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How Tall is Venti

How to Play Jungle League of Legends Guide

League of Legends is a team battle, which means every teammate has a role to fill in each match. One of the most challenging and impactful parts of LoL […]

byDillan|07 Sep 2022|League of Legends


How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft Guide

There are tons of resources that players can and need to harvest in Minecraft for various crafting. Honeycombs are some of the most essential materials for players, especially for […]

byDillan|07 Sep 2022|Others

Viktor Lore

How to Get Smoothstone in Minecraft

Cobblestones are probably one of the most common but essential materials in Minecraft. They are used to create various tools, craft stations, and create makeshift structures. Aside from these, […]

byDillan|07 Sep 2022|Others

PoE Lake of Kalandra

PoE Lake of Kalandra Skill Tree Guide

The Atlas Skill Tree was introduced way back in the Siege of Atlas League, and it has remained one of the most crucial aspects in Path of Exile, especially […]

byDillan|01 Sep 2022|Path of Exile


ASTD Tier List

All-Star Tower Defense is one of the most popular Roblox games. This version takes on the typical Tower-Defense games, but players get to field anime-inspired characters to protect their […]

byDillan|01 Sep 2022|Others

PoE Lake of Kalandra

PoE Lake of Kalandra Recipes

One of the most unique systems that Path of Exile introduced is its Vendor Recipes. This feature allows players to sell items for various PoE currencies and craft certain […]

byDillan|30 Aug 2022|Path of Exile

Lake of Kalandra

PoE Lake of Kalandra Best Class

While sometimes overlooked, PoE classes are something players should always heavily consider when choosing a specific playstyle. Most gamers focus solely on the powerful Path of Exiles builds that […]

byDillan|29 Aug 2022|Path of Exile

New World Fresh Start

PoE Lake of Kalandra Best League-Starter Build

Path of Exile’s new Lake of Kalandra League offers challenges to Exiles as players have seen drastic changes in the game’s dynamics. From having a new premium currency to […]

byDillan|25 Aug 2022|Path of Exile

PoE Drop Rates

Abysmal PoE Drop Rates Has Players Quitting Lake of Kalandra

PoE’s latest league, Lake of Kalanda has introduced many changes that hurt the game. Many streamers and players have noticed that the drop rates for many items, including currencies, […]

byDillan|23 Aug 2022|Path of Exile

PoE Divine Orbs

The PoE Divine Orb Rebalance in Lake of Kalandra Will Hurt the Game

Lake of Kalandra showcases a lot of updates that have changed several aspects of how the game works. Aside from introducing the Mirror of Kalandra terminals and map, one […]

byDillan|22 Aug 2022|Path of Exile

Blue Archive Tier List

Blue Archive Tier List

Blue Archive features many characters, which players can acquire as they face various threats in Kivotos. For people to quell any crime and protect the city, gamers need to […]

byDillan|18 Aug 2022|Others

Albedo Age

Who is Vander in League of Legends? (Warwick)

Arcane features many fan-favorite League of Legends champions while also showcasing their series-original characters. Vander’s bartender at the Last Drop in the Lanes is one of the most well-loved […]

byDillan|11 Aug 2022|League of Legends


Elden Ring Weapon Tier List

Like most action-adventure role-playing games, weapons are important in progressing through Elden Ring. Though many aspects would help players, like Elden Ring incantations and runes, armaments are the main […]

byDillan|10 Aug 2022|Elden Ring

Overwatch Crosshairs

Best Overwatch 2 Crosshair 2022

For fast-paced FPS games such as Overwatch 2 , many gamers are looking to tweak every aspect of the game that could impact their playing experience and performance. These […]

byDillan|08 Aug 2022|Overwatch 2

Light Bowgun monster hunter world

The Best Light Bowgun Build in Monster Hunter World

Bowguns are one of the very few ranged weapons available to Hunters in Monster Hunter World. While players prefer to use this item for its long-distance attacks, many things […]

byDillan|03 Aug 2022|Monster Hunter