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    Sea of Stars

    Monster Hunter World player count reaches all time high

    Monster Hunter World reaches new heights as its player counts exceed its previous record. The game overtook popular games such as Rust, The Finals, and Elden Ring during New […]

    byDillan|03 Jan 2024|Monster Hunter

    Cracked Games

    WoW might return to China after Blizzard-NetEase Deal

    World of Warcraft might return to one of the biggest gaming markets in the world after talks with NetEase. Blizzard has not found a potential Chinese publishing partner after […]

    lethal company mods

    The best Lethal Company mods

    Lethal Company is terrifying at its core, but it can also be comedic if you add some mods to the table. Many players already enjoy the game’s vanilla settings, […]

    byDillan|30 Nov 2023|Lethal Company

    lethal company hazard suits

    Lethal Company Hazard Suits and what they do

    Hazard suits are one of Lethal Company’s most notable features, as players can customize how they appear on their travels. These clothes can take various appearances as employees buy […]

    byDillan|30 Nov 2023|Lethal Company

    lethal company scrap

    Lethal Company How Much is Each Scrap

    Players’ mission in Lethal Company is to gather as much scrap as possible on each moon before midnight. This task might seem simple, but the dangers and challenges will […]

    byDillan|28 Nov 2023|Lethal Company

    Lethal Company Moons

    Lethal Company Best Moons for Profit

    Lethal Company allows you to explore various Moons and harvest scraps in their facilities. To make a decent profit, you must farm as many items as possible before selling […]

    byDillan|28 Nov 2023|Lethal Company


    Which Champions Will Get SKT T1 Skins After Worlds 2023

    SKT T1 has finally won the League of Legends Worlds Championship after years of not being able to secure the trophy. The team’s victory over WBG was a 3-0 […]

    lethal company ships

    Lethal Company All Ship Upgrade and How to Get Them

    The ship is an integral part of your session in Lethal Company. It is a haven to protect players from the horrors roaming the world. Fortunately, this vessel can […]

    byDillan|23 Nov 2023|Others

    lethal company lasson man

    Lethal Company: list of all monsters

    Tons of monsters and creepy crawlies wander the world of Lethal Company. If you know their abilities and characteristics, you will have a high chance of surviving encounters. This […]

    byDillan|20 Nov 2023|Lethal Company

    lords of the fallen beacon

    Lords of the Fallen Beacon location & what they do

    The Beacons in Lords of the Fallen are your primary points of interest aside from fighting bosses and creatures of the dark. These pyres offer more than just quest […]

    byDillan|26 Oct 2023|Others

    where to go after judge cleric

    Lords of the Fallen: Where to go after Judge Cleric

    Lords of the Fallen’s non-linearity and sandbox theme allow players to choose their progression route and customize their experience. The problem with this is that Lampbearers need clarification about […]

    byDillan|26 Oct 2023|Others

    lethal company lasson man

    Complete Lies of P: Walker of Illusions Guide and Strategies 

    Lies of P has many minibosses players will encounter as they explore the city of Krat. Some are optional , while they are not supposed to be as challenging […]

    byDillan|26 Oct 2023|Others

    lies of p achievements

    How to Get All Achievements in Lies of P

    Trophy collecting is something completionists love to do in any game, especially in Souls-like games like Lies of P. In the puppet-controlled city of Krat, tons of hidden achievements […]

    byDillan|24 Oct 2023|Others

    lords of the fallen patch notes

    Lords of the Fallen: how to get Pieta Sword

    In Souls-like games, much of your strength comes from the type of items you use in battle. Gear and accessories play a huge part in how players fare in […]

    byDillan|22 Oct 2023|Others

    lords of the fallen progression route

    Lords of the Fallen Best Progression Route

    Lords of the Fallen is a sandbox game with a non-linear progression line. Players can follow a different boss order than the rest of the community. While the sequence […]

    byDillan|20 Oct 2023|Others