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Is League of Legends Dying

Is League of Legends Dying?

This year marks the ten year anniversary of League of Legends, and with that milestone comes a recurring question that has been asked countless times over the course of [...]

League of Legends Jungle Guide

League of Legends Jungle Guide to Climb Better

In League of Legends, the jungle role has received a lot of attention over the years. The jungle itself has been subject to the most change and more than [...]

Champion Mastery

Things to Know About League of Legends Champion Mastery

When watching professional League of Legends matches, which are dependent on team composition and a variety of different picks, many players can come away with wrong ideas about how [...]

New League of Legends Skins

New League of Legends Skins

During the course of the calendar year, fall is a particularly busy time for Riot Games and League of Legends. Every year the World Championship happens near the end [...]

League of Legends Gemstones

The Value of League of Legends Gemstones

The preseason in League of Legends is the testing grounds for changes that will be implemented in the upcoming season. Each year the game changes in some way, both [...]

League of Legends Tier List

League of Legends Champion Tier List for Both Queues

Since its inception, the number of champions in League of Legends has continued to grow year after year. While new releases have slowed down over the course of the [...]

League of Legends Review

League of Legends Review 2018

For many fans, this is the most exciting time of the year for League of Legends. Early October marks the World Championship, and with it brings a large amount [...]

League of Legends Cosplay

In the Mix: League of Legends Cosplay

Certain hobbies related to video games and anime have picked up in popularity in recent years. Chiefly among them is cosplay. Cosplay essentially boils down to creating a costume [...]

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