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I am an avid gamer of many genres, jack of all trades and master of one or two. Been rubbing elbows with Donkey Kong while he was still a baby chimp. When I am not playing or streaming, I write about games and the gaming industry. Finally, should you need any help regarding the online marketing topics such as SEO, both on page and off page, paid advertising, email marketing, YouTube SEO optimization or similar, let me know since that is my primary trade for the past decade and I would be happy to help you there as well.

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Applause for the Best Way to Make Money in Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online belongs to one of the more successful MMORPG’s of recent years, a game that manages to constantly attract new players while the majority of other MMO’s are bleeding subscriptions and players. One of the most frequently asked questions from newer players is what's the Best [...]

by Captain Vlad|18 Apr 2018|  0 |Others

Enter Savage: New Map for PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds opened up test servers for a limited number of players who wanted to try out the new map called Savage. Overall, this is the third PUBG map that is released as a part of the 2018 roadmap content upgrade for the game, and it brings a different, [...]

by Captain Vlad|10 Apr 2018|  0 |PUBG

Make Way for a Black Desert Online Beginners Guide

Black Desert Online (BDO) is a free-to-play MMORPG, yet it is quite different from any other MMO’s you might have played to date.Also, as any decent MMO worth its salt, It is also constantly changing and evolving, so players need to pay attention that they follow only the newest [...]

by Captain Vlad|05 Apr 2018|  0 |Others

StarCraft 2 Tournament at IEM and Can the Game Thrive in Esports?

In the Hall of Fame of eSports one game will have its well-deserved place as a “founding forefather,” and that game is StarCraft 2.This amazing title from the house of Blizzard has enticed millions to watch the fascinating tournaments and cheer for their favorite players and teams. But never [...]

by Captain Vlad|27 Mar 2018|  0 |E-Sports

PUBG Mobile F2P is Out and About

It started off almost shyly, with the PUBG Mobile game being soft launched in Canada first. The publisher behind it, the Chinese giant Tencent, didn’t reveal much information, but soon afterward, the game was available for iOS and Android in the USA. The game had more surprises in store [...]

by Captain Vlad|26 Mar 2018|  0 |PUBG

The PUBG Roadmap Plan for 2018

Brendan Greene, better known under his gaming alias “PlayerUnknown,” has released the PUBG Roadmap for 2018, the plan for the further development of the currently most popular Battle Royale out there. The roadmap tackles many issues that are being picked up from the previous year, but also a number [...]

by Captain Vlad|19 Mar 2018|  0 |PUBG

Lock and Load: PUBG Gun Tier List

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a Battle Royale game that has embraced a fair deal of weapons that serve different purposes. Accordingly, the players will throw them into different Tiers according to the superb features, but unlike many other games, these will still have their use throughout the specific phases [...]

by Captain Vlad|14 Mar 2018|  0 |PUBG

EVE Online Learning Curve for Beginner to Advanced Players

EVE Online is not like any other MMO in existence. In fact, it is pretty much an anomaly in the gaming world for many reasons, the notorious EVE Online Learning Curve being one of the primary ones. But still, it exists, against all odds, for 15 years at the [...]

by Captain Vlad|06 Mar 2018|  0 |Others