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PUBG Best Loot Places in Erangel & Miramar

By | April 30th, 2018 | Categories: PUBG

If you want to get your chicken dinner in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you need to be able to shoot straight and know what the best loot places are. We might not be able to fix your shooting skills, but we sure as hell can tell you all you need to know about PUBG Best Loot places.

However, there is more than just the question of the best loot; to determine what the best loot places are, you also need to consider the time efficiency in looting as well as the risk you are placing yourself into!

Top Loot Places in Erangel

By now the first released PUBG map has been thoroughly explored and the best loot places with the highest quality gear as well as the highest amount of gear have been well mapped. Here are our favorite parts

Military Base

There is hardly a PUBG match where almost a quarter of the players don’t jump to the Military base on the southern island if the plane gets anywhere near it. This is without a doubt the best place to get military grade gear which spawns in large amounts in this area. Level three vests, helmets and backpacks can be found in abundance here, along with 8x scopes and suppressors for assault rifles and sniper rifles. They are also relatively evenly distributed throughout all the buildings, from barracks to the radar (yes, the humongous metal thing some call “scaffolding” is actually a so-called “over-the-Horizon” long-range radar)as well as surrounding block buildings. However, the military base is a high-risk drop zone, and getting alive from there is not always an easy task.

The School

School is an easy second choice for many as one of the best loot places in PUBG. Together with the nearby apartments, it yields a lot of high-quality weapons and other types of loot, although not as much as the military base. It will not supply a full squad with sufficient weapons, ammo, and gear, but could be a good starting area. However, it is yet another high-risk zone and it is highly probable that you or someone from your team will get killed here at the early start of the game.


This small town can often turn into a battlefield of epic proportions. While it does have a very decent loot, it can be an absolute suicide to search all the houses with so many scared players who are hiding in toilets with shotguns. If you land on the top of the house north of town or on the church, you might gain some good weapon and also get a glimpse of the situation in the town before you start prowling its narrow streets.When you open up the map and watch where the letter “h” is, you should know that all the buildings below that letter carry the best loot in an entire town.

South Georgopol

This is probably the best place to go looking on the entire Erangel map, as well as one of our favorite spots. If you want to be geared up in a minimum amount of time, land at the north side of south Georgopol (yeah, I know how it sounds!) and look for the so-called “double houses” closest to the bay. There are six altogether, in two batches of three, and these buildings have probably the best loot of the map. More than once we’d be all set after looting just two of these houses! The advantage of this place is that, although still attractive to players, you will usually find yourself facing a very small number of competitors. Overall there are twelve of these types of houses that are more effective to loot than the much larger buildings between them.


Another great place for good loot, especially on the roofs, just keep going down south from the Georgopol. Make sure you clear out both wings, but be careful, Hospital is well known for good loot and someone will always be close by.

Novorepnoye Containers

There used to be a time when every match saw at least three squads landing there, but the competition is somewhat lesser these days. The container area at Novorepnoye has high-quality loot and great amounts of it, too, but it is not as good as the Military base. Additionally, it gets you stuck on the island since the bridge crossings can be a true nightmare, so one should keep a lookout for a boat nearby when jumping there. This place will forever stay in our memory as a loot location with many Kar98 sniper rifles and x8 scopes.

Mylta Power and Mylta Warehouse

These were our favorite dropping zones in early access days when playing solo but have been somewhat nerfed since then. They still have a decent amount of loot with a fair chance to get military level gear as well but will not suffice to deck outa full squad anymore. Still, as far as the loot availability/risk ratio is considered, this is one of the preferred jumping locations.

Top Loot Places in Miramar

The second PUBG map seems to have been designed with snipers in mind. PUBG Miramar best loot places are determined more by the chance to obtain snipers rather than anything else since as soon as you leave the city and go into those magnificent mountains, your SMG or assault rifle with a red dot will not be an adequate weapon to go against snipers with x8 optics.

Hacienda del Patron

Next to the school on Erangelthis could easily be the most overrated place to drop but is still considered one of the best loot places on Miramar. It is, I will dare say, one of the most high-risk landing zones and that the chances of a full squad go through this with all members alive is virtually nonexistent. If you want a quick and a very bloody game, this is a place to go.


The small settlement of Pecado gets perhaps half the players that jump to Hacienda but has in turn probably five times the high-quality weapons and gear. Majority of players aim for the gym/the boxing match area where the looting and gearing go the fastest; unfortunately, you are at the same time very much exposed to attacks from different levels of the open arena. Once again, the prospect of good loot is offset by the high chance that someone from your group will perish in that high-risk drop zone.

Campo Militar

Situated at the very north-east corner of the map, this military base is a large, fairly open compound that provides a very decent amount of loot and has a very small amount of people contending for it. This is probably due to the fact that it is so far from the center of the map that the time available for looting and the possibility to get stuck way outside the circle. A squad can easily get fully geared up without engaging in any fights, but a lack of car in this area could prove quite deadly as well! Considering the amount of loot, its quality and lack of competition, this could easily be the best Miramar loot place of them all.


This was the initial starting zone for the Miramar map, but it is a very debatable place to land. Pretty much like Campo Militar, it is isolated on the south-west corner on the map, but in addition to that, it is on a small island, which makes escaping the place even more challenging. While the prison itself – especially the main building – is filled with excellent, high-grade loot, you can rest assured that every time when a plane is flying close to it a huge number of people will take their chances going there. Personally, we like to avoid re-visiting prisons once we successfully get out of them. Your call!

San Martin

Situated just west of the Hacienda del Patron, San Martin has a high density of great loot and is one of the smaller places on the map conveniently placed close to its very center. The appeal is not as great as it is with the neighboringHacienda, so expect a small amount of opposition. Building rooftops often have great assault rifles sprinkled over them, so it is worth trying to land on one of them at the very start. If you manage to clear it from enemies and clear the loot, you might easily set up on people coming from Hacienda and rip the high-quality loot from their cold, dead hands as well!

When we are talking about PUBG best loot places we also need to consider the elements such as the plane flight path, the RNG effect, the risk to reward ratio and the question whether you are playing alone, as a duo or squad. A place that has a tremendous amount of high-level loot should not be regarded as the best place to get loot if one-third of the server jumps there, because the risk to reward ratio gets bent out of shape in such situations. As long as you consider the elements we just mentioned at the beginning of every game, you will be able to make your own judgment where the best loot places for that specific game will be.

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