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    How to unlock all Deep Rock Galactic Survivor weapons

    Deep Rock Galactic Survivor brings the Vampire Survivor feels to life with this spin-off as players get to focus on squashing bugs. The single-player game features tons of equipment […]

    byDillan|19 Feb 2024|Others

    How to Increase All Persona 3 Reload Social Stats

    Aside from entering Tartarus to complete missions and explore its dangers, players should also focus on increasing their Social Stats. These attributes can help unlock more content like Social […]

    byDillan|08 Feb 2024|Others

    Persona 3 Reload Servant Tower Guide

    Every so often in Persona 3 Reload, you’ll fight elite creatures guarding the floors of Tartarus. Your team will encounter these monsters during a full moon at the end […]

    byDillan|07 Feb 2024|Others

    Persona 3 Reload Elegant Mother Boss Guide

    As your party progresses through Tartarus, you will encounter more powerful Shadows. By the time you reach the Yabbashah block, you will have leveled up and collected various trinkets […]

    byDillan|07 Feb 2024|Others

    All Persona 3 Reload Romance Options and How to Unlock Them

    Persona games aren’t complete unless you can enter romantic relationships with specific characters. The romancing system in Persona 3 Reload received a complete overhaul, so veteran players shouldn’t expect […]

    byDillan|07 Feb 2024|Others

    All Persona 3 Reload Missing Person Locations in Tartarus

    As you progress in P3R, you will start monitoring the Full Moon since it triggers several tasks and operations you must engage in. However, some of the things indirectly […]

    byDillan|05 Feb 2024|Others

    All Persona 3 Reload Theurgy attacks and how to charge them

    Persona 3 Reload showcases many new features that make it more than a simple remake. One of P3R’s most important additions is the Theurgy Abilities system, which allows SEES […]

    byDillan|05 Feb 2024|Others

    Palworld Patch Notes for Update

    Pocketpair just rolled out another update to improve game stability and fix several significant issues plaguing Palworld. The update’s download size in massive, so players wondered what devs patched […]

    byDillan|01 Feb 2024|Palworld

    Hackers using unreleased Radar Spheres how horrible Palworld PvP would be

    Pocketpair released a roadmap detailing upcoming content to the game. While we should get excited about many things on the list, players took more notice of the forthcoming PvP […]

    byDillan|01 Feb 2024|Palworld

    persona 3 reload schedule

    Palworld Roadmap: What we should expect in the future

    Palworld became a massive hit over the past two weeks, showing no signs of slowing down. Despite many bugs and glitches hindering players’ experience, the game has enjoyed an […]

    byDillan|25 Jan 2024|Palworld

    lethal company lasson man

    Will Lethal Company Lasso Man Get Released?

    Lethal Company doesn’t shy away from spawning several hostile creatures ready to rip players a new one. All the moons present crews with tons of dangerous beings and environments […]

    byDillan|14 Jan 2024|Lethal Company

    mhr dlcs

    Certain Monster Hunter Rise DLCs will be removed

    Monster Hunter Rise made many collaborations since its release, and one of the most popular ones would be the Sonic the Hedgehog and Universal Studios Japan DLCs. Unfortunately, Capcom […]

    byDillan|11 Jan 2024|Monster Hunter

    tft 14.1

    Everything You Need to Know about TFT Patch 14.1

    It’s been a while since we got a TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble patch. Riot hasn’t touched the current set for over a month due to the TFT Vegas […]

    byDillan|11 Jan 2024|Others

    Sea of Stars

    Monster Hunter World player count reaches all time high

    Monster Hunter World reaches new heights as its player counts exceed its previous record. The game overtook popular games such as Rust, The Finals, and Elden Ring during New […]

    byDillan|03 Jan 2024|Monster Hunter

    Helldivers 2 cheats

    WoW might return to China after Blizzard-NetEase Deal

    World of Warcraft might return to one of the biggest gaming markets in the world after talks with NetEase. Blizzard has not found a potential Chinese publishing partner after […]