What’s the Best DPI for League of Legends?

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DPI has always been something often talked about in the computer game scene. Usually reserved for Starcraft II, DPI has become something rather significant in the MOBA genre as well. If you are a player of arguably the most popular game on a global scale, it begs the question: What is the Best DPI for League of Legends? This is something that is debated across the board, but in my opinion, there’s way to go about it if you are set on progress and improvement.

What is DPI?

DPI, or Dots Per Inch, measures the amount of pixels traveled across one inch. It has historically been important in specific e-sports titles such as Starcraft II, where professional players will take advantage of high mouse sensitivity or a high DPI. However, even in such a game, there will be proponents of any given speed. What works for one player, may not work for another. With that said, an argument can be made for the most optimal setting, and I firmly believe that to be the case with League of Legends.

Low Means Precision

With so many different champions in League of Legends and the characters getting more and more complex with each new release and rework DPI is something that needs to be taken into account based on the champion’s abilities. The advantages of low DPI, which usually encompasses 1400 and below, are best utilized by those players using skill shot reliant champions. For example, if you like to play Lux in the mid lane and need to land a crucial bind to escape a dangerous gank, then that low DPI may very well be the difference between you landing that skill shot and you completely whiffing. There are a number of champions that are very dependent on a single skill ability (think something like Amumu), and will make good use of the steady hand and low sensitivity.

However, other movements must be taken into account when thinking about DPI. For example, how exactly will you move your mouse across the screen in an efficient manner when your mouse is as slow as molasses? If you are playing Twisted Fate, that 800 DPI will help you land your Wild Cards, but could be a crippling hindrance when teleporting across the map to pick off that low health bot lane duo. Low DPI has its use in League of Legends as it does in any competitive e-sports title, but its uses come in very specific situations and may not be best when it comes to overall use.

Jack of All Trades, Master of None

Medium DPI makes the same case that medium does in most situations. It is neither the best nor the weakest. It is a middle of the road approach that can apply and be effective in most situations. What that doesn’t mean however is that it is optimal. Now, it should be clarified as to what exactly constitutes medium DPI. The general consensus seems to be that medium is anywhere between 1400-3000. That is a pretty broad range, but the jump above 3000 is noticeable and significant. While you will not be moving across Summoner’s Rift at a snail’s pace with medium, you will also not have the precision that low DPI offers. A jack of all trades is nice in certain areas of expertise, but when it comes to DPI, each setting should be considered in terms of the unique advantages offered. It is difficult making a case for without such an advantage and for that reason, I believe medium DPI to be weakest of the options available.

Dodge the Damage, and Destroy the Nexus

There is a single piece of advice I have seen thrown around by high elo players quite a bit when asked by low division players on how to improve. You must die less. It sounds simple enough, but in low elo, games often turn into team deathmatch. Not only is this advice common, it is sound. Simply put, if you are alive more, you will be able to deal more damage. If you are dealing more damage, you will be killing more people and taking more objectives. With that advice in mind, it is easy to see why high DPI is the most advantageous. If you have high mouse sensitivity as a mid-laner and are subject to repeated ganks, being able to move quickly will help you dodge skill shots and incoming damage more often than not.

The biggest issue behind high DPI has always been the feeling of discomfort that comes with it. The default setting on any given mouse is nowhere near the 3000+ range associated with this option. High DPI has a drawback the other options do not, but it is something that can be overcome. It requires practice. For a lot of players, it is something they are either unaware of or are not willing to put in the time to learn when it is difficult to realize the benefit. If you put in the time and the discomfort is no longer present, the advantages are tremendous. Not only can you evade a lot of the potential hazards thrown your way during a single game, you have the luxury of moving your cursor across the map at a moment’s notice. Will you have the precision of lower DPI? Of course not. That can be easily remedied by not playing skill shot reliant champions. At the end of the day, what matters most is destroying the nexus and high DPI puts you in the best position to be able to do so on a consistent basis.

One Choice Above the Rest

When League of Legends is being discussed amongst its fan base, DPI is something that doesn’t come up a lot which is the direct result of its lack of easily identifiable drawbacks and benefits. These things can be discussed and can be used to facilitate conversation. DPI will have an affect no matter your role or skill level. It is something that should be considered by every single player. Do you need precision for your abilities? Choose low. Are you comfortable with an average approach that doesn’t require a lot of effort on your end? Then, medium might be for you. Are you willing to put in a lot of practice to minimize your deaths? High DPI will suit you well as act as the optimal setting in a game that requires constant movement and constant awareness of your team’s positioning on the map. What should be said, however, is that this is a personal decision at the end of the day, and every option should be taken into account before making any decisions. Do what is best for you and if you can take advantage, you will be seeing that blue sign of victory flash across your screen after the Nexus is destroyed more times than not.

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