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It can prove quite easy to fall into a rut when playing League of Legends and experience extensive losing streaks. The game demands a lot from its players, both on a mechanics level and game knowledge level. Furthermore, players will often times become mentally exhausted and lose focus on the more important things in the game. Whether you are looking to improve or want to keep climbing the ladder in ranked, these League of Legends Tips and Tricks (with the exception of one) will help you in both regards. Becoming a better player should be everyone’s main focus and knowing about certain aspects and effectively implementing them will result in increased success on average.

Ranked Tip: Learn How to Dodge

If you are unfamiliar with how the ranked system works, you obtain or lose what is known as LP, or League Points, after every game. A win will give you an amount based on your statistical likelihood to win that specific game whereas a loss will do the opposite. In order to increase the chances of a win, optimal conditions are favored. You can manipulate the system to a degree.

Imagine a situation where you queue up for a game, champion select begins, and someone demands a specific role and starts to become toxic. The chances of this player helping his or her teammates are low, so you decide to quit out before the game begins and take a small LP loss. If you dodge a game, you will lose three LP and be put into a five-minute penalty window before you can queue again. The penalty increases to thirty minutes after the first dodge, but it resets on a daily basis. A lot of players are too prideful to do this, but it is a very necessary strategy to utilize if you are set on reaching the next division in a timely manner.

Chat is Useless

League of Legends has always been known to have a toxicity problem. In LoL, teamwork is required a lot more than other e-sports titles and that has only increased over the years. In its current iteration, it is more team reliant than it has ever been before. However, seeing what your teammates say very rarely provides useful information.

More often than not, someone will say something insulting or offensive and will put your mindset in a bad place. An important distinction to make is team chat exists, which only your team can see, and all chat exists, which both teams can see. When I was still using it, I never once read something in all chat that helped me become a better player. In the options menu, there is a setting to disable all chat, but it is enabled by default. Checking that box is the single best decision I made. It helped me improve a lot as a player. Furthermore, I began to use “/mute all” to also mute my teammates. Not having to read chat allowed me to focus on my own play more and every player should take advantage of it, especially if said person becomes easily agitated.

Warding Early Saves Lives

Being mindful of warding is one of the most important gameplay aspects to remember. However, being mindful is not simply enough. Using your wards well is equally as important.

Typically an average jungler will finish clearing both buffs and being looking to gank a lane around the three-minute mark. I often see laners putting their wards down far too early, sometimes as soon as they arrive in lane. While this is effective against some junglers that can gank at level two, the vast majority of the time it is more beneficial to wait a little bit longer before placing your ward. If you survive a gank without dying, it is incredibly useful for your own jungler. Not only does it give that player information, it allows him or her to both counter jungle and gets vision down without being contested. A single ward placed at the right time can single-handedly change the outcome of a game.

Knowing When to Quit Will Save You

Losing streaks can and will happen in League of Legends. Taking a break, or knowing when to take a break is an important skill to have when playing this game. Sometimes after losing two or three games in a row, I will convince myself that I just need to play until I win a game. After I resign myself to this mindset, three losses soon turn into six which turn into nine.

Now, this may seem like a drastic example and it is quite rare to lose so many in a row. However, the point still stands. Quitting after two or three losses maximum helps you reset and refrain your mind. It can be easy to be overly agitated by losing and stepping away helps alleviate that agitation a great deal.

Killing Minions Wins Game

The number one mechanical aspect any player can always improve upon and which will, in turn, increase his or her chances of winning the game is having a high CS or Creep Score. New players are usually too focused on securing kills as it is satisfying and it helps you convince yourself you are the better player. This is a huge trap because not only does constant fighting place less important on killing minions it makes the enemy player less valuable over time.

Recently, changes were made to increase the gold value of cannon minions, and minions overall are more important than ever. Too many players believe that the highest skilled player will win when from my experience the richest player will. It is a simple logic to follow. Having a high CS score will allow you to have a lot of gold, which will, in turn, make your champion stronger. If you can practice killing minions, it will have a drastic effect on your improvement.

Knowledge is Power

A large part of the League of Legends community gets hung up on mechanical skill. While it is always a treat to see an outplay on the professional level, it is the strategy that wins teams games. While knowing when to dodge is specifically catered towards ranked play, the other tips and tricks can be translated into overall improvement. It is easy to forget about the advice you hear on the Internet, but if you read about it and then continue to actually practice it, it will become a part of your routine. Once that happens, your League of Legends experience will improve as a whole and less frustration can be useful for all players in and outside of the game.

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