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    LoL Season 10 Pre-Season Changes

    LOL Seasson 10 Pre-Season Changes

    Each year, November has marked the end of the League of Legends ranked season. This year is no different as season 9 concluded on November 19th. Before the season […]

    LoL Worlds

    A League of True Legends: LoL Worlds

    Several LoL related events occur over the course of any given year; however, there’s no denying that October is the most exciting time in the League of Legends calendar. […]

    League of Legends Missions 2019

    League of Legends Missions 2019

    For a long time MMORPGs have used several gameplay features to create a feedback loop to push players to return to games over prolonged periods. Players often obtain a […]

    League of Legends Trails

    League of Legends Trails

    Every year, Riot hosts two important events for League of Legends: the Mid-Season Invitational and the World Championship. This year, the MSI event took place between May 1st and […]

    Why is League of Legends So Popular?

    Despite other games taking the mantle over the last few years, League of Legends has been the face of e-sports for quite a long time and it is important […]

    Midway Through League of Legends Season 9

    We are currently at the halfway point in League of Legends Season 9, with the Mid-Season Invitational event having just concluded in Taiwan. With Rift Rivals and the World […]

    How to Get Better at League of Legends

    In League of Legends, the vast majority of players are below platinum on the ranked ladder. Being a complicated game, it can often prove difficult to improve at it. […]

    League of Legends Level Up Rewards

    Those free-to-play titles that enjoy any amount of longevity do so because they are able to incentivize players to stick around and invest both time and money into the […]

    How to Play League of Legends from Scratch

    With there being a lull in the League of Legends scene at the moment, it is an opportune time to revisit the basics of League of Legends. With new […]

    Fast Track with League of Legends Pro Builds

    One of the biggest factors contributing to low elo players being stuck at their rank is an inability to correctly understand itemization. What this means within the context of […]

    League of Legends Jungle Guide to Climb Better

    In League of Legends, the jungle role has received a lot of attention over the years. The jungle itself has been subject to the most change and more than […]

    Things to Know About League of Legends Champion Mastery

    When watching professional League of Legends matches, which are dependent on team composition and a variety of different picks, many players can come away with wrong ideas about how […]

    New League of Legends Skins

    During the course of the calendar year, fall is a particularly busy time for Riot Games and League of Legends. Every year the World Championship happens near the end […]

    The Value of League of Legends Gemstones

    The preseason in League of Legends is the testing grounds for changes that will be implemented in the upcoming season. Each year the game changes in some way, both […]

    League of Legends Champion Tier List for Both Queues

    Since its inception, the number of champions in League of Legends has continued to grow year after year. While new releases have slowed down over the course of the […]