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Applause for the Best Way to Make Money in Black Desert Online

Best Way to Make Money in Black Desert Online
By | April 18th, 2018 | Categories: Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online belongs to one of the more successful MMORPG’s of recent years, a game that manages to constantly attract new players while the majority of other MMO’s are bleeding subscriptions and players. One of the most frequently asked questions from newer players is what’s the Best Way to Make Money in Black Desert Online is?

Luckily, there is not just one, but many different ways to earn serious money in Black Desert Online. Players with specific affinities can choose money-making activities that correspond to their own playstyle, and even though not all these paths are optimal, many will bring a decent amount of money on the table.

Black Desert Online has an active player market that balances itself, very similar to the “Real Life” market. For instance, many players can discover specific niches on the market that will yield a significant amount of money in a relatively short time period, sometimes even for months. However, just like in real life, when these practices become public knowledge, they also become worthless, since everyone starts copying them within a day or two. Next to this, it is important to know which skills are the best when it comes to optimizing the money income; our suggestion would be to pick gathering, cooking, and processing as the best possible options.

Finally, when trying to decide which is the best way to make money in Black Desert Online, one needs to understand that there are three types of money-making activities, which are defined by the player’s amount of participation in the process. Those would be the Active income, AFK income, and Passive income. Active income comes from the player actively playing the game at any given moment, interacting with the MMO world and the NPC’s. AFK income defines all sorts of income where a player needs to be logged into the game but does not need to be anything else except, well, being AFK. Finally, there is the Passive income where a player does not even need to be logged into the game, but where processes set in motion by the player would be carried out no matter what the player would actually be doing during that time.

Actively Making Money By Grinding

Grinding is certainly one of the best active ways to make money in Black Desert Online, which is hardly surprising considering that this is, after all, a sandbox MMO game designed and created in Korea. For many years now the Asian MMORPG’s push their “hardcore” gameplay philosophy for which they are famous for, demanding from players to sacrifice countless hours behind the monitors to simply have a regular-game progression.Savvy developers and marketers realized that this extremely demanding approach does not work well for every market, so they have decided to adapt their product to Western standards and ease a bit on the grinding requirement. Nonetheless, “The Grind” is still a prevalent, perhaps the most rewarding activity in the game. According to the various player testimonies, a well-geared pre-level 50 character can grind somewhere around 6-7 million per hour. Level range from 50 to 55 will open up areas where a player can pocket 10 million easily in one hour. One of the current top grinding spots is the GyfinRhasia Temple that will yield anywhere between 15 to 40 million per hour. The catch 22, however, is the fact that for this grind you will need to be plastered in epic gear and run with a full group that is as equally well prepared and knows exactly what it is doing.

There are some active methods of making money in Black Desert Online out there that enable people to make around 30 Million per hour, while some claim even higher numbers. It seems that 30M is a more believable number, but people who are making such income are very hesitant about explaining their actions and methods in more details.The rule of thumb is that every action that turns out to be a major money maker and becomes known to the general public will very soon stop being profitable.

Making Money While AFK

The very title of this way of making money might suffice to cause concerns, but don’t worry. We are not talking about botting, but a legitimate way of making money in BDO, even though some other MMO’s might find this cringe-worthy. Profits from AFK income usually range in amounts of 1-3 Million per hour, and “activities” such as processing or fishing are at the very top of the list. In fact, while some materials change their value, certain AFK income ways become more valuable than others. Processing wood is one of the main AFK income generators, but the limitation is where one can only be AFK for several hours. It seems that currently, the best processing value comes from Acacia and perhaps first, but apparently, these resources are not appearing in such high amounts in the game right now as, for example, the wood does. Fishing is yet another very popular AFK money income source in Black Desert Online that has been covered in several of its own, independent guides.

Finally, it is important to remember that there are different speeds of processing, so that the player should choose carefully which resource to process according to how much available AFK time there is. For example, if one needs to leave the house within an hour, one should plan a processing activity running approximately that long, unless one is employing some type of remote control on their PC via apps or similar.

Passive Income

Last but not least, the passive income includes a variety of ways to make money in the game regardless of what the player is doing at any givenmoment. Black Desert Online allows players to hire workers, NPC’s that will do their bidding and work on nodes or buildings the player assigns them to. The process is simple and largely automated, with the sole exception of the fact that the player needs to log in the game to refresh the workers with a pint of beer. This resets the workers and allows them to continue working their respective jobs. But there are many other ways to collect passive income, one of them being, for example, the House Fame Fund, which gives your highest-level characters a certain amount of free money in the post every day. There are farms that the workers can be employed on, resources they can gather at specific sources and a long list of manufacturing and processing activities they can take up in the name of the player. And all the player needs to do is to eventually log in and grab all the products to put them up for sale.

Final Thoughts

There is no silver bullet, no straightforward guide or a unique answer to the question on the best way to make money in BDO that would work indefinitely. The best results will be achieved by a) careful investigation of the market and b) combination of the best Active, AFK and Passive income ways of making money. Currently, that means a healthy amount of grinding every day, a fishing expedition and an investment into your workers to work the farms like crazy. Afterwards, all that is required is to tweak the processes a bit and determine most wanted resources and items on the market. Before you know what happened, your entire income will be coming through passive channels without you needing to lift a little finger.

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