark

lost ark preview

Lost Ark – Why are People so Excited?

Lost Ark Preview Lost Ark has been generating quite a buzz in the gaming community weeks before its scheduled release. Even though the game has been out since 2019 […]

byDillan|06 Feb 2022|Lost Ark


The Future of Riot: League of Legend’s Current and Upcoming Games and MMOs

Riot’s Game Development Plans Riot has been at the forefront of the gaming industry ever since the release of its massively popular MOBA game, League of Legends. League has […]

byDillan|27 Jan 2022|Others

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